Santelli Slams on Real-Life Inflation / India Bans All Gold Coin Imports



Santelli Slams Liesman: “There’s A Difference Between Real-Life Inflation And The Government’s”


India Bans All Gold Coin Imports, Increases Capital Controls

Bitcoin can be one way for Indians to get their gold mail order paid by bitcoin thereby bypassing the capital controls and have it hit the current account deficit of some other country.

I thought the British Empire lording over the Indians was bad enough but now the Indians have their government lording over them.

Gold is very much in the blood of Indians and rightly so, so are we going to see blood on the streets of India ?


India’s Gold Consumption at 310 Tonnes Despite Curbs READ MORE


China publicized Western gold market rigging just hours after April smash


China, Japan Sell Most US Paper In Years; Foreign Treasury Holdings At 2013 Lows


TICsaster: Foreigners Sell More US Securities Than After Lehman Bankruptcy


Coptic Christians in Egypt killed, targeted by Islamists as violent conflict continues around the country READ MORE


The Bahrain Ghetto: Barbed Wire Fencing Goes Up Around Certain Neighborhoods READ MORE

“Well, as anyone with even the slightest degree of geopolitical awareness knows, Bahrain is home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which represents the regional forces responsible for protecting regional “democracy,” ie the petrodollar. In exchange for our key military base, the U.S. turns a blind eye to the autocratic activities of the feudal monarchy that runs the place. The latest civil rights abuse is the emergence of razor-wire and concrete structures around certain neighborhoods of the capital city of Manama so that the citizenry cannot engage in protest.”


Rothbard and the Libertarian Populists

“The pivot point of libertarian populism is its hostility toward the cronyism that presently characterizes the political economy of the United States. Relationships between powerful elites in government and industry have, libertarian populists argue, cemented into an immovable and perennial force that creates privilege for the few at the expense of the many — hence, libertarianpopulism.”



“Barrett Brown has been sitting in prison, without trial, for almost a year. In case you haven’t followed his case, the 31-year-old journalist is facing a century of prison time for sharing a link that contained—within an archive of 5 million emails—credit-card information stolen from a hack of a security company called Stratfor (Jeremy Hammond, the actual hacker, is going to prison for ten years), threatening the family of an FBI officer who raided his mother’s home, and trying to hide his laptops from the Feds.”

The locator for a resource is NOT the same as the resource itself. Am I the only person who finds what is happening to Barrett Brown offensive ?

Does anyone think that kangaroo justice like this is NOT supposed to happen in the USA ?


Catherine Austin Fitts – The Black Economy Is Sucking The Life Out Of Us

Catherine Austin Fitz has always been on the peripheral of power, both on Wall Street and in Washington, DC. She explains that since World War II, the Black Economy has siphoned off trillions of dollars from the American economy. Where it’s gone and where it’s been invested is a mystery. Catherine thinks it’s been invested in technology as well as companies overseas. Now she believes it’s poised to come back here. We’ll soon see if she’s right”

“Click Here to Listen”


Glass-Steagall: Congressional Townhall Intervention · Cranston, RI

“LaRouchePAC members Rick Lopez and Ryan McCusker intervened at Rep. Langevin’s (D-RI) townhall meeting in Cranston, RI last night, challenging the congressman to choose what side of history he wants to be on as the “financial services” industry that is so well protected by the U.S. congress, collapses”


Bombshell: National Black Republican Association Files Articles of Impeachment Against Barack Obama READ MORE


Fracking chemicals may be making oil more dangerous


State Threatens To Confiscate Child For Drinking Goats Milk

“This is a warning to any mother who wanders off the reservation by replacing the toxic baby formula many families feed their children and upgrading to a more natural and healthy alternative such as goats milk.”


Hate crime: United Nations targets the Internet and social media networks

“On Tuesday, the United Nations’ Human Rights Office voiced its fears over what the UN claims is the rapid spread of racist hate speech across borders via the Internet and social media networks.”


Ben Fulford: The Feds, desperate to keep some power, are on the move with billions of fiat dollars in bribes, August 12, 2013

“On a deeper level, we need to realize that current so-called global institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Court etc. have been run, in secret, by the families behind the Federal Reserve Board. The 20th century was largely their creation. They brought us two world wars, a cold war, terrorism, constant small wars and the accumulation of all of the world’s wealth and power into a tiny in-bred mafia clan. During that same century they have failed to end extreme poverty even as they presided over the extinction of 30% of all of the world’s species. That is the largest extinction event since the dinosaurs were wiped out.”


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