Bloomberg TV: ‘Huge Run’ On Physical Gold / CA City Trying to Save Homeowners From Foreclosure

Commodity Trader Tells Bloomberg TV Of ‘Huge Run’ On Physical Gold

“Bloomberg News television today lets Mihir Dange, co-founder of commodity trading firm Grafite Capital, remark that his company bought physical gold eight weeks ago but still hasn’t gotten delivery yet. Dange says “there’s a huge run on physical now.””

US Government Threatens California City Trying to Save Homeowners From Foreclosure

“In a move that is hard to fathom considering how many banks too big to fail are being fined for subprime mortgage fraud, the nation’s top house financing regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, is threatening that if the City of Richmond, California, uses eminent domain to save homes for families, mortgages will be cut off for the city.”

“Just in case there was any lingering doubt on just whose side the Federal Government is on!”

US Sends Warship to Bahrain In Response to Protests

“While the world concentrates on the bloody scenes emerging out of Egypt, the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier has been stationed off the coast of Bahrain in response to building protests against the country’s US-backed dictatorship.”

Are you Tired of the Government Keeping Us Safe From Terrorism by Abusing Us Being the Real Terrorist?

Widespread Terror Drills Prevail Across America

Glenn Greenwald on Ron Paul TV: “The Revlations That Shocked Me the Most Are Yet to Come!”

Michael Hastings Last Story Was On CIA Director Brennan; Will Be Published In Upcoming Rolling Stone

Louis Farrakhan Shares Shocking Info: On Ron Paul Exposing The Federal Reserve & the International Banksters

4m45s “1913 thereabouts, the tax code, the IRS is formed because is somebody else is going to print the money, they’re going to loan it to governments at an interest rate and the people who are the citizens are to be taxed to pay the debt.”

10m35s “We want a class of persons to have a liberal education. And we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society to forego the privilege of a liberal education and to fit themselves to perform specific, difficult, manual tasks.”

Tread Lightly: In response to FSA’s witch hunt, Max Keiser’s Heisenberg Capital set to triple bitcoin related investments in 2013 SOURCE

“The argument that says Bitcoin has no intrinsic value is false. The solutions for public key encryption technology are a scarce and extremely valuable commodity.”

Bitcoin Block Time Halved To Five Minutes Amid Exponential Network Growth READ MORE


India hikes gold import duty a third time this year READ MORE

“According to the government, the move is designed to curtail the current account deficit and stem volatility in the rupee. Customs duty has been hiked to 10% from 8% on the precious metal, in a bid to help the rupee edge up against the dollar.”

Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’

Former Internet Provider Gagged by National Security Letter Recounts How He Was Silenced For 6 Years

“Under the law, recipients of the letters are barred from telling anyone about their encounter with the FBI.”

So if this guy was under oath in a court of law for a deposition or a trial and was asked about receiving a National Security Letter he would either perjure himself or break this gagging law.

We Are The People! Not Your Snitches! – City of Katy asks Neighbors to turn in Neighbors

Terrorist Group Seeks Military Tank In New Hampshire

Still Report 88 – Direct Democracy Ireland

City Ordinance Would Criminalize Displaying Toy Guns in ‘Threatening Manner’

City of Arlington SWAT Raid on Peaceful Organic Farmers is a Big Budget Bust Blocked By UK ISPs Due to “Rightsholder Error”

Iraqi forces repel terrorists’ infiltration attempt to Syria

Big government in bed with Monsanto: How government agents covered up Roundup’s birth defects

Hepatitis B vaccine halted after 3 newborns die from system shock

US uranium to blame for deformed babies in Fallujah? (video & transcript)

78 Children Under Government “Protection” Disappear in Oklahoma, Agency Blames the Children Read More

78 Children who were taken from their parents are now missing and the government agency in charge is claiming that the children “probably just ran away because they didn’t want to follow the rules”

Professor Richard Shepherd and the Unnatural Death of Dr David Kelly: Haemorrhage from Cutting the Ulnar Artery. A Sole Cause of Death?


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