BTC@$445>537% Dollar has met it’s match – bitcoin / Citigroup bill / USA’s Vet day 95k Vets Eating At NYC Soup Kitchens

Has the Fed Met Its Match? READ MORE

“”“It is hard to imagine a world,” says the unimaginative study, “where the main currency is based on an extremely complex code understood only by a few and controlled by even fewer, without accountability, arbitration, or recourse.”

“But no, this is what the Fed says of Bitcoin, an open-source protocol that anyone can download, examine, and critique, a currency that has its every single transaction logged in a public ledger in the cloud. Never in history has there been a more transparent money.”

Fiat currency has met it’s match with bitcoin.


House Passes Deregulation Bill Written by Citigroup


REALIST NEWS – 95,000 Veterans Eating At Soup Kitchens In NYC

There isn’t a soup kitchen for the banksters – oh wait, it’s called the non-federal non-reserve.


Max Keiser: US/EU Deal Makes GENOCIDE a Legitimate Business Model

“A single market for Europe and America means not just regulatory differences between the two sides will be removed – but it’s claimed big business will also be able to overrule the will of governments. However, the EU is promised big benefits – of 119 billion euros annually. RT discussed this Max Keiser, and he was very critical about the deal.”

How can a person get a job in the proposed single market if they have been genocided by corporate malfeasance for example poisoning the water supply ?


Why Has Nobody Gone To Jail For The Financial Crisis? Judge Rakoff Says: “Blame The Government”

“The government, writ large, had a hand in creating the conditions that encouraged the approval of dubious mortgages.”

Judge Rakoff hasn’t mentioned the bets against those mortgages that they would default.


Meet The Man Responsible For Regulating $234 Trillion In Derivatives: The CFTC’s New Head Timothy Massad

The CFTC doesn’t regulate jack s**t.


Dr. Jim Willie: Doubling of Gold Price Overnight

“Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, predicts, “50% dollar devaluation . . . we’re going to see a doubling of the gold price overnight.” Dr. Willie contends, “The Treasury bond will be phased out and gold will be phased in.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer Dr. Jim Willie of”

39m15s “I believe the Fed is not doing 40 billion a month in it’s QE, I think it’s more like 200 to 400 billion dollars a month.”


Homebuilders’ Cancellation Rate Surges To Highest Since December 2008


Jim Rogers: “This Is Absolute Insanity”

“It’s not just the Fed, it’s central banking,” Jim Rogers exclaims to Reuters in this brief clip, “this is absolute insanity.”


Keiser Report: Troika Occupiers – Featuring Peter Schiff

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss drinking the kool aid (never mind the cyanide) while the young and unemployed of Ireland are encouraged to emigrate by government economists determined to flatter their Troika stats. In the second half, Max interviews author and investor, Peter Schiff, about inflation in fraud as governments want a cut of financial crimes and the trickle down monetary policy ponzi scheme.”


18m20s “Because we’re starving Main Street for capital while we’re propping up Wall Street.”


Let Press into family courts to uphold justice and stop ‘irreversible wrongs’, says judge

The secrecy is to protect miscarriages of justice not to protect children.


Taxing the Sun: Spain’s solar police to kick in your door

“This makes independent power generation by households one of the biggest financial risks Spaniards can currently take at a time when cutting costs is ever more necessary.”

The Spanish people need to make a Declaration of Energy Independence from their central government.


Gulag Justice? Alabama Blogger Jailed in Secretive Scandal


ISS infected with Stuxnet virus, astronaut to blame


America and Israel Created a Monster Computer Virus Which Now Threatens Nuclear Reactors Worldwide Read More


Saudi Arabia: End Driving Ban For Women


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