Asia wants their gold home / 10Y @ 2.87% / circular logic of suspect everyone / Elite: Humans MUST be phased OUT!

Asia Shocks West By Demanding Their Gold Be Sent Home

“After an initial $20 plunge, the price of gold turned violently higher and closed near the highs in what turned out to be almost a $50 trading range.  In the aftermath of this, today one of the legends in the business shocked King World News when he said the reason for the wild trading action was that Asian central banks were demanding their gold, some of which is being stored in Western vaults, be sent to Asia.”

Venezuela got their gold back, the Germans were told they would get their gold back in 7 years so what will the nations of Asia be told ?


Selling Spurt Takes 10 Year Treasury Yield To Fresh Two Year High


Top Security Expert: Treating EVERYONE Like a Potential Terrorist Weakens Our Ability to Protect America Read More

“Bruce Schneier is an internationally-recognized security expert who regularly writes for CNN, Wired and other publications. Schneier’s blog was just listed by Time as one of the 25 best blogs in the world. Schneier trounced the former head of the TSA (87% to 13%) in a recent debate on airport security hosted by the Economist.”


Deborah Tavares: Silent Weapons, Iron Mountain Report, NSA, & NASA War Document (Matrix Deciphered)

“Learn More at

Also see

It is the elite that MUST be phased OUT.


Obamacare preview: Black teen denied life-saving heart transplant for ‘non-compliance’


Copyright Infringement Is Being Treated as Terrorism

I do not why people believe government assurances that an authority granted to government will never be abused because it always does. It’s a Charlie Brown syndrome.


The Cube – New Breakthrough Set to Alter the Energy Landscape Forever Read More

“The new solid oxide fuel cell will provide safe, efficient, reliable power, to households or businesses, both local, and remote, all at prices that are competitive with current energy prices.”


COMEX Gold Remains At Low Levels – Owners Per Registered Ounce of Gold Tops 50 READ MORE


No Banker Left Behind

“The derivatives, known as interest-rate swaps, were supposed to protect Detroit from rising interest payments on a chunk of its variable rate debt. The banks would pay Detroit if interest rates rose, and Detroit would pay the banks if rates fell. By 2009, both interest rates and the city’s credit rating were falling, forcing Detroit to pay the banks some $50 million a year and to pledge roughly $11 million a month in casino-tax revenue as additional collateral.”


New Study Examines Link Between Fracking and Arsenic Contamination


Documentary on Aspartame – Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

“Coca-Cola is mounting an expensive ad campaign to assure you the aspartame used in their diet sodas is perfectly safe. But is it? Is Aspartame hazardous? And is Coca-Cola engaging in false and misleading advertising?”


US “death squad envoy” arrives in Egypt – and the slaughter begins

“Yahoo News reports: “Live (Egyptian) television footage on several channels appeared to show hooded Brotherhood (sic) gunmen brandishing what appeared to be small automatic rifles and firing them in the direction of soldiers.””

“In fact, the “hooded gunmen” – like those who set off the Sunni-Shia violence in Iraq in Iraq and Syria – are professional killers working for the Empire and its current Egyptian stooge, el-Sisi. The purpose: To demonize Islam, destroy democracy, and perpetrate a genocide in Egypt.”


IRONY: “Cocaine Found on 90% of U.S. Bills” while only “.5% of Bitcoin Transactions are to buy Drugs” READ MORE


Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections

When they say ‘forced’ does it mean they will put a gun to someone’s head ?


Starving Cancer to Death by Removing one Food: Refined Sugar

“While all of our cells need glucose (a form of sugar which is turned into energy), cancer thrives on a body full of simple carbohydrates (which become sugar in the body) and refined sugars that come from processed foods and overly sweet goodies.”


Cop Convicted Of Second-Degree Manslaughter For Shooting 5-Yr-Old Boy In Back Of Head Gets Record Expunged, Now Free Again To Become An Officer



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