US Escalates: Issues Worldwide Travel Alert Following Embassy Closures

“With US leaks about Israeli air strike on Syria, John Kerry stirring the civil war pot in Egypt, and the closure of US embassies across the Muslim world (Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, UAE, Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan, Israel (Tel Aviv) and Jordan), it appears something is afoot.”

Should there be a terrorist big bang we should ask why all the NSA surveillance didn’t prevent it.

The CIA have another false flag to spring on a supposedly unsuspecting world.

Joint Terrorism Task Force Interrogates Couple After Google Search For Pressure Cooker & Backpack

“I wonder why they are closing so many embassies, and why they aren’t sure just where the “terrorists” are going to strike. I mean, if the NSA spying is good enough that the police can kick down the door of people who Google “Backpack” and “pressure cooker”, then in theory they should know exactly who the terrorists are, what they plan to do, where they plan to do it, and when they plan to do it and be able to stop them before it happens! And if they don’t; if some major act of terror happens (conveniently timed to distract us all from Flood-gate and re-ignite war fever), then it proves that the NSA spying is not about crime and terror but all about keeping watch on the law abiding American people, to keep us slaves to Wall Street’s money-junkies.”

Eric Sprott: The Detroit Template

For the U.S. Federal Government as a whole, Kotlikoff estimates the fiscal gap to be around $222 trillion!



Triple-Feature: “America Discredited,” “Bradley Manning Verdict Convicts Washington,” and “Hiding Economic Depression With Spin” — Paul Craig Roberts

Snowden’s Father Calls Out Obama On Nuremberg Crimes

President Obama: NSA Surveillance Was Necessary To Make Sure Boston Bombings Weren’t Part Of Bigger Plot

Those guys were suspects in a crime so a judge can just as easily authorise a search warrant.


55m25s “They’re not telling you how the Vatican owns bank of America. They’re not telling you about a group called the bank of England which is partly, you know it goes back to 1200 before the Rothchilds were even there. This goes way, way, way back.”

55m40s “How about the city of London ? Have you been told about that ?”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been talking about. There is an agreement between the city of London and the Vatican and that pre-dates the Rothchilds.”

“Ok, fair enough. So what is the agreement ?”

“The agreement is for the bulk of humanity to be on the short end of the stick and for the elites to do whatever they want with impunity. That’s what the agreement is.”


Does the former senior counsel for the world bank not exist, is this why she is not appearing on CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN ?

Why 500 TRILLION $ Rich Rothschilds are NOT on Forbes Richest People List?

FBI child-pimp raid ignores pedophile elite

“The FBI announced Monday that it has arrested 150 people suspected of child sex trafficking.”

“Unfortunately, those arrested appear to be low-level operators – not the well-connected kingpins who pander children to the wealthiest and most powerful Americans. Elite pedophile networks connected to elements of the CIA, including the “Finders of Lost Children” and the Franklin Scandal group, have operated shamelessly and without fear of prosecution for decades. They have even peddled young prostitutes during midnight tours of the White House.”

CNN Reports CIA Engaged in Massive Intimidation Campaign to Keep Benghazi a Secret

Obama Dispersing Benghazi Survivors Around US and Changing their Names

The Fractional Reserve Gold System Is Closer To Collapse

Silver is winning India’s “War on Gold” READ MORE

“As we had suspected, it would appear that the Indian gold trade has moved offshore to avoid the restrictions on imports and extra taxes imposed. However, this is not the biggest change in the Indian precious metals market – silver imports have exploded.”

“Imports shot up to 720 tonnes in April alone, and in May they further swelled by 920 tonnes.”

“Let’s put these numbers in perspective, according to the Silver Institute, the world produced 24,478 tonnes of silver in 2012, implying that Indians have imported almost 10% of world production so far this year.”

“If they continue to import at the same rate as they have in May, over the next 12 months India could import close to half of world silver production which is a truly staggering shift in demand for silver.”

silver price/demand divergence through Aug 1 2013

Price down, demand up – go figure.

Light-Rail to Nowhere: Honolulu, Hawaii’s Train Boondoggle

“In 2011, officials in Honolulu, Hawaii began construction on a controversial 20-mile rail project partly because of almost $1.8 billion in federal subsidies to President Barack Obama’s home state.”

“The project’s total cost estimate stands at $5.3 billion, but if other similar projects are any indication, the final price tag will increase dramatically before anyone even gets to buy a ticket. What’s playing out in the Aloha State is happening all over the country.”

Keiser Report: KoolAid Bubble Mentality (E478)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert drink the KoolAid in order to get into the minds of the cult members climbing the suicidal property ladders in the US and UK. In the second half, Max talks to journalist and author, Dominic Frisby, about the cult of housing and how it is that Margaret Thatcher’s Right to Buy scheme inspired the Conservative party to introduce Help to Buy for purely vote buying reasons.”

Brazil protests IMF’s Greece bailout Read More

Expensive medications rendered useless by gut bacteria

Sean Stone Debunks Myths on Iran, Islam & US Empire

“Abby Martin speaks with actor and director, and co-host of ‘Buzzsaw’ Sean Stone, about the clash of civilizations, misconceptions about Islam and Iran, and the role Hollywood and the corporate media play in perpetuating Islamophobia.”


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