“Ambassador of Death” aka U.S. envoy to Egypt / 7th – 14th centuries – 700 years of silver as an English currency



What They Really Think: Anti-US Hostility Soaring In Egypt


“referred to the proposed U.S. envoy to Egypt as the “Ambassador of Death.”


Middle East Expert: U.S.-Egypt Alliance ‘On Verge of Collapse’


“According to Ibrahim, public sentiment in Egypt echoes that of its acting leadership. He noted, for example, that a new “Rebel Movement” is calling for a public campaign to “Say No to US Aid,” which totals $1.5 billion a year. He also referred to a Reuters report Wednesday in which military sources suggested Egypt might call off joint military maneuvers codenamed Bright Star.”


EGYPT – McCain/Graham Visit Have Made Matters Worse…. They Both Are An Embarassment To Freedom Principles….


“Graham and McCain seem to conveniently forget it was the Muslim Brotherhood who disbanded the law and legal processes once they took power.  It was Isamist Morsi who took over the government, disbanded the judicial process, and instituted totalitarian control of the entire nation.”

“A spokesman for the interim government, Sherief Shawki, immediately dismissed the characterization. “There is a roadmap, which means that what happened was not a coup and that it was Egyptian people who decided on the roadmap,” he told Reuters in an interview. Shawki also said the involvement of McCain and Graham was unwelcome, adding, “We don’t want foreign intervention to be imposed on us.””


History of the English penny (c. 600 – 1066)


“The history of the English penny can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of the 7th century: to the small, thick silver coins known to contemporaries as pæningas or denarii, though now often referred to as sceattas by numismatists. Broader, thinner pennies inscribed with the name of the king were introduced to southern England in the middle of the 8th century. Coins of this format remained the foundation of the English currency until the 14th century.”

Silver is currently not treated by government as money but in the free market is recognising silver as a store of value, short term manipulations not withstanding.


Stock Market Bubbles And Record Margin Debt: A (Repeating) History Of Ignoring All Warnings


“a historical comparison of margin-debt warnings that have recurred throughout history but especially just before major stock bubble crashes, such as in the period 1999/2000, 2007/2008 and of course today”


10 Investment Rules To Live By

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/211492 READ MORE


12 popped bubbles.


“Hello Scotia Mocatta, This Is JPMorgan – We Urgently Need Some Of Your Gold”



Gold Collateral Situation: “It’s Very Complicated”


short-end GOFO rates (1-3 Month) have been negative now for the longest period on record: 25 consecutive work days.”

The explosion is fast approaching.


India’s silver imports exploded during H1 2013

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/211248 READ MORE


Default Feared – Gold & Silver Paper Claims Hit All-Time Highs


“The gold market also has a series of daily ‘fixes’ both on the COMEX in New York and the LBMA in London and, though the scale of the leverage involved pales into insignificance against the vast derivatives markets layered atop LIBOR and ISDAFIX, there are still currently 42 outstanding claims on every ounce of gold remaining in the fast-dwindling COMEX warehouse stocks thanks to the availability of paper gold in the form of futures contracts (see chart below courtesy of Nick Laird at sharelynx.com) which is by far an all-time high.”


“GLD Is Collapsing Its Shares And That Gold Is Being Shipped Directly To Asia”



How Our Monetary System Works And Fails


How our monetary system works and fails 1

How our monetary system works and fails 2

Gold, the Titanic & Lifeboats – Why it’s Important to Own Physical Gold



Silver & Gold – Hidden Secrets Of Money 2 (Trailer)



The World Is Now On The Edge Of A Massive Collapse


“Greyerz:  “Eric, when you are living through history-making events, it’s often difficult for investors to see exactly what is happening.  I have, for some time, put forth the argument that we are at the end of at least a 250-year cycle, and possibly at the end of a cycle that is of the same magnitude as the Roman Empire.”


Keiser Report: Lab Rats of Bankster’s Policies (E481)


“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the lab rats of finance, economic, energy, health and agricultural policy. As lab rats, choice is not an option, so the lab rat population must submit to the experimentation being done upon them – whether from Monsanto or the ‘healthcare’ industry. In the second half, Max talks to Ross Ashcroft of RenegadeEconomist.com about the Empire state of mind of the rentier economy in which predators are invited to feast on producers and a new Bank of England chairman, Mark Carney, hosts the rentiers with free money while the media discusses his stunning good looks and handsome neckties.”


Feinstein: You’re Not a Real Journalist Unless You Draw a Salary


The first amendment says ‘Congress shall make no law …abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press’, it doesn’t say ‘Congress shall make no law …abridging the freedom of SALARIED speech, or of the SALARIED press’.


Snowden’s Email Service Provider Shuts Down Following Government Pressure


If convicted criminals still have access to an email service, what does this make Edward Snowden ?


Is Bitcoin Real or Not?

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/211547 READ MORE

“Consider the case of Argentina, which right now has extreme capital controls, price controls, and serious inflation. It also happens to be the country with the highest rate of Bitcoin adoption of any country on the planet. Everything including rents and land prices is being quoted in Bitcoin. It is being bought in order to be held, and only later used for more purchases.”


The IRS Scandal Just Gotten A Lot Bigger – IRS & FEC Sharing Data


What f**king business has the IRS


write to your councillors now and tell them you don’t want to be fracked.


New Study Finds High Levels of Arsenic in Groundwater Near Fracking Sites



Water Wars: Corporations Begin To Lay Claim To the World’s H20



What Is The Greatest Truth NEVER Told?


10s “Humanity has been revolving the past 6,000 years from one group of cunning collectivist men and then each group overthrows the previous group – it’s collectivists overthrowing collectivists.”

Collectives never want to empower the individual, it’s always to have all individuals disempowered.


Blackhawk-SWAT Raid on DHS Whistleblowers (Video)



THIS IS WHAT A POLICE STATE LOOKS LIKE! “YOU Open The Door When We Come To YOUR F*cking House!”



And this is why people must videotape.

Are the abuses getting as bad as under King George III ?

These police officers will no doubt be hearing from these guy’s lawyer.


Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda Film Exposed


“Taking a cue from the foreign-backed death squads currently wreaking havoc in Syria, Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been caught attempting to stage both a demonstration and a violent repression of that demonstration by government forces.”

Where does reality give way to theatre ?


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