JPM’s $20B fine / Circuses: banker taper / HSOM3: Dollar crisis / strive for exceptionalism / Syria CW faked ?

JPMorgan’s Mortgage Settlement May Reach $20 Billion


Silver & Gold – Hidden Secrets Of Money 3 – Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity – Mike Maloney

HSOM - Dollar Crisis 1HSOM - Dollar Crisis 2HSOM - Dollar Crisis 3HSOM - Dollar Crisis 4

The Criminal Arm of JP Morgan is GOING DOWN

An American nobody

“President Putin, who is obviously very sharp, saw the strength and the rationale of our people in action and very respectfully addressed us personally via the NYT. Despite DC’s phony posturing, we got it. We understand his comment on exceptionalism. It is good we all strive for exceptionalism, but it is never good to think ourselves exceptional.”


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting

“To follow the energetic trail that calls us forth, empowering awakened hearts and minds across the country. To unite our human family by creating a safe, open space for people to connect, commune and share as One People in peace, love, absolute transparency and above all, limitless in our potential.”

‘US surveillance an affront’: Brazil’s Rousseff to UN Assembly 2013 (FULL SPEECH)

“Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff lambasted US spying on her country at Tuesday’s UN summit, calling it a “breach of international law.” She further warned that the NSA surveillance, revealed since June, threatened freedom of speech and democracy.”


Questions Plague UN Report on Syria … CW faked ?

“Buried in Appendix 7 of the U.N. Report on Syria, one reads that there is not a single environmental sample in Moadamiyah that tested positive for Sarin. The UN team found no traces of Sarin on the 140mm rocket identified as the source of the alleged CW attack – or in its immediate environment. Yet it is in Moadamiyah where alleged victims of a CW attack tested highest for Sarin exposure. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, former commander of the British military’s chemical defense regiment, said that patients might have been “brought in from other areas.””

AFL/CIO Elizabeth Warren: “The American people know that the system is rigged against them.”

Record Number of Americans Think Government is Too Powerful

Keiser Report: The Banksters’ GOD Complex (E501)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the US Federal Reserve Bank as ‘the greatest hedge fund’ in history and ask whether or not their quantitative easing policy is like trying to pass pork off as a prime cut of beef. In the second half, Max interviews precious metals trader, Andrew Maguire, about JPMorgan whistleblowers and the Federal Reserve Bank taper hoax.”

6m5s “As a practitioner in markets, I love this stuff, okay. This is fantastic. It’s fantastic for every rich person. This is the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich, ever. Who owns assets ? The rich, the billionaires, you think Warren Buffett hates this stuff ? You think I hate this stuff ? I had a very good day yesterday, okay.”

Anti-ICC Kenyan President and his government appear to be the target of US-bolstered Al Qaeda attack.

“What are the chances that family members of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta just so happened to be visiting Nairobi’s Westgate Mall in the midst of an unprecedented cross-border attack by Al Qaeda Al Shabaab terrorists – and that these family members were successfully singled out and murdered?”

Six Americans Among Nairobi Mall Attackers

“Al-Shabaab has released the names of the attackers in the weekend mall siege in Nairobi, Kenya, and they include at least six Americans, two from Minnesota, one from Kansas City, as well as one each from Maine, Illinois, and Arizona.”

“Why on Earth would Al-Shabaab release the names of the attackers? Did “Al Qaeda” release the names of the 9-11 hijackers? More and more this is feeling like a propaganda “prequel” to a major false-flag attack here in the US, in FEMA Region III, the first of October.”

Kenya denies IMF access to secret mining agreements (July 21 2013)

And now the USA is going to shower DNA wrecking depleted uranium all over Kenya.

Is This The Start Of China’s Gold Miner Buying Spree?

Getting in at the basement level.

PM admits graves claim ‘untrue’ (July 18 2004)

“Downing Street has admitted to The Observer that repeated claims by Tony Blair that ‘400,000 bodies had been found in Iraqi mass graves’ is untrue, and only about 5,000 corpses have so far been uncovered.”

“The claims by Blair in November and December of last year, were given widespread credence, quoted by MPs and widely published, including in the introduction to a US government pamphlet on Iraq’s mass graves.”

Can you count the number of lies about Iraq on top of mother of all lies that was Saddam’s non-existent WMDs ?

But then what about the 500,000 Iraqi babies that died due to the medical sanctions internationally imposed on Iraq ?

Traitor Peter King Telegraphs the Next Potential US Flase Flag: Beware! Al Shabaab Around Every Corner “There’s Also A Large Somali-American Population in St Paul Minnesota & Portland Maine”

(Mock scary voice) be afraid, be very afraid (trademark USG)

Other people can listen to the clowns, I choose not to.

If there should be a big bang in the not too distant future and these clowns claim it was terrorist then we can ask the logical question: why didn’t all the NSA surveillance catch them ?

Intelligence Report on Boston Marathon Bombing Delayed Indefinitely READ MORE

Don’t need to show the sheeple all of the holes in the official story.

4-minute video: ‘How dare any American criticize legitimate resistance to illega (Video)

“Physician Dahlia Wasfi’s powerful speech featured in TheParadigmShift 2009 video. Our only apparent solution: the 99% demanding arrests of obvious US War Criminals (video has images of US war-murders):”

“”We have an obligation to every last victim of this illegal aggression because all of this carnage has been done in our name. Since World War 2, 90% of the casualties of war are unarmed civilians, one-third of them children. Our victims have done nothing to us. From Palestine to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Somalia, to wherever our next target may be, their murders are not collateral damage, they are the nature of modern warfare. They don’t hate us because of our freedoms. They hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called “war on terror” is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of western Asia.”

Samantha Power on Syria: ‘We Have Exhausted’ Diplomatic-Only Options

“America’s top diplomat at the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power, told an audience today that diplomacy alone is no longer enough to stop Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons.”

I don’t believe that Assad was the one who used chemical weapons on August 21st.

This week, Hassan Rouhani will attend the United Nations General Assembly for the first time as president of Iran. President Obama will be there too.

Exploding Global Debt Hyperinflation Means You MUST Own Gold & Silver. By Gregory Mannarino

Step Aside Trillion Dollar Coin, Here Comes The Trillion Dollar Bill

Trillion Dollar Bill

Two Astonishing Charts Show Gold & Silver Now Ready To Soar

“The government has voted on the debt limit roughly 106 different times since 1940, which is staggering to me because this inability to control its debt is clear evidence that the US government’s finances are out of control.  Because it has the Federal Reserve available, the government just keeps increasing the debt, and the Fed makes sure the debt gets bought, even if the Fed has to buy the debt itself.  It turns the government’s debt into currency, which is what Quantitative Easing is all about.  So QE transforms US government debt into currency, which debases the dollar.”

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

21m10s “In summary, Bitcoin is a mathematically protected digital currency that is maintained by a network of peers. Digitial signatures authorize individual transactions, ownership is passed via transaction chains, and the ordering of those transactions is protected in the block chain By requiring difficult math problems to be solved with each bloc, would-be attackers are pitted against the entire rest of the network in a computational race they’re unlikely to win. Bitcoin promising many interesting ideas, such as insulation from government meddling, anonymity and potentially lower transaction fees.”

What a work of genius the bitcoin protocol is.

Freedom fighters unite at LPAC, and the White House is their target

LPAC 2013: Ron Paul Speech Highlights

Gutting America with “Free” Healthcare: Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of Four Read More

UN-affordable healthcare.

Why did Gold and Silver Drop on Friday?

“Here is the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet for 2013.  Does this look stable and sustainable to you?”


The People’s Voice – The Facts Of Life

CDC: Painkillers Kill Four Times More than Cocaine and Heroin Combined

Children in Japan Now Testing Positive for Thyroid Cancer Read More

“Most recently it has been reported that the Japanese utility TEPCO has failed epically regarding its decontamination efforts after the decimation of several nuclear reactors at the TEPCO ran Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant which was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami, crippling it more than 2 years ago. Now we are seeing the brunt of the side effects.”

Son of a bitch.

Please send an urgent email to the Russian embassy to release our activists. More than 300,000 have been sent already, and every message counts.

repeal the Monsanto Protection Act! Help end Monsanto’s takeover of our government. Every voice counts!

Tell Google to Stop Reading Your Private Emails For Ads!

Jack Nicholson Explains the Last 70 Years…


“”According to my Jordanian source, the Jordanians had an agent inside the cell that operated inside Germany. The agent was the bomb maker.”

“”He made five bombs to go in transistor radios but informed his handlers that one was missing.”

What’s Next After the Firearms Freedom Act Ruling?

“The basis of this absurd notion of interstate commerce comes from the Wickard vs. Filburn ruling of 1942. The Supreme Court decided that a farmer was not able to keep wheat grown by himself for his own consumption, because his hoarding of wheat could potentially have an impact on the sales within the wheat market if other farmers were to follow his lead to self-reliance. Because judges are apparently unable to think for themselves, they mindlessly uphold this ridiculous ruling time and again, and then cower behind it as precedent.”

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