Great “Abu Ghraib” Escape – NOT uncovered by NSA / infinite currency supply vs finite silver supply


The Great “Abu Ghraib” Escape

“How al Qaeda broke hundreds of bad guys out of the world’s most notorious jail — and what it means for America.”

All of the NSA electronic spying on all of the world’s population is NOT, NOT, NOT uncovering the planning for this action.

And what about all the actual criminals that this NSA electronic spying should be catching ?


How Many Silver Stackers Will Turn The Tide?

“Many of you are already familiar with The Wizard Of Oz.  What most people don’t know is that it is really a story about silver.  Dorothy’s slippers were not ruby, they were silver.  After a harrowing journey with the Tinman(the manufacturers), the Scarecrow(the farmers), and the cowardly lion(William Jennings Bryan), our intrepid heroes make their way along the yellow brick road(gold) to finally meet the wizard(the bankers).  But much to their chagrin they find out that the wizard is powerless to return them to Kansas(America’s greatness).”

“Nearly waylaid by the poppy fields(the media), they overcome their slumber and finally make it to the emerald city, only to find out that the wizard is a complete fraud.  But after their initial disappointment, they learn an even more important lesson, that they’ve had the power to return to Kansas with them the entire time; Dorothy’s silver slippers.”

“Silver is the key to ending the reign of the fiat money banksters.  Silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet.  And the banksters know this.  That’s why they spend enormous amounts of energy trying to dissuade people from stacking physical silver.  As I’ve said for many years, physical silver is the bullet that slays the Wall Street werewolves; it is the stake in the hearts of the financial vampires.  If the people only knew the power they possess from stacking physical silver, they could have ended this charade years ago.”

An infinite amount of currency meets a finite amount of silver.

The idea for the price decline for gold and silver since April 2013 was that people around the world would dump their physical gold and physical silver but this has not happened, rather people are acquiring more physical gold and more physical silver.

Some of humanity do not want to be slaves to the banksters.


“Market Parasite” JPMorgan Added To Goldman Aluminum “Cartel” Lawsuit

By inserting itself into a healthy industry producing widely needed commodities, severely degrading functionality, and widely distributing costs while itself benefiting, GOLDMAN SACHS and JP MORGAN couldn’t fit a more archetypal description of a parasite on the markets.”


Thousands of Tunisians call for government resignation

 Tunisia 2013-08-07 PressTV

Tunisia crisis: Tens of thousands join protest

Tunisia 2013-08-07 BBC

The Egyptian people, on July 3rd, have shown the way.


You’ve All Been Brainwashed – the Chinese understand gold and most Americans do not



REALIST NEWS – Silver Eagle Sales To Break All Records In 2013

A projected 50 million ounces for 2013 at $20/oz equals $1 billion and yet this is only a small percentage of the infinite currency supply that can be thrown at the finite silver supply.


2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion sales continue to shatter records Read More


What Do Declining COMEX Inventories Signify? READ MORE

Physical gold is defeating paper gold.


Bix Weir – Embassies Closing, HSBC Stops Their Banking… It’s All Just A Coincidence, Right?

Bix Weir came on again today and we discussed the never ending series of incredible events sweeping the globe. Seems HSBC stopped doing business with a number of embassies including the Vatican, without explanation. At the same time the US has closed down a number of its embassies in the Middle East. It’s all just one big coincidence, we’re quite sure; what else could it be? Gold and silver prices continued to get slammed down while precious metals inventories continue to decrease, another coincidence. Listen and find out more.”


The Few Banks that Own All

“In the autumn of 2011 an already legendary study by a number of Swiss scientists revealed that a small number of banks controlled a decisive stake in the globe’s economy. The idea that the banks are a cartel and that this cartel controls the economy is now a scientifically quantified matter of record.”


Dr. Jim Willie: Out of Control Chaos Coming with Shortages of Gold, Silver, Food, Gasoline and More

3m35s “One of them that you named was Deutsche Bank and lo and behold a few weeks later it was downgraded along with Barclays.”

27m5s “So you’ve got leverage holding down gold and they’re breaking in Deutsche Bank’s portfolio.”

29m15s “You’ve got now JP Morgan being recognised as having taken the July silver output from delivery in London. You’re getting JP Morgan recognised as having its own clients, registered clients abandoning them in the vaults. You’re now getting recognition – these are smoking guns – that the Comex delivery in gold is matching the withdrawal from the back door out of GLD. You’re getting high correlations of 80% between the GLD withdrawals and the Shanghai premium paid in gold. They’re raiding GLD to cover Comex deliveries and to deliver in Shanghai.”

This is what you get when the prices are too low.


LaRouchePAC in Action: A Declaration of War Against Wall Street

7m10s “Wall Street is nothing but a pack of deadbeat welfare cases, the worst petty thieves in the history of the world. And it’s been the sheer ignorance of how a true human economy functions among the population and among leading politicians, combined with a go along to get along depravity among members of Congress that has allowed the bankrupt institutions to continue to operate on U.S. soil.”

15m40s “We do intend to follow through on using Detroit as Wall Street’s Waterloo.”


The $600Bn US Bank Deleveraging No One Is Talking About


Keiser Report: Strawmen of Finance (E480)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the strawmen of finance, the Help to Buy straw purchase scheme in the UK and the ‘unrealized’ losses on the Fed’s balance sheet as the bondpocalypse gallops into town. Max Keiser also asks, “why don’t the people have a bank that they can call their own?” In the second half, Max talks to Laura Willoughby of, about moving your savings out of the Too Big To Fail banks and about out-competing the toxic banks and their interest rate apartheid.”


Thanks to NSA Surveillance, Americans Are More Worried About Civil Liberties Than Terrorism


Reports Islamists massacre 450 Kurds in Syria, including 120 kids

“Unconfirmed reports have emerged detailing a new massacre in which 450 Kurds – including 120 children – were allegedly slaughtered by al-Qaeda-linked rebels fighting against the Syrian government. The report has sparked international concern.”

By supporting the opponents of Assad in Syria, our governments have lost their collective minds.


As Kenyan Airport Burns, Keynesians Predict Economic Boost

Rather than build something to replace something vital that has just been destroyed, how about keeping that something vital intact and building something else that is vitally needed. Grow the infrastructure rather than be forced to replace infrastructure.


AVN: Americas Reputation As World Leader Can Never Be Recovered

“Our imperialism, treason & tyranny home and abroad has destroyed any credibility we had as the last pillar of freedom and liberty on the planet.”


Maddow Paints 9/11 Truthers As Potential Terrorist

Did the people who point out the holes in the official narrative of 9/11 do 9/11 ?


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