BTC@$222>217% / Deutsche Bank Floats The “Why Bother With Tapering At All” Bubble



Deutsche Bank Floats The “Why Bother With Tapering At All” Bubble


This Has The “Money Masters” Of The World Truly Terrified

“The dangers in the background for the haves are the possibilities that (1) interest rates will begin to advance, and (2) inflation will rise and be so visible that even the common man will recognize it, and begin to protest, or even revolt and (3) the whole debt structure will rise so high that it will topple over of its own weight and take down the entire world economy with it.”


The Bitcoin revolution could change government READ MORE


Troika Wants To Strip Greece Of Defense, Auto Industries, Greece Balks: The Troika-Greece Can-Kicking Toxic Loop

“While the world awaits with bated breath until the moment that Greece can no longer afford to pretend it is solvent and has to apply for its third bailout from Europe, or else threaten to take down Deutsche Bank and its tens of trillions in gross derivatives, the world has to listen to the constant jawboning from the Troika which for the past nearly 4 years continues to express its displeasure with Greece, and yet still provides every Euro of funding the imploding country requests. In the latest iteration of this charade, the Troika has apparently flexed its muscles and made it clear that if Greece wants to receive the next round of cash, it will have to shutter the state-owned Hellenic Defense Systems (EAS) and the Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ELVO). In short: shut down the domestic defense and auto industries, and we’ll talk. Oh, and if as a result you have to import your guns and cars from Germany (whose generous funding has kept you afloat so far), and have to take out Deutsche Bank loans to pay for them, so be it.”



Here Is The Shocking Reason Why Gold Is Soaring Today

“There is no rule that says when a price suppression scheme can’t be orchestrated any longer, and we are now getting to that point, that a major slingshot in the price of gold cannot come into play.  People could wake up to force majeure getting declared by the Comex, and essentially JP Morgan and the other bullion banks settling all of their contractual obligations outstanding for gold delivery in cash.”

“These bullion banks are allowed to do that, and this is certainly what’s going to happen, but then there is going to be a total panic.  There are roughly 90 – 1 claims for every ounce of physical gold in existence, and most of those claims are paper.  That cannot be reconciled.  It’s not possible.”

“So, when various entities wake up one day and realize they have been forced out of what they thought was exposure to gold by the Comex and the bullion banks, and they are settled in cash, there is going to be a mad scramble for physical gold around the globe — the likes of which the world has never seen in all of human history.  But this scramble for gold won’t be happening at anything close to existing prices.  This is where we will see gold soar to $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 an ounce and more.””

We have no idea how much chaos this will cause.


Is Bitcoin Responsible For Capital Controls In The US?

“JP Morgan Chase’s Business Banking Division sent a letter to account holders stating, from November 17, 2013 on, the bank would no longer offer international wire transfers. Any scheduled transfers or recurring transfers would be canceled.”

“Either way, if the major US financial institutions adopt a similar policy to JP Morgan, then the flight to Bitcoin will only quicken: the unintended consequence of US capital controls.”


DOLLAR’S DEMISE, “ULTIMATE Economic Power” Handed to China & Russia – Bill Murphy & Alasdair Macleod


What Will the Death of the Dollar FEEL Like?


Exclusive: The Spanish Influenza Epidemic Of 1918 Was Caused By Vaccinations


EPA redefining ‘water’ in unprecedented power grab and its Draconian effects – explained by Judge Andrew Napolitano


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