Oil Barons of Occupied Syria / Obama Is A MB Member & war criminal







Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling License To Dick Cheney-Linked Company




“A local subsidiary of the New York-listed company Genie Energy — which is advised by former vice president Dick Cheney and whose shareholders include Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch — will now have exclusive rights to a 153-square mile radius in the southern part of the Golan Heights.”


Is this imperial enough for you?


The objective is regime change in Syria – putting another nation onto using the federal reserve note – so we will be told anything and everything that supports this agenda.




Rupert Murdoch and Lord Rothschild: The Oil Barons of Occupied Syria






The Script




Rick Santelli: Will the 10 Year Yield Hit 3%?


1m “I think it’s the emperor’s invisible and has no clothes.”


The ‘calamity of the century’: Syrian civil war prompts world’s biggest refugee crisis as UN reveals TWO MILLION people have fled fighting

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/219451 READ MORE

The people hiring these foreign mercenaries that are ripping Syria apart ARE MY MORTAL ENEMY.


First Syria rebels armed and trained by CIA ‘on way to battlefield’


“Mr Obama said that a 50-man cell, believed to have been trained by US special forces in Jordan, was making its way across the border into Syria, according to the New York Times.”

What you have just done, Mr Obama, is an INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIME.

This is from a recipient of the Nobel prize for peace.


Front Page of Egyptian Liberal Newspaper Claims Obama Is A Muslim Brotherhood Member

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/219470 READ MORE


US Government Urges Citizens to Avoid Peaceful Political Protest


“On Thursday, August 22nd, travelers to Iceland received an e-mail from the United States Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland, that discouraged US citizens from participating in political protest against the actions of the US government. It also labeled a peaceful advocacy organization a potential security threat, representing the increased used of a tactic to describe protesters using the language of terrorism. These actions have deep implications for the right of US citizens to dissent.”


Israel President’s Not So Veiled Threat To Assad




Syrian Opposition Behind Chemical Weapons Attacks – Mufti


“Syrian rebel forces and not the government are responsible for recent chemical weapon attacks in the civil war there, a Russian Islamic council head said Tuesday.”


Syrian Rebels Anonymously Admit to Responsibility for the Chemical Gas Attack in Damascus,…


“It has been recently reported by even mainstream sources, that members of the Syrian rebel movement have claimed responsibility for the recent chemical weapons attack.”


Impeach Obama for Syria War Plan NOW! + Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Tells Her Account of What She Witnessed



Military Revolt Against Obama’s Attack on Syria


“The backlash began to spread on social media yesterday with numerous members of the military posting photos of themselves holding up signs stating that they would refuse to fight on the same side as Al-Qaeda in Syria. The photos went viral, with one post alone generating over 16,000 shares on Facebook.”


Pentagon may be involved in chemical attack in Syria, US intelligence colonel hacked mail reflect


“Hacker got access to U.S. intelligence correspondence and published U.S. Army Col. ANTHONY J. MACDONALD’s mail. Macdonald is General Staff Director, Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence the Army Staff. It’s about chemical attack in Syria.”


Should We Attack The US Government For Using CS Gas On Waco Texas?

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/219319 READ MORE


U.S. Travel Warning: Al Qaeda-Affiliated Syrian Rebels Have Claimed Nearly 600 Attacks

http://www.infowars.com/u-s-travel-warning-al-qaeda-affiliated-syrian-rebels-have-claimed-nearly-600-attacks/ Read more

“These al-Qaeda terrorist attacks, according to the State Department, have killed many Syrian civilians.”


Divided Egyptian Capital Appears United Against U.S. Strike on Syria


“But after spending only a day in this steamy capital, I’m struck by how widely Cairo residents do seem to agree on one thing — their opposition to the idea of a U.S. strike against Syria.”


Syria Could Become a Rallying Point Against the Banksters

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/219118 READ MORE

“For a brief moment, Obama and his banker bosses met the world and the world punched Obama in the mouth. Through our collective efforts, with regard to Syria, average people have made every elitist banker blink and these gangsters have temporarily backed up. However a man’s work is never done, because what do military historians advise generals to do following a big victory? They advise them to follow up on that victory and smash their enemy. This is precisely what humanity needs to do with regard to the recent positive events involving Obama’s plans to attack Syria.”

“All across the nation, people are marching in opposition to the coming war in Syria. Over 300 people rallied and marched in Chicago, last Thursday, as they collectively said, “Hands off Syria!” This was in response to the U.S. threat of a military attack. There is a very encouraging aspect of what happened at the Chicago protests. Only half of the people present were estimated to be Syrians. There were people of all backgrounds marching in the protests including Muslims, Christians, Assyrians, Arabs, atheists and other people of all backgrounds who are growing weary of the tyrannical bankers imposing their will on innocent people.”


EPIC SMACKDOWN – Former Diplomat Owns an Entire Panel of War Apologists on MSNBC!



Bashar al-Assad interview: ‘Show me the proof of regime chemical attack’



War & One World Currency – Mike Maloney



Keiser Report: Ego-Nazi Nation (E492)


“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert present an American Labor Day special in which they compare the situation for the American worker and consumer with that of the Chinese. They also look at the headlines from China regarding ‘secret gardens’ and contaminated soil. In the second half, Max talks to Dan Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about housing bubbles, infrastructure, food safety and more in China.”

2m10s “In Detroit, roughly 78,000 city structures have been abandoned. So this approximately one third of Detroit’s 140,000 square miles are either vacant or derelict and you have those abandoned buildings in Detroit and it reminded me of the ghost cities in China for two different reasons.”


Incredibly Dramatic Developments Happening In Gold & Silver


“Kaye:  “We spoke last time about the Bank of England desperately selling into the market, I’m sure it was officially booked as a lease arrangement, but selling into the market, through the agent banks, 1,300 tons of gold.  That was an astonishing number.”


America’s Energy Boom and the Rising U.S. Dollar

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/219462 READ MORE

The petrodollar regime–that oil is bought and sold globally in U.S. dollars–is easy to understand.

“Currency can be conjured out of thin air, but oil is increasingly costly to find, extract and process.”


Bayer has just sued the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides that are killing millions of bees

Sign the petition to tell Bayer and Syngenta to drop their bee-killing lawsuits now.


Fukushima Workers Ordered to Cover Detection Devices to Downplay Radiation Levels

http://sgtreport.com/2013/09/fukushima-workers-ordered-to-cover-detection-devices-to-downplay-radiation-levels/ Read More

“executives told workers to put lead shields on radiation detection devices”
I would dropped that lead on the head of these executives.


Brazil Demands Obama Provide Written Explanation For NSA Spying On President By End Of Week



Destroy Before Reading: Spanish Government Caught Erasing Evidence in Corruption Case

http://sgtreport.com/2013/09/destroy-before-reading-spanish-government-caught-erasing-evidence-in-corruption-case/ Read More

“Spain’s government plumbed new depths of political chicanery and incompetence this week when it openly admitted that it had tampered with evidence in the Bárcenas affair, a corruption case implicating many of its senior ministers.”


India Scrambles For Plan D As Stocks, Currency Resume Collapse



India to bring in more measures to curb gold imports

http://sgtreport.com/2013/09/india-to-bring-in-more-measures-to-curb-gold-imports/ Read More

“Acknowledging the problems facing the country, Singh said gold imports needed to be further curbed. Gold is the second largest contributor to the current account deficit after oil. The Prime Minister said, “We seem to be investing a lot in unproductive assets.””

“Asked to clarify if it was 20 tonnes or 44 tonnes, Sinha said, “Manmohan Singh mortgaged 44 tonnes of RBI’s gold that the nation has forgotten about.” Though the comment has provoked large-scale resentment and some confusion in India, the government is yet to make a statement on it.”


Indian Rupee down 25%, Bitcoin up 35%.



Bitcoin in India: Drivers and Barriers to Adoption

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/22356 READ MORE


Vaccine industry pushing false fearmongering polio campaign in Israel



U.S. Elementary School Homework Teaches Kids ‘Government Is Family’ – creepy, creepy, creepy

http://sgtreport.com/2013/09/u-s-elementary-school-homework-teaches-kids-government-is-family/ Read More

“The ten questions that follow go on to use a repetitive back-and-forth technique to thoroughly draw up similarities between a child’s family and the U.S. government. Examples include, “How does your family keep you safe?” followed by “How does the government keep its citizens safe?” and “How does your family keep you healthy?” followed by “How does the government keep its citizens healthy?”

How does the government help the people keep their families safe ?

How does the government help the people keep themselves safe ?

How does the government help the people keep themselves healthy ?

Actually, it’s supposed to be the people who are the parent to the government.


Court upholds Nazi-era ban on homeschooling


““It is beyond belief that Germany is still enforcing a law that was written for one reason only – to be used by Hitler to control and indoctrinate German youth. It had no other redeeming value,” said Shoshona Bat-Zion on a homeschoolers’ blog.”


Germany’s Hitler-Era Homeschool Laws Still In (Brute) Force


“I homeschool my children. Am I a criminal? Am I a negligent parent? Do I deserve a cage? Should my family be ripped apart and placed in the care of “social” workers? My children are highly social, they are learning at a much faster pace than they would be in a government school (and typically score in the top 5% on standardized tests), and they get to spend most of each day just being a kid. I can see how they’d want to lock me up.”


Harvard Research Shows ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People’



Army of Satan: The Roots of Black Magic In the Pentagon and Military — Douglas Dietrich



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  1. john333
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 12:02:41

    Apparently distressed over the British Parliament’s decision not to participate in a limited, or otherwise, attack on Syria for alleged use on Aug. 21 of sarin gas by the Bashar al-Assad regime against the rebels and Syrian civilians, the Economist’s latest, Aug. 31 issue, in its editorial, “Hit him hard,” has appealed to President Obama to rain down missiles for a week on the dictator’s command-and-control centers, including his palaces.
    “From the Pentagon to Britain’s parliament, plenty of realpolitikers argue that doing nothing is the only prudent course,” the editorial said, and then pointed out that “doing nothing carries risks even bigger.” Needling Obama’s huge ego and his unstable state of mind, the editorial went on to egg Obama on to launch into yet another war by saying Assad had “after all stepped across Mr. Obama’s ‘red line’ several times by using these weapons on a smaller scale—and found that Mr. Obama and his allies blinked.” “An American threat, especially over WMD, must count for something; it is hard to see how Mr. Obama can eat his words without the superpower losing credibility with the likes of Iran and North Korea.”
    In conclusion, going through the motions of the usual British feigned “fair play,” “playing cricket,” and all that, the Economist said, “before the missiles are fired, Mr. Obama must give Mr. Assad one last chance; a clear ultimatum to hand over his chemical weapons entirely within a very short period. The time for inspections is over. If Mr. Assad gives in, then both he and his opponents will be deprived of such poisons—a victory for Mr. Obama.”
    What if Assad refuses that proposal? The editorial said, “he should be shown as little mercy as he has shown to the people he claims to govern. If an American missile then hits Mr. Assad himself, so be it. He and his henchmen have only themselves to blame.” ” http://larouchepac.com/node/27974
    ” In the end JACOB [ROTHSCHILD] decided to rename the Rothschild Investment Trust to RIT Ltd., but put management of its assets into the newly created J. Rothschild & Co. (stake in THE ECONOMIST newspaper, among other things)” https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/organisations/introduction/PEHI_Jacob_de_Rothschild_bio.htm
    EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD has been chairman of the newspaper THE ECONOMIST (1972–1989)
    ” LYNN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD: Wife of Sir EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD and runs E.L. Rothschild, LLC with him. Director of THE ECONOMIST since 2002 ”


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