BTC@$355>407% Deutsche Bank: “Yellen May Actually Have To Increase QE” – Here’s Why



Deutsche Bank: “Yellen May Actually Have To Increase QE” – Here’s Why


October Payrolls Soar By 204,000, Nearly Double Expected Print; Unemployment Rate Rises To 7.3%

Do you want fries with that ?


Whopping 932,000 Americans Drop Out Of Labor Force In October; Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 35 Year Low


David Stockman Blasts, Brace For “The Explosion Of The Mother Of All Bubbles”


Torture on Tape: Disturbing Video Shows U.S. Special Forces Observing Brutal Afghan Interrogation

The USA has become the monster they say they are fighting.


Jim Willie: Gold Fever: Coming Global Currency Reset Will Double Gold Overnight!


Bitcoin Is The Perfect Asset Bubble — Prices Could Go Vastly Higher From Here READ MORE

“There is absolutely no way to value Bitcoin, which means there is nothing constraining its price other than supply and demand. As long someone new can be convinced to buy Bitcoin, its price can keep rising. Bitcoin prices could literally go to 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or 1 million per coin, and there would be no way to prove that these prices were ridiculous.”


Could Bitcoin be as transformational as the World Wide Web?

“Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralised digital currency, entered mainstream consciousness this year: Bitcoin-focused startups are accessing venture capital and industry commentators talk about it as an important international payment mechanism of the future. But are we interpreting its significance too narrowly? In this video, Richard Brown, IBM Executive Architect for Banking and Financial Markets Industry Innovation, argues that Bitcoin’s true significance lies in its potential as a global digital assetregister and in the lessons it teaches us for design of complex distributed systems. He also explains why recent law-enforcement action against operators of illegal websites that transacted in Bitcoin will help accelerate adoption by legitimate businesses.””


World’s First Bitcoin ATM Processes $100k In Transactions In Its First 8 Days


Federal Reserve Economist On Bitcoin: ‘Small Phenomenon But Growing’ READ MORE


Monsanto DEFEATS Grass Roots GMO Labeling w/ $22 Million IN BRIBES

Why do the American people keep voting these politicians back into office ?


Jury Nullification Last Refuge for Justice READ MORE


Amerika Forcibly Sterilizing Homeless People?

Didn’t Nazi Germany do the same ?


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