New Homes Price Drop Second Highest Ever / Detroit bankruptcy Conspiracy / Abu Ghraib jail break



New Homes Suffer Biggest Two-Month Price Drop Since Lehman, Second Highest Ever


Leaked emails reveal conspiracy to throw Detroit into bankruptcy


WTF! Hundreds of Al Qaeda Militants Escaped from Abu Ghraib as MSM is Quiet!


Bank Wrongfully Repossesses Ohio Woman Katie Barnett’s Home, Refusing To Pay Her Back For It

It would not surprise me if it turns out that she did not have a mortgage with this bank or perhaps any bank.



The biggest withdrawal of silver comes from the Brinks eligible category of 1,192,256 oz which is 12% of Brinks customer stocks.”


Bernanke’s QE Train Wreck That’s Heading Our Way


Singapore Central Bank Rocked By Losses, Money-Laundering, And Terrorism-Financing


CFTC puts metals warehouses on notice of possible probe READ MORE

“The U.S. commodities market regulator has put Wall Street banks and other big traders on notice for a possible investigation of their metals warehousing businesses following years of complaints about inflated prices.”


Alasdair Macleod: the Significance of GOFO

“Precious metal prices continue to build a base, with increasing evidence of a shortage of physical metal. In London gold forward rates (GOFO) continue to be negative, which means that the market will pay you more interest on your gold than on your dollars. GOFO is telling us that strong demand for physical from Asia has cleaned out the London market.



“He then became Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, serving from 1981 until August 1985. Stockman was the youngest cabinet member in the 20th century.”


3 Reasons the USD is Already Worthless — Jeff Nielson

“Longtime friend of SGT Report Jeff Nielson from Bullion Bulls Canada joins us to discuss banking cartel crimes and his recent articles ’3 Reasons Why the USD is Already Worthless’, and ‘The Fraud and Conspiracy of Bullion-Leasing’.”


Bitcoin Will Catalyze Hyperinflation of the Dollar READ MORE


New Hampshire Becomes 19th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana


Homeowner Threatened with Fines if He Doesn’t Plant Trees

What the f**k ?


Larry Elder Blasts Piers Morgan on the Trayvon Martin Fiasco

“Since Trayvon Martin had his unfortunate death, there have been 480 blacks killed in Chicago alone.”


No More Communism! North Korea Capitulates: Farming. Read More

“The last bastion has fallen. The last hold-out is no longer holding out.  North Korea now allows collective farms to lease land to peasants. The peasants pay 30% of the crop to the collective.”


Evidence Mounts Agent Provocateurs Used by Brazilian Police


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