G20 Showdown on Dollar Hegemony – tulips, anyone ? / EU bailin law passed / collectivists need bogeymen

G20 Showdown on Dollar Hedgemony


“Obama canceled his scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. Although Obama didn’t give his reason for the cancellation, the media stoogery speculated it was because of Russia’s protection of whistleblower-patriot Edward Snowden. What is not being reported is that Russia has been warning its citizens and institutions since last March’s Cyprus bail-in to divest assets out of western banks.”

“Thus, recent Western self-inflicted wounds have opened the Pandora’s box for China and Russia as well as other BRIC nations to pressure hard for non-dollar settlement of trade, and in particular oil. I submit that this agenda and the G20 meeting Sept. 5-6 is the venue for this to be revealed. THAT should be the real concern for the U.S., and it ties direct into my earlier article, China Maneuvers to take Away US’ Dominant Reserve Currency Status.”


GLOBAL LOOTING: The new EU bailin law (NOT eurozone) was passed 8 days ago….did you notice?

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/211855 READ MORE

“Be aware: this is an EU move, not a eurozone move”


The Next Terrorist Attack – What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You


55s “They need bogeymen, terrifying enemies lurking in the shadows right next door or in distant land so that the rulers can play the role of the valiant protector.”

Collectivists need bogeymen so we go to them for ‘protection’.


State Department to reopen 18 of 19 closed embassies



“Translation: Nobody bought the bovine excrement about a conference call with 20 Al Qaeda, or the exploding clothes.”


US Drones Pound Yemen, But Targets Aren’t All Militants


One civilian in the town of Jaar, just north of Zinjibar, reported taking his daughter from school to a nearby clinic for a doctor’s appointment. Hellfire missiles destroyed the clinic. He and his children fled back to the school to hide in the basement. The school, was then hit in a followup attack, destroying it and killing his daughter.



The US must not bear silent witness to another crackdown in Bahrain


“The popular protest movement in Bahrain began on 14 February 2011. At one point, early in the uprising, an estimated quarter of Bahrain’s population participated in nonviolent protests. That is equivalent to 75 million Americans protesting simultaneously. The Bahraini regime and its Gulf Co-operation Council partners, led by Saudi Arabia, crushed the protests with overwhelming force.”

“Yet, Bahraini people still do not have the overt support of the US government – despite President Obama’s (and other administration officials’) claims that the United States stands with all who have democratic aspirations.”

The f**king hell the united states stands with all who have democratic aspirations.


Ahead of Bahrain protests, a sweep against citizen journalists



Futures Markets Signal Gold Ready To Erupt – Gold backwardation = gold decoupling from the dollar

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/211852 READ MORE

“Taking this one step further, if gold stays in backwardation for some time, it means that no one is taking advantage of a risk-free arbitrage opportunity by simultaneously selling physical gold at spot and buying a futures contract. In such a scenario, traders can keep not only the spread between the spot rate and the futures rate, but also their original position in gold. This is known as “de-carrying gold.” Now, if enough traders were to take advantage of this risk-free profit, gold would be pushed out of backwardation into its normal trading state (i.e., “contango,” when the price of a futures contract is higher than the physical spot price). The fact that this is not occurring, and that gold remains in backwardation, implies that gold is more and more decoupling from the dollar – a trend that, if continued, could raise the dollar price of gold and other assets significantly.1”


Two Former JPMorgan “London Whale” Traders Are About To Be Arrested



Former US Treasury Official – Arrest The Gold Manipulators


“Today a former US Treasury Official stunned King World News when he stated that what has taken place in the gold market should have resulted “in an enormous investigation with arrests and indictments.”  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts also warned that the global financial system is now in an extremely dangerous position that will result in “some type of fantastic explosion.”  Below is what Dr. Roberts had to say in this powerful interview.”

“But I don’t think you can have this go on forever.  You can’t, forever, have more claims on assets than there are assets, and a financial system that’s in that condition is in a very serious situation.  And it’s true across the board, it’s not just in the gold market.”

It’s a matter of national security that these criminals be allowed to be criminals in all markets.


Gold Shorts Cover At Fastest Pace In 13 Years



Marc Faber & The Fed Warn of 1987 Style Crash

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/212379 READ MORE


100 BILLION Ounces of Silver Has Been CONSUMED by the Human Population!!


“Silver really is becoming an extinct metal, once there were incredibly large stockpiles.. Now it is treated like bacon, and now inventories are brought to the market, “just in time.” The silver price could easily double in 6-12 months..”


Eurozone Funding Shortfall Rises To Over $4 Trillion, Increases By More Than $500 Billion In A Year



Internal Bundesbank Report Predicts New Greek Bailout In Early 2014, More Headaches For Merkel


Translation: the creditors of Greek government debt are going to get a fresh injection of cash while none of this next bailout stays in Greece.


Where The Fed’s Excess Reserves Are Going: 51% Foreign Banks; 49% Domestic


How mad do you suppose the average American would be if they knew they were on the hook for their central bank lending to foreign banks of this magnitude ?


Dishonesty And Candor In Monetary Policy


Keynes was quite explicit that monetary authorities should intentionally use deception as a primary tool.


Mortgage rate spike finally hits housing


“A sharp jump in mortgage rates from May to June are now beginning to weigh on the housing recovery. The two-month delay can be attributed to several factors—first and foremost that most potential home buyers lock in mortgage rates early, and sale closings can take up to two months to be finalized.”


World To Witness A Frightening & Historic Financial Holocaust


“On the heels of gold and silver surging strongly on continued short covering, today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years stunned King World News when he warned that investors are now going to see a what he described as a “financial holocaust” that will result in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.  He also urged investors to get themselves properly positioned ahead of what will be a frightening and historic destruction of capital.  This is without question one of John Embry’s most powerful interviews ever.”


‘It’s an economic war’: How the Edward Snowden of banking is blowing the whistle on secret Swiss accounts


I wonder how many western politicians are going to be found to have secret Swiss accounts.




“It was this corner on the short side of COMEX gold futures by JPMorgan that provided the incentive and led to the subsequent $500 decline in the price of gold into the end of June. On the historic price decline in gold over the first half of 2013, JPMorgan booked profits on their short side gold market corner (of over $2 billion in my estimate) and continued to rig prices lower in order to establish their current long side corner of 85,000 contracts, or 25% of the true net open interest in COMEX gold futures (minus spreads).”

“There can be no question that the price pattern over the past nine months has benefitted JPMorgan immensely. A short corner on the gold market at $1700 and now a long corner many of hundreds of dollars lower. Just a coincidence or strong supporting evidence of manipulation? Either JPM is the luckiest trading entity in history or they are exerting undue control on the gold (and silver market). Establishing repeated market corners has never occurred in history, yet the data prove that JPMorgan has done just that.”

“Not lucky at all are the victims of JPMorgan’s repeated market corners. The victims of the successful short side corner in gold are centered on those in the gold mining industry; shareholders and employees and anyone else damaged by the deliberate price-rigging to the downside, including metal investors and states and countries dependent on tax revenue. So many damaged with benefit to so few.”

“A key question is why the CFTC is not reacting to the clear evidence of JPMorgan cornering the COMEX gold futures market.”


Keiser Report: Open Sewer of Fraud (E482)


“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the KK Ho of central bankers, Mark Carney, seeking ‘escape velocity’ while impersonating a bond trader. They also discuss the dreadful summer wind for the currency impersonating a reserve as good as gold. In the second half, Max talks to Robert Prechter of ElliottWave.com about debt, deflation and hyperinflation. Regarding the latter, Prechter asks, “if central banks were interested in hyperinflation, then where were the helicopter drops for Cyprus?” As there is no such thing as magic money, it won’t happen, he says.”

3m25s “Any time you hear the words Mark Carney, think about a clown at a sideshow named KK Ho who’s sucking on a helium filled gymson and speaking in that whiney little voice of someone who’s either a) completely smacked out on heroin, b) needs to have a lobotomy or c) currently runs the bank of England.”


Banks slam deposit ‘tax’


“The Rudd government plans to impose an insurance levy on all bank deposits, risking a major fight with one of the best-resourced industries on the eve of the election campaign.”

“Senior banking figures indicated on Thursday night they would oppose the move and depict it as a tax on bank depositors.”

“The government plans to impose a 0.05 per cent insurance levy on every deposit of up to $250,000 to protect depositors against collapses.”


Four MORE African nations that get billions in aid from Britain join the space race


And which private businesses do you suppose these African national governments will be told to spend these billions with ?

Western multinational corporations perhaps ? This is just pure corporate welfare at the expense of taxpayers both in Britain and in the African nations.


What if there Really was a ‘Liberal’ Media?


2m30s “transnational corporations, the big companies in America, in 2001 they moved, or they created shall we say, a ¼ million jobs outside the united states, in 2002 about a million jobs outside the united states”

3m10s “During that same period of time they were moving jobs out of the united states. Actually, those numbers that just I read you were all the numbers of jobs that vanished in the united states from these corporations.”

6m35s “69.2% of people arrested in the united states are white but 39% of our prison population is black.”


Anti-American Sentiment in Egypt


Egyptians and Americans both have a low approval rating of the government in the USA.


7 Things About Prosecuting Wall Street You Wanted to Know (But Were Too Depressed to Ask) Why haven’t any bankers gone to jail? What’s going on in this country?



Wind farms paid £30 million a year to stand idle because the grid can’t cope with all the energy they produce


Another example of pure corporate welfare at the expense of taxpayers.


The US Economy Grew Fastest With No Fed And No Income Tax



Congress exempts itself from Obamacare



This Will Create Panic & Ignite Unprecedented Money Printing


“Today one of the top economists in the world made an incredibly bold prediction that investors are about to witness a short-term panic in key global markets which will ignite an unprecedented money printing spree that will “dwarf” anything the world has seen up to this point.  He also spoke about exactly what his firm will be doing in the gold and silver markets during this panic.  Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, wrote the following powerful and exclusive piece for KWN.”


China Imports 104 Tonnes Of Physical Gold In June 2013

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/212084 READ MORE


The Ron Paul Channel: Become a Founding Subscriber


One leader cannot save the Republic from the empire it has become, only a public who give a damn can save the Republic.


All4BTC- Automatically Purchase from eBay, Amazon and Anywhere Else Online

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/20369 READ MORE


Bitcoin Architect: Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin


2m25s “Everybody who is running bitcoin software on their computer and communicating over the network with other people who are running the bitcoin software, all of those people together collectively perform the functions that a central bank would typically perform. So those people all create the currency, those people all make sure that the transactions that happen are valid and that invalid transactions are rejected and so collectively together everybody who’s running the bitcoin software makes the system work and that makes it very resilient really.”



55 BTC Stolen by Security Vulnerability in Android Bitcoin Wallets

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/20511 READ MORE


Egypt Under Empire, Part IV: Dancing Between Dictatorship and Democracy


“Simply by virtue of the fact that people are more connected than ever before, that more information is available now than ever before, and with more people rising up and demanding change in disparate regions all over the world, it has become more challenging for the United States and its imperial partners to maintain their domination over the world, and to maintain their propagandized fantasies in the face of glaring hypocrisies. In short, it’s harder for the world to take America seriously about democracy when it so consistently arms and works with dictatorships.”

“Further, Scobey warned, “Mubarak will likely resist further economic reform,” which is to say, to enhance and deepen neoliberal measures which facilitate impoverishment, plundering and exploitation by a small domestic and international oligarchy at the expense of the domestic population at large, noting that Mubarak might view further reforms “as potentially harmful to public order and stability.”[4]”


Saudi prince defects: ‘Brutality, oppression as govt scared of Arab revolts’ (EXCLUSIVE)


“In recent weeks Saudi Arabia has launched an offensive against anti-regime activists rresting many and sentencing some to years in jail. Total number of political prisoners has now surpassed 40 thousand according to some reports. The crackdown has even forced a member of the ruling family to defect. RT Arabic spoke exclusively to Saudi prince Khaled Bin Farhan Al-Saud – who accuses the monarchy of corruption and silencing all voices of dissent.”

10s “The total number of political prisoners has now surpassed 40,000 according to some reports.”

40 f**king thousand – this bulls**t has to stop.


Video Of The Day: “Operation Everyone Talk Like A Terrorist”


render the NSA’s spy program useless.


9/11: Thy Shall Not Bear False Witness


“The false-flag democide attacks of September 11, 2001, were designed to justify a one world government under the guise of fighting the War on Terror while at the same time transforming relatively free societies into police states beyond that imagined by George Orwell.”

“Absent 9/11, the undeclared wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan would not have been possible. The Western invasion and covert overthrowing of several governments known as the Arab Spring could not have happened. And U.S. citizens would not be enslaved by unconstitutional programs like PRISM and XKeyscore, or subject to indefinite detention without due process under the NDAA, or targeted as domestic extremists for assassination…”


Indefinite Suffering: GITMO guards told ‘not to treat prisoners as humans’


“The hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay Prison has entered a seventh month, with the inmates still struggling to change their situation. The detainees protesting over indefinite detention and mistreatment also complain of invasive body searches, which sometimes include sexual assault. Terry Holdbrooks, a former Guantanamo guard, told us how his former day job led him to quit and convert to Islam.”

Can anyone restore this inhumane America to the nation we all thought it was ?


NASA’s Future of War 2025 Is Already Here! (HD)


“Something is very wrong here. Why can’t some people seem to wake up? Blissful ignorance is not the only reason.”

“The PowerPoint presentation analyzed below was presented by one of NASA’s chief scientists from their Langley Research Center back in July 2001 — just a couple months before the 9/11 terror attacks — but the information within is arguably more pertinent now than it was even then.”

“This document is insane. It forces us to realize just how far down the rabbit hole reality has fallen. Drones, microwave and frequency weapons, nano weapons, binary bio weapons in food, AI, robotics and more are discussed, but this isn’t a science fiction horror movie…this is reality — here, now — where the impact of science on society is that humans are quickly being dehumanized and considered “decreasing-to-negative value added” as compared with emerging technology.”

What the f**k has NASA, a civilian agency, got to do with war ?

NASA’s Future of War 1

Is humanity scheduled to become worthless ?

I think it’s the psychopathic elite that humanity needs to declare worthless.

NASA’s Future of War 2


Package Containing VX Nerve Gas Found At JFK Airport


Yet another action that the NSA spying did not prevent.

No, the NSA are far too busy peeking at private video between military personnel and their other half and blackmailing a host of public servants.


Why Are Millions Of Fish Suddenly Dying In Mass Death Events All Over The Planet?

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/212043 READ MORE


Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave: Brussels replaces royal crest on UK birth certificates with euro logo – against ministers’ wishes


It is long past time that the European Union, in it’s current form, went the way of the Soviet Union.

Logistically speaking Britain and any other European nation can surely have a referendum tomorrow on an exit from the European Union.


BNP: demand a referendum on British membership of the European Union



Overworked NHS dentist ‘killed himself after health bosses threatened to strike him off because he couldn’t keep up with paperwork for 10,000 patients’


Who thinks 10,000 patients is too many patients for one practitioner ?


B Vitamins Slow Alzheimer’s and Grey Matter Loss



Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for Human Consumption”

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/212073 READ MORE


Water firms raise fears over shale gas fracking



Table Of Iatrogenic Deaths In The United States


Should we be afraid of something that has caused over 999,000 annual deaths or be afraid of terrorism ?


SWAT Team Raid Sustainable Organic Co-Op For Drugs, Find None, Force Them To Mow Their Lawn


“According to a press release from a small sustainable organic co-op called ‘The Garden of Eden’ out of Arlington, Texas, they were surveilled by unmanned police drones and police helicopters in the days prior to being raided by a SWAT team for supposedly growing marijuana. A group of over a dozen police and a heavily armed SWAT team held those present on site at gunpoint and handcuffed them while they searched their property. No marijuana was found, but the cops forced them to bring their property “up to code,” by among other things, forcing them to “mow their grass” and uproot their blackberries while they stood watch.”

“Landowner Shellie Smith states that she has been requesting a peaceful and honorable resolution since the onset of the dispute in February, requesting the aid of the City Manager Trey Yelverton, Sheriff Dee Anderson and Mayor Robert Cluck, but has received no response in the matter. Ms. Smith says “the City codes are in violation of our natural and Constitutional rights to live freely while causing damage to no one, and since there is no damaged party, there has been no crime committed on our part. Rather, the City of Arlington has trespassed and committed robbery against us, amongst other crimes, and will be held accountable in a court of law in due time. We have been targeted by the system because we are showing people how to live without it. We are growing more than just tomatoes here, we are growing the consciousness that will allow people to live freely and sustainably, and the system doesn’t want that to be known.””



http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/212064 READ MORE

““Six children from Chicago are gonna remember this night as one of their most traumatizing experiences. The kids, aged 11 months to 13 years at the time, were rehearsing songs for the church choir with their grandmother Charlene Holly when eight armed officers burst through the door and started aiming guns at them, yelling “get on the ground!”.”

““One of the cops even asked Charlene to show the 11 month old’s hands to them at gunpoint. When she asked for the reason of the raid, she was handed a warrant for Sedgwick M. Reavers, the tenant of the apartment one floor above the Hollys. The warrant clearly stated ‘The second floor apartment located at 10640 S. Prairie Ave. A yellow brick two flat building with the numbers 10640 on the front of the building.’ but the cops broke into the first floor apartment, cursing at the minors and telling them “This is what happens when your grandma sells crack”. After the raid, Charlene found their family dog Samson dead in the upstairs laundry room, where he was presumably dragged to with a dog pole by one of the officers. The family kept Samson in the basement and he couldn’t have reached the laundry room on his own.””


Picturing The Plunge In Gun Crimes (As Gun Sales Surge)


When seconds count, help is minutes away. But those you think should help the helpless public will actually wait for the criminals to finish their crime on the public then and only then will help go in and clear up the mess and tag the bodies.


Police Are Now Entering and Inspecting Homes to “Prevent Crimes”



‘No Muslim’ parking signs come down outside mall



“If it is wrong for one, it is wrong for all.”


CIA Gun-running, Qatar-Libya-Syria



DEA Special Operations Division Covers Up Surveillance Used To Investigate Americans: Report


“The undated documents show that federal agents are trained to “recreate” the investigative trail to effectively cover up where the information originated, a practice that some experts say violates a defendant’s Constitutional right to a fair trial. If defendants don’t know how an investigation began, they cannot know to ask to review potential sources of exculpatory evidence – information that could reveal entrapment, mistakes or biased witnesses.”

Law enforcement f**king LYING.


David Wilcock Update 8-8-13… “The Nightmare is Almost Over: Part II”


“It’s tough to even imagine how any group could actually break up the greatest, deadliest organized crime ring in human history.”

“Nonetheless, that’s what we are watching happen — right now.”

“Psychopathic individuals formed a sinister cult that gained massive world power.”

“Secret societies were used to ensure their plans were unlikely to be exposed.”

“Their plan for a “New World Order” global dictatorship was developed at least 250 years ago.”


The Greatest Deception: How the zionist-cabal Masquerades Itself in the Muslim and Christian World


“It is zionism/israel/zOGs-of-USA-UK-Etc., that are MANIPULATING, FINANCING, RADICALIZING, and COORDINATING the proxies known as “the rebels” in Syria, as they did in Libya; however, there is one very big difference between what they did in Libya, to what they are doing in Syria:”



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