Gold Slam Was So Furious It Shut Down CME Trading Again / EZ 10% Super Tax / Babylonian Satan worshippers

Criminal Cartel STRIKES Again: “Stop Logic” Gold Slam Was So Furious It Shut Down CME Trading Again


IMF Discusses A Super Tax Of 10% On All Savings In Eurozone Read More

Got gold ? Got silver ? Got bitcoin ?


BenFulford (Oct 7 2013) ~ The Cabal Is Down But Not Out, Attack On All Fronts Until They Surrender

“People also need to understand that these people have a global network of over 1 million agents who are working to create a totalitarian style Babylonian style world dictatorship. Many of them can be identified as Talmudic (as opposed to Torah) Jews who regularly attend services at synagogues and believe other humans are cattle. Stop insulting the real Jews by calling them Jews and call them Babylonian Satan worshippers because that is what they are. They must be removed from all government and media posts until an international tribunal can sort the wheat from the chaff.”


NBC/WSJ poll: 60 percent say fire every member of Congress


Obama Administration Proposes 2,300-Page “New Constitution”

“The U.S. Constitution leaves too many areas open to interpretation; a New Constituion of 2,300 pages (+ 200 redacted secret pages) is the solution.”

“An additional 200+ pages of the “new Constitution” are redacted due to the sensitive nature of the National Security-related amendments.”

“Some critics who have reviewed the 2,300 pages of the proposed “new Constitution” have stated that the document is impenetrable even to those with law degrees. Average citizens “will be unable to understand the laws that govern their lives.””

These united states of REDACTED – was George Orwell’s 1984 enough of a warning ?


Americans Have Never Been More Dissastisfied With Government


Armed Rangers sent to shutdown Businesses – Feds order Arrests & 24/7 Patrols in National Parks


Debt Ceiling Can Kicking: Where We Stand Now


The Man Who Predicted (in1899) What America Would Become

“In 1899 the great libertarian scholar William Graham Scholar of Yale University delivered a speech in which he warned that the Spanish-American War was a crossing-the-Rubicon event in the nation’s history that had finally transformed the nation from a constitutional republic to an empire. Empire was what the Pilgrims escaped from, and the American Revolution was fought against, for in an empire the average citizen is viewed by his rulers as nothing more than a tax slave and cannon fodder. Americans would soon become, he warned, exactly what their country was founded to oppose.”


Chomsky to RT: All superpowers feel exceptional, inflate security myth for ‘frightened population’


J.F.K. VS. The Empire — An Interview with Anton Chaitkin

“Michael Kirsch interviews EIR History Editor Anton Chaitkin, where they discuss Chaitkin’s latest article, John F. Kennedy vs. the Empire.”


Mary Pinchot Meyer and the JFK Assassination – A Lecture by Peter Janney

“Peter Janney, Author of “Mary’s Mosiac” gives a lecture covering the CIA conspiracy to assassinate John F Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer and their vision for world peace.”


Jesse Ventura: “Who Gave The President The Right To MURDER People Without A Trial!”


Like Edward Snowden, Benjamin Franklin Was Called a Traitor For Informing the People About the Actions of its Government Read More

“The Washington Times notes:”

In 1773, Benjamin Franklin leaked confidential information by releasing letters written by then Lt. Governor of Massachusetts Thomas Hutchinson and his secretary Andrew Oliver to Thomas Whatley, an assistant to the British prime minister.

The letters contained opinions on how the British government should respond to colonial unrest over the Townsend Acts and other unpopular policies. Hutchinson suggested that it was impossible for the colonists to enjoy the same rights as subjects living in England and that “an abridgement of what are called English liberties” might be necessary.


UK Intelligence Chief – A Propaganda Flight Forward READ MORE

Unwrapping the Same Tired Old Bogeyman

“It has worked in the past, so why shouldn’t it continue to work? As H.L. Mencken remarked sagely:”

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

“So you could say that Mr. Lanchester took up this invitation holding the views of the average citizen/couch potato who still believes most of the official lies. In fact, he even says that he ‘found most of the material reassuring‘, and yet, in the end he wrote an article entitled: “The Snowden files: why the British public should be worried about GCHQ”,which is well worth reading in its entirety. After seeing everything, Lanchester seems to have realized that the trade-off between liberty and security that we allegedly must accept is in fact not ’worth it’.”


Lavrov: chemical weapons use in Khan al-Assal, eastern Ghouta “provocative act by opposition”


Syria Rebels Parade Child Hostages On YouTube

One of these days we are going to wake up from this nightmare that is Syria so called civil war.


Syrian Opposition Fighters Killed At Least 190 Civilians In Brutal Assault, Human Rights Watch Says

“Syrian opposition groups killed at least 190 civilians during an operation against a regime stronghold in early August, according to a report released Friday by Human Rights Watch. Fighters reportedly also seized over 200 hostages, some of whom remain in captivity.”


BBC slammed over fake Syria interview


Why Syria? It’s Not What You Think or Have Been Told – Hagmann, Quayle, and V


Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress,34163/


The National Park Service Orders Closure of Park that Receives No Federal Funding


SERIOUSLY? National Park Service spitefully removes handles from water fountains


Call to Action: Oath Keepers Urged to Support WWII Veterans at Memorials


Hired Goons at Independence Hall

They have their orders and their orders are to show the people that the people are DEPENDENT on government.


Sudan’s protests pick up pace

“In their third week, Sudanese protests are still going strong despite the media blackout by the regime and its desperate attempt to quell the uprising.”


George Soros: ‘You Had A Financial Crisis Where The Market Did Actually Collapse, But It Was Kept Alive By The Authorities. People Don’t Realize That The System Has Actually Collapsed’


Soros-funded Media Matters slander campaign to discredit DC Truckers Protest


Consumer Confidence Misses Expectations; Slumps To Lowest Since January


Goldman “Whistleblower” Sues NY Fed For Wrongful Termination


Bitcoin: freeing coffee from the middlemen READ MORE

No Mafioso taking their piece of the action.


NSA wants even greater powers … to defend Wall Street


Guardian was ‘entirely correct’ to publish NSA stories, says Vince Cable


Lucifercare fines charitable hospitals that treat poor people for free READ MORE

These patients should be given a bill of 1 dollar – problem solved.


89-year-old veteran fights census

Can the people have a census on their government ?


The Three Stages of US Martial Law Read More

Richard Nixon was unable to survive one direct hit upon his administration, namely, the Watergate scandal. Conversely, Obama is facing five scandals which dwarfs Watergate in terms of criminality, abuse of power, malfeasance of office and outright treason. The damage inflicted upon the American people by the criminal syndicate occupying the White House, in American History, is unparalleled.

“Last May the central bankers, through their corporate controlled press, released five Watergate type scandals in a brief 10 day period designed to force a reluctant President’s hand in the Middle East. America is outraged by (1) Benghazi-Gate; (2) IRS-Gate; (3) AP Spy-Gate; (4) Whistle-blower-Gate; and even (5) Fast and Furious made a second pass. The alternative media is being so effective that it is forcing the MSM to jump off Obama’s ship and claim they do not support him any longer (e.g. MSNBC Chris Mathews). These five events are real threats to this President remaining in office. Unable to get a war started in the Middle East, how can the President survive these five crises? He has no choice but to move from the soft forms of martial law to an all-out implementation of martial law if he wants to remain in power.”


According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity Read More

“And it is highly offensive that the federal government is instructing us to watch one another so closely.”

Should we hand over all of our passwords to the FBI and then wonder how our investments we held digitally was stolen ?

And is it because they don’t want people looking at the criminal on Wall Street and in government ?


UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza



28 Years After Alex Odeh’s Murder, U.S. Must Seek Justice

Please take a moment to sign our petition


Man-made Global Warming: They’re Just Mad They Can’t Tax the Sun


Waddington Six Trial: Drone Protests Just Beginning Say Activists

“As many of you will have seen reported in the media the Waddington Six trial took place yesterday. All six spoke about the dangers of drone warfare and how the use of drones by British forces breaches international law. District Judge John Stoddert listened carefully to everything that was said, but stated that he felt constrained by what he could do. As has been reported in various media, the judge said that he convicted “with a heavy heart” and then went on to urge the six to appeal to a higher court as there were important issues in the case that needed careful examination. The six are considering their next move. For a good summary of the day see War isn’t a video game: witnessing (against) drone warfare.”


Obama has killed thousands with drones, so can the Nobel committee have their Peace Prize back?

Killed thousands of INNOCENT human beings alongside the supposed ‘terrorist’.


Lauryn Hill Ordered by the Court to Undergo “Counseling” Due to her “Conspiracy Theories”

““It was this schism and the hypocrisy, violence and social cannibalism it enabled, that I wanted and needed to be freed from, not from art or music, but the suppression/repression and reduction of that art and music to a bottom line alone, without regard for anything else.  Over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitations can be very damaging and distorting to the inherent nature of the individual.  I Love making art, I Love making music, these are as natural and necessary for me almost as breathing or talking.  To be denied the right to pursue it according to my ability, as well as be properly acknowledged and compensated for it, in an attempt to control, is manipulation directed at my most basic rights!  These forms of expression, along with others, effectively comprise my free speech!  Defending, preserving, and protecting these rights are critically important, especially in a paradigm where veiled racism, sexism, ageism, nepotism, and deliberate economic control are still blatant realities!!!””

A spot on analysis she has written – does this make me a ‘conspiracy theorists’ ? And why is this theorist bad and other theorists not ?


Anti-Monsanto protesters dump bags of money in Senate building


Monsanto, Rural Debt and the Suicide Epidemic in India


Magic trick: promoting diseases that don’t exist



91% Fully Vaccinated Involved in Pertussis Outbreak


Over 24,000 Chemicals In Bottled Water: Which Ones Are Harming You?


Former Detroit mayor being sentenced in federal court

“Kwame Kilpatrick, 43, was found guilty March 11 of 24 of 30 counts of corruption, including five counts of extortion, racketeering, bribery and several mail, wire and tax fraud charges.”


Report Finds Police Worldwide Criminalize Dissent, Assert New Powers in Crackdown on Protests

We are all witches to be hunted.


Obama blasted for cracking down on free press

“A letter to the White House, a laundry list of recommendations for the president and a 29-page report about the administration’s assault on free press are all compiled in the latest offering from the Center to Protect Journalists.”


Killed by Cops Over a Movie Ticket: How Police Hurt the Disabled

“On Jan. 12, Robert “Ethan” Saylor of Frederick County, Md., a 26-year-old man with Down syndrome and an IQ of 40, died of asphyxiation after a confrontation with three off-duty police officers. He was being restrained for attempting to see “Zero Dark Thirty” for a second time without a ticket. According to witnesses, Saylor’s last words included “it hurt” and “call my mom.””



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