If DB Goes Under It Will Be Lehman X 5 / concentration camps for 50 million Americans ?



Jim Willie: If Deutsche Bank Goes Under It Will be Lehman Times Five! … when not if


With Euro-zone banks showing renewed signs of crisis (Deutsche Bank deleveraging by a massive €425 billion over the past year- the fastest pace since the 2011 near-Euro collapse, and Barclays admitting a £12.8bn capital shortfall Tuesday) and fundamental indicators in the gold market screaming financial crisis (GOFO rates remain negative for nearly 20 days and massive inventory draw-downs at the COMEX & LBMA), The Doc  spoke with Jim Willie Tuesday in an explosive MUST READ interview.

Willie, who recently stated that Deutche Bank is under major duress and could be the first major bank to collapse in the next stage of the banking crisis, informed The Doc that unlike the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 which the Western Central banks were able to contain thanks to $13 T in bailout funds, a failure of Deutsche Bank would trigger a systemic banking contagion the likes of which the Western world has never seen.


U.S SOLDIERS Expose Obama Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013! (SHARE)


4m20s “take you to the FEMA camps being built by Halliburton right now that house 50 million Americans.”


Bank Of England Helped Reichsbank Sell Its Nazi Gold … previously owned by Czechoslovakia


Bank of England facilitated the sale of gold that was looted by the Nazis after their invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938.”


Bonds Face Worst July In 10 Years


What goes up must come down.


Foreigners Are Quietly Getting Out Of Dodge (Treasury bonds)



If “Europe Is Fine” Why Is Deutsche Bank Deleveraging At The Fastest Pace Since The Crisis of 2011?



JPMorgan Accused obstructing regulators -Market Manipulation


This is why Jamie Dimon is richer than you.


Janet Yellen ‘Only Hit the Dart Board Because Someone Moved the Board in Front of Her Dart’



Marc Faber On Central Banker Actions: “Insane People Don’t Realize They’re Insane”



Fleckenstein – Why Stocks May Collapse 25% In Just 3 Days


“All of the sudden it becomes clear that money printing not only isn’t the solution, but it’s the problem.  Well, with rates going from where they are to 3%+ on the 10-Year, one of these days the S&P futures are going to get destroyed.  And if the computers ever get loose on the downside the market could break 25% in three days.”


Gold Market To See Largest Short Squeeze In Modern History


“It is now apparent that part of the feed stock (1,300 tons) for the takedown in the price of gold came from the Bank of England, as reported by Alasdair Macleod.  The problem with that is the Bank of England only owns about 300 tons.  So this is not their gold that is being sold.  Instead, this is gold being sold by the Bank of England which is owned by nations that have entrusted the Bank of England to store their gold.”


London Metals-Fraud Revealed



Desperation? Pakastani Gov’t Slaps “temporary ban” on GOLD IMPORTS


“The decision to ban the import of the yellow metal for one month with immediate effect.”

ISLAMABAD:  In an attempt to address steep devaluation of the rupee against the dollar, Pakistan on Tuesday temporarily banned import of gold to save the precious foreign currency reserves.


The Banks’ Mafia: Robbing Your Fully Paid Home | Brainwash Update



West war crimes in Syria exposed


There was a time during the 30-month covert dirty war on Syria when the Western governments and mainstream media would make a clamor over reported massacres. Now, despicably, these governments and media just ignore such atrocities.


European Parliamentarians Call on President Obama to Free Bradley Manning



Tory peer sparks furious row after saying it is OK to drill for shale gas in the North East because it’s ‘desolate and uninhabited’


When the water aquifiers have been poisoned by fracking then


New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Again



Pediatrician Says 5-in-1 Vaccine Pushed by Bill Gates’ GAVI, WHO Will Kill 3,125 Babies



Scientists Link Monsanto’s Glyphosate To Birth Defects



List of (119) Dead Scientists… Assassinated ??



The ACT of 1871 formed the corporation called THE UNITED STATES ~ This is the reason congress is a potted plant and a DEN of traitors!



Magna Carta


“The 1215 charter required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not arbitrary—for example by explicitly accepting that no “freeman” (in the sense of non-serf) could be punished except through the law of the land, a right that still exists.”

But what if the crooks have replaced the law of the land with admiralty law ?


Police Officer Fired for Leaking Ticket Quota Reality


“A police officer has been fired after going against a city policy that encouraged cops to write needless tickets and harass citizens. Justin Hanners alleged that the police in Auburn, Alabama, were encouraged to write frivolous tickets in order to raise revenue for the city.”


Myrtle Beach Outlaws Feeding the Homeless on Public AND Private Property


Is inviting a homeless person into your home, kitchen, larder and letting them prepare their own food also outlawed ?


Judge fires longtime court employee for providing document that helped free innocent man imprisoned 29 years


“A Kansas City man freed from prison three decades after being wrongfully convicted of rape considers Sharon Snyder his “angel” for giving him a public document that showed him how to properly seek DNA tests. A Jackson County Circuit judge considers the 34-year court employee an insubordinate for offering legal advice and being too chatty about courthouse matters.”


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