BTC@$166>137% familiarise yourself with alternative payment systems like bitcoin as we get this corruption licked



World Bank Whistleblower makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes

21m40s “What I would say to people right now is familiarise yourself with alternative payment systems like bitcoin because we don’t know when we’re going to get this corruption licked.”


Stop Thinking Like A Slave! Change yourself to make the world happy and free

5m25s “You must change yourself to make the world happy and free.”


Repeat After Me, “I Am A Slave.”

European Union: The European Court Of Justice Overturns, Unfreezes EU Iran Sanctions

This is very, very, very good news.


UK Prime Minister Urges Investigation Of The Guardian Over Snowden Leaks; There Shall Be No Free Press

“In the end, what Cameron is doing is making it clear that the UK can have no free press. It can only have stenographers. When the government threatens to have you investigated for reporting on the excesses of government, you’ve created massive chilling effects, and guaranteed much greater corruption and abuse, as you’ve wiped out a key factor in keeping those things in check. Cameron’s statements reflect poorly on the wider UK and its supposed belief in free speech and a free press.”

No, Mr Cameron, no, no, no.

Does Mr Cameron want to shut Karen Hudes up ?


SocGen: “Physical Gold Squeeze Returns”

SG GOFO squeeze_0


China’s Largest Conglomerate Buys The Building That Houses JPMorgan’s Gold Vault


Globalist Plantation: Journalists Find 12-Year-Old Girls Making Old Navy Jeans For ‘The GAP’ in Bangladeshi Factory

Depressing wages worldwide.


Shutdown: Gov’t Blocked Memorials But FDA Wouldn’t Send Out Dangerous Recall Info


Roundup is endocrine-disrupting, cancer-causing toxin at parts per trillion levels; GM soybeans also linked to causing cancer


Canadian First Nation anti-fracking protest: Arrests, pepper-spray, snipers, torched cars

‘I was only following orders’ was an excuse that didn’t work for Nazi Germany.


Harper Government Regime Of Canada Deploys Sniper Units On Peaceful Civilian Protesters


Shoot, shoot, shoot a peaceful civilian.


Obama administration caught in blatant software piracy; script powering ripped off from UK company


Obama Wants You to Ignore Bloggers, “Talking Heads”, and Activists READ MORE

While Obama DOES want you to ignore the profits that special interest lobbyists garner for their clients.

Never in the field of human endeavour has so much wealth been transferred from so many to so few.


Chemotherapy actually increases cancer growth, cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment: Study


Grocery Manufacturers Association caught running money laundering slush fund for GMO food companies to conceal their identities in opposing I-522


Kaua’i city council slaps down Monsanto with unprecedented new restrictions on GMOs and toxic pesticides


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