Truckers go to DC / Apocalypse (unveiling) / PM cartel signalling / Bread & Circuses / Lanza’s meds not “useful” info

#T2SDA Warned Stay Out Of DC: Truckers Threatened With Arrest

“Truckers who were riding in the viral “Ride For The Constitution” were threatened with arrest according to Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and former Department of Justice prosecutor. Klayman revealed to MRCTV in this exclusive interview below that the truckers were not only allegedly threatened with arrest but that they were warned to stay out of Washington D.C., too.”

So all of these truckers are NOT welcome in the seat of the people’s government – is this the action of a benevolent government ?


“I Love My Country, I Hate What’s Going On” – Truckers Ride For The Constitution


Ride for the Constitution: Day 2 – Trucks Invade Downtown DC

Don’t they mean liberate downtown DC ?


Day 2: #T2SDA + #T4VETS -Truckers Join With US Veterans for DC March This Weekend


Arlington Memorial Removes Pictures And Mementos Left By Families At Fallen Soldiers’ Grave Sites

“Grieving family members, who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, now have a new sacrifice to give; the ability to memorialize their loved ones. Everything in the government is supposedly shut down, but Obama found the resources to individually remove all the carefully placed pictures, flowers, and mementos left by loved ones at the grave sites of our fallen soldiers.”

Is this the action of a benevolent government ?


Signs of “the Unveiling”… ‘US unchained itself from constitution’: Whistleblowers on RT after meeting Snowden


SD Weekly Metals & Markets: 2 Million Oz of Paper Gold Break COMEX Gold Market

Ongoing metals manipulation visible across the board; we’ll document this week’s gold and silver lunacy- & cartel signaling minutes prior to dumping 17,000 paper gold contracts on the market between 8:43 and 8:45am: triggering a stop of Comex gold trading as the market went dark for 20 seconds!


Bread and Circuses and The Toxic Elite

“If we ever needed more proof that the Crass Media is the propaganda arm of the government and the corporations that run it (and we don’t), their lack of coverage on everything presently going down is something else. I can’t seem to find anything about the truckers or any of the rest of the outraged populace.”


Gerald Celente – Connecticut refuses to release Adam Lanza’s medical records “because then you can cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications … stop cooperating with their treating physicians.”

“Starting at 6:33 in the above video, Gerald reports that the state of Connecticut, in particular Assistant Attorney General Patrick B. Kwanashie, refuses to release the specific anti-Depressants Adam Lanza was on when he carried out the shooting at Newtown. This is followed by the actual video in which Patrick B. Kwanashie states that even if there is “one case” where Lanza’s actions were caused by his medication that this is not “useful” information for the public to have.”

Of course I damn well beg to differ.


‘March Against Monsanto’ – The second planned march against agricultural giant Monsanto takes place around the world this weekend.

The internet is uniting people world-wide.


London Monsanto Demo Speaker On Sth America – Helena Paul


Monsanto ‘guilty’ in France poisoning case (14 February 2012)


Muslims Are Now To U.s. What Jews Were To Hitler

“The arrest and conviction of Muslims on flimsy conspiracy charges often instigated by FBI informants reveals the spreading corruption in the American legal system.”

““After 9/11/2001 the Bush/Obama administrations have constructed an American Police State using Arabs and Muslims as their pretexts and scapegoats,” says Francis Boyle, distinguished international legal authority and professor of law at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. “It is reminiscent of the Nazi government’s persecution of the German Jews before the outbreak of World War II. Arabs and Muslims have become the New Jews in Police State America that is now slouching towards a military dictatorship and World War III.””


Government Creating Phony Crisis So They Can Pretend To Save Us


Deepcaster: Preparing for The Big One

THE BIG ONE was the European Central Bank’s agreement with the People’s Bank of China to establish bilateral Euro-Yuan Currency Swap arrangements, thus freezing the U.S. Dollar out of yet another Bilateral Sovereign Currency Swap Deal.


Goldman Sachs Trying To Flush Out Gold Sellers?


The Life And Death Of A Massive Debt Bubble In Seven Charts

“On September 5, 2008, Citi’s Matt King wrote a report titled “Are the brokers broken?” which in its rhetorical question (the answer was and still is yes), implicitly explained why ten days later the world would experience the largest bankruptcy in the history of western civilization, crushing confidence in the financial system to this day, and forcing the Fed for five consecutive years to be the marginal source of credit money in a “not without training wheels” world in which the longer the central bank is the only backstop of anything and everything, and where failure and risk are prohibited through artificial means, the less faith there is in any and every financial counterparty. So when Matt King sat down to pen his latest warning in which he showed how the world is now “positioning for the wrong sort of recovery”, we naturally listened. Below are the key charts which not only show the lifecycle of the source of every modern Keynesian empire’s boom and best, namely debt, but why 5 years later, “the slate has still not been wiped clean.””


72 Hour Warning: Grocery Stores Across the Country Turn Away Hungry Shoppers as EBT System Crashes


The World Is Going To End If We Don’t Raise the Debt!


US (pirate state) denies lawyer for abducted al-Libi

“The reason the man taken in Libya is being denied lawyers and held off shore on a naval vessel is that he is probably NOT Abu Anas al-Libi, who was reported arrested back in 2002. The family of the man who was taken in Libya claims he is just a pizza chef.”


MUST WATCH: The SECRET SECOND OATH Our Reps Take, and The TRUTH About America’s “War On Terror”

“Ron Wyden on the Senate Select Intelligence committee, has taken his access to highly classified information about the secret wars on terror and JSOC, and helped to create transparency with the American public about the dirty deeds being done by their government. We discuss his impact and see footage from the documentary, DIRTY WARS in this Lip News interview with director Richard Rowley.”

1m30s “He can’t confirm there have been any lethal operations outside of a war zone.”

“Has there been any review of lethal operations against American citizens ? … Is that classified ? It’s important for the American people to know when the president can kill an American citizen and when they can’t and yet it’s almost as if there two laws in America.”

But didn’t the USA just declare the whole world is a battlefield in this so called war on terror ?

These guys are dancing on the head of a pin.

Open warfare on a nation is no good to hide a multitude of sins but a secret warfare on a tactic is great.


New Turkish Law Allows Police to Arrest “Possible Protesters”

“A new law will allow Turkish police to detain people without due process simply because they may be at “risk of conducting a protest”.”

Can the Turkish police detain millions of Turks ?

I have never heard of a more stupid law as this law.


Bahrain anti-riot police used Buckshot, Sound Grenades and Tear Gas on Shia protesters


Foreigners train Syrian rebels in Afghanistan to use chem weapons – Lavrov


Pushkov: Syrian opposition entirely dependent on outside support


Arafat poisoned to death: Lancet medical journal


Illegal settlers prevent family from leaving their home and attack internationals whilst Israeli soldiers watch

The Palestinian people in today’s Israel are being treated like the Jewish people in 1930’s Germany.


Pentagon faked arrival ceremonies honoring fallen soldiers


Tin Foil Theory or Horrifying Possibility? The New $100 Bill DECRYPTED: Nuclear Devastation


Warren Buffett is investing in a massive steel company that’s planning to force 22,0000 Indian villagers from their homes

Sign the petition to tell Warren Buffett: stand up for human rights and stop Posco’s steel plant disaster.


Two high-level US nuke commanders terminated following missing nuclear warheads report

“Are the powers that be getting ready for a nuclear false flag?”

300 million Americans should be the powers that be.


Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for streaking prank at high school football game

But we shouldn’t confuse a streaker with a paedophile.


FISA Court: NSA can keep spying on phone calls

“The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in the US has ruled that the National Security Agency can continue its secret collection of phone records of all American citizens.”

Is there a piece of paper big enough to write on the search warrant the names of all 300 million Americans ?

Are all 300 Americans now foreigners ?


Forget Glee Club and Football – This High School Has a Death Panel! READ MORE

A similar sort of thing happened to me during my school days decades ago and I knew it was wrong without anyone having to tell me.



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