BTC@$233>232% / $200bn Liquidity Shortfall From Fed’s Bank Rules

Stocks Stumble On $200bn Liquidity Shortfall From Fed’s Tougher-Than-Expected Bank Rules

A few months of $85 billion QE and this problem should be fixed.


Mark Spitznagel Warns Today’s “Distorted” Market Is “Set Up For A Major Crash”


Keiser Report: Debtocholics Anonymous (E514)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss George Osborne in China from where he dissed the jumper class while refusing to come up with more than a 5 day plan for UK command and control economic and monetary policies favoring the bankster class. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of about calls in China for a de-Americanization and a rapidly rising pot of savings.”


Diebold charged with bribing officials, falsifying records in China, Russia, Indonesia; fined nearly $50 million

The ballot machine company cannot be trusted with counting ballots.


Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola Revealed as Big Money Behind GMO Labeling Fight


Bitcoin’s Biggest Exchange is Now in China as the Price Tops $200/btc READ MORE

“I knew Baidu’s decision to accept Bitcoin for its Jiasule service was a big deal the moment I saw it, but I didn’t expect the move in price upward to be this powerful and this immediate.  There’s a new player in the global Bitcoin marketplace and that player is huge.”


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