This is how to loot: large orders of paper gold/silver taking ANY price / Single Men Need Maternity Coverage



THE FED: Counterfeiter, Ponzi Schemer, Conflict Of Interest..By Gregory Mannarino

1m55s “Large orders of paper gold and silver were dumped onto the market yet again with a market order.”

2m30s “A market order, whether to buy or sell, means that you’re willing to take any price for that asset.”



GOP Rep Asks Kathleen Sebelius Why Single Men Need Maternity Coverage


Keiser Report: Red Queen Syndrome

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the Red Queen syndrome of running to stay in the same place – from money printing to fracking, more and more capital and energy are deployed just to stay economically even. In the second half, Max interviews Gregor Macdonald of about fracking, tight oil and the mythical future in which America is an oil giant – especially if oil prices EVER fall below $80 per barrel.”

For you Alice fans.


Danger For The West As China Makes Global Chess Moves

“Williams:  “The motivations and the strategies of the Chinese are incredibly important.  We’ve seen this happen slowly.  At first it was small swap agreements between China and other countries.  But very slowly the amount of world trade that’s being done in renminbi has gone from zero to about 17% in the last few years….”

People had better be positioned to NOT get hurt when the federal reserve note dies.


Judge defeats challenge to ‘medical gag order’ on health risks from fracking

“Pennsylvania authorities have denied a doctor the right to challenge a so-called “medical gag rule” that prevents him and other physicians from warning the public about the health dangers associated with fracking.”


Vaccine Damage: An International Plague


Susan Lindauer: CIA Whistblower On Martial Law And NSA Spying

5m50s “I look like soccer mom and you’re going to hit me with the Patriot Act ?”


Conspiracies – not “conspiracy theories” – are destroying democracy




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