STOP THE CENSORSHIP: Police stops journalists’ march to Taksim Square

“As hundreds of journalists had taken to the streets to protest the curbs on media freedom in Turkey, riot police intervened and prevented them from entering the Taksim Square. So the protesters staged a sit-in on Istiklal Street, which leads to the square.”

“The journalists’ protest was a show of solidarity with several Turkish journalists who have either quit or lost their jobs during the weeks of anti-government protests. They also wanted about 70 of their imprisoned colleagues to be freed.”


PATRIOTS VS TYRANTS: The Worldwide Banker Dictatorship – Harley Schlanger

“Harley Schlanger, historian and national Spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins us to discuss the progress in reimplementing the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act in the United States. Harley reminds us that the very history of these United States is the never-ending fight between lovers of liberty and the tyrants who want to destroy it. We must tie down the Banksters and prevent further crimes against humanity, or live under a global banker government with no checks and no balances. Our choice is clear. We also talk about world events, Syria, Egypt and much more. One last thing, thanks for continuing to support this alternative avenue for real news and information.”

18m5s “His son JP Morgan junior was called before the Pecora commission and forced to admit that while – this was a commission set up to investigate the crimes of the banks during the 20s and early 30s – he was forced to admit that he paid no taxes while his bank was expropriating farms, using utility rates to bankrupt housing and farmers and small businesses.”

27m20s “Remember the Arab Spring wasn’t about the Muslim Brotherhood, it was about people who were starving because of International Monetary Fund policies.”

33m20s “You never submit to arbitrary power.”


Warbird Revealed – divide and conquer



Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself: An Appeal For Reconciliation Read More

Humanity is being divided so it can be more easily conquered by the criminal elite. We know their ‘game’ now.


Drone Mission Creep on US Soil – Danger – Danger!

“Drones are creeping into the American scene in the usual way. Obtained for 1 purpose but tasked for another. Customs & Border Patrol drones aren’t used for Border Patrol. What’s up with that?”

18m50s “You see the problem here is indiscriminate murder. And this administration has so much blood on it’s hands, not ust American blood, but foreigners as well. You wonder why everyone in the world hates us. This is one of the reasons. We are arrogant, overbearing, imperialistic and we constantly abuse the civil rights and the human rights of people around the world, not to mention our own citizenry.”

22m25s “Just because you have an email account does not make you a potential terrorist. Just because you use the internet does not make you a potential terrorist.”

36m35s “We’re in a constitutional crisis.”

36m40s “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.”

37m40s “You talk frequently about regulatory tyranny.”

36m50s “The EPA have come out with a 100 page regulation on ceiling fans.”


42m50s “They named it the federal reserve with the specific intent that it would fool the American people into thinking that it was a part of the government. That was the point and the purpose. So the intent was for the American people to believe that the federal reserve was a department or a division of the Treasury when in fact it’s a private cabal of bankers who aren’t even responsible to tell the Treasury, when they ask Bernanke in a Senate hearing what his policies mean or do or what the effect is and how he derived those policies, what his motivating factor was, you know what he tells them ? …What ? … That’s really not your place.”


US & EU Merger: TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership – SECRET TREATY!

“Another SECRET treaty being negotiated to hand American Sovereignty over to the UN and the European Union. A true disaster for America. Block this with every fiber of your being.”

And isn’t the sovereignty of all the nations in the European union also being negotiated away ?

Of course, that is why the negotiations are secret.

8m40s “Who’s making money off of this ? Because you know there are some big wheels making some money off of this or we wouldn’t even be considering it … Well, I’ll tell you who’s driving this, the European central banks and our own federal reserve … You mean the federal reserve that isn’t federal and doesn’t have a reserve … Right, that same one.”

13m5s “The fear now is that European leaders might end up sitting at the top of an economic foundation without the political structures that would democratically legitimise it.”


17m45s “The scepticism of the people has become so apparent it has become almost undenialable at this point. The citizens in the European union countries have begun to grasp the reality of what they have allowed to grow underneath their own feet. And they are starting to begin to see what this will mean for them as independent states, nations and peoples.”

43m55s “Just because you agree by silence doesn’t make you less guilty.”

44m35s “It is your fault. It’s my fault     . It’s my fault if I’m not loud enough. It’s my fault if I’m not vocal enough. It’s my fault if I’m not articulate enough. It’s my fault if I’m not capable of helping you understand the depth of where we have fallen. I’m taking my responsibility deadly seriously.”

46m15s “Is it OK for government to quantify whether or not an officer can stay in command if he says I will not fire on an American citizen? Are you not aware that that is the new threshold that senior officers in the military are being asked that question and being ordered to answer it in writing ? And those that say they will not fire on American citizens are summarily dismissed.”


Global Corruption: Economies and Political Systems Worldwide Are Being Destroyed By Corruption


Corruption scandal could bring down Spain’s government

“Last week the multimillionaire former treasurer of the ruling Popular Party (PP), Luis Bárcenas was refused bail and remanded in custody pending trial on charges of corruption and tax evasion. He amassed a fortune worth tens of millions of euros hidden in foreign bank accounts, which were used to channel illegal payments from wealthy businessmen to PP ministers and officials.”

One piece of s**t down, now how about all the other crooks ?


GlaxoSmithKline accused of ‘criminal godfather’ behaviour in China

“GlaxoSmithKline behaved like a criminal “godfather” in China, dispensing some 3 billion yuan (£323m) in bribes since 2007, Chinese police said on Monday.”


European Political Crisis Spreads – Leaked Texts Prove Rajoy Link To Illegal Party Funding

Now here is something worry of rioting about NOT the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict.


George Orwell and the Cold War: A Reconsideration

“In Nineteen Eighty-Four there are three giant superstates or blocs of nations: Oceania (run by the United States, and including the British Empire and Latin America), Eurasia (the Eurasian continent), and Eastasia (China, southeast Asia, much of the Pacific). The superpowers are always at war, in shifting coalitions and alignments against each other. The war is kept, by agreement between the superpowers, safely on the periphery of the blocs, since war in their heartlands might actually blow up the world and their own rule along with it. The perpetual but basically phony war is kept alive by unremitting campaigns of hatred and fear against the shadowy foreign Enemy. The perpetual war system is then used by the ruling elite in each country to fasten totalitarian collectivist rule upon their subjects.”


Anti-government protests erupt at Istanbul’s Taksim Square


Police fire rubber bullets, tear gas on Istanbul protesters


Feast in Time of Crisis: MPs pay rise causes outrage in UK

“Ask anyone in Britain who they think deserves a pay raise right now and few are likely to say ‘MPs’. While just about everyone else is being asked to freeze or cut their paycheck, lawmakers are in for a massive salary hike.”

How do you like this for ‘austerity’ ?


The Way of Waking Up – Alan Watts

“Another great talk from Alan Watts. He touches on some extremely revealing points here you don’t want to miss. Just love his lucidity and exposure of the human psyche and all its machinations.”

“As he says here, “Do you define yourself as a victim of the world, or as the world?” Enjoy this revelatory short talk. – Zen”


Vince Seimer Jailed For Reporting A Crime! Protest This Sunday 14th July, 12July2013

1m15s “Unlawful orders need to be obeyed until they’re overturned.”


1m50s “Were going to be denied their trial by jury.”


2m “Now this judge, in a secret order, said that a jury would likely use improper reasoning processes.”

2m55s “I’m the first one in the commonwealth, and I believe in the free world, to go to prison for publishing a criminal judgement.”

Do we live in a free world ?


Latin American Countries Recall Ambassadors From Spain, France, Italy And Portugal Over Snowden “Neo-Colonial” Flap


Escobar: Egypt can’t feed itself, will explode again soon

“US lawmakers are set to hold a vote soon which could put the one point $3 billion military aid package that Washington sends to Cairo at risk If events in Egypt are officially labelled a coup the support would have to stop. But a republican representative is trying use wordplay to make it more flexible.”


Egyptian Revolution Redux is Really Technocratic Takeover Read More

“Everyone knows about the recent ousting of democratically elected Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian military and while it is always the right of the people to decide what form of government they decide to take, it is necessary in today’s geo-political world to look for shadow banking forces that may be at play and, consequently, only giving off an illusion of a revolution by the people.”

“An interesting statement comes from Egyptian Army Chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi where he told the nation in a televised event that a government of “Technocrats” would be appointed to manage Eygpt for an unspecified length of time.”

“Now that a Hazem el-Beblawi, a well known Neo-Liberal Technocrat has been appointed Egypt’s interim-Prime Minister there is little doubt that the $4.8 billion IMF emergency relief money requested back in November is on the way.”

We MUST have a real revolution globally. We can’t have another neo-liberal economist destroying another economy in order to ‘save’ it.


As US Ships Approach, US Embassy In Egypt Denies Move Presages “Imminent US Invasion”


Why China Fears a 12-Year-Old Egyptian Boy

“YouTube sensation Ali Ahmed’s talk of people power and constitutionalism makes Beijing nervous.”

“”Politically speaking,” says the boy in the video, “where is the constitution that represents us? For example, women are half of the society. How come there are only seven ladies in the Constituent Assembly, six of whom are Islamists? . . . Even if the constitution is nice but the assembly that drafted it is bad, we will end up with something bad. Don’t bring me 80 good articles and 20 bad ones that will ruin the country, and then tell me this is a constitution.” In China, Communist Party fiat is the law of the land and no nominal Constitution or National People’s Congress stands in the way.


“LAPD visited Michael Hastings’ house prior to his death, were seen looking under his car” – Starting to make sense now

If some LAPD officers were looking under his car then they have a whole hell of lot of explaining to do.


German Newspaper: US Military Tracks GMO Activists and Independent Scientists

“A groundbreaking new investigative report from the largest daily newspaper in Germany reveals that Monsanto, the US Military and the US government track both anti-GMO activists and independent scientists who study and publish research about the adverse effects of genetically modified food.”

If some military officers were tracking civilians then they have a whole hell of a lot of explaining to do. Such as: are they now law enforcement and are the individuals being targeted suspected of any criminal behaviour ?


U.S. Hacked China Universities, Mobile Phones, Snowden Tells China Press


Greenwald: “The US Government Should Be On Its Knees Every Day Praying That Nothing Happens To Snowden”

“Well, maybe a threat to the “government” which now only represents the interests of various corporations and Wall Street, but certainly not to what the US was supposed to be before it was hijacked by special interests, lobbies and the creature from Jekyll Island.”


The NSA Is Doing What King George Did to Colonial Americans Read More

The government’s ongoing violation of fundamental civil liberties would have been very familiar to the men who gathered in 1791 to adopt the Bill of Rights.


US slams Russia for giving ‘propaganda platform’ to Snowden

“The White House says that Russia granting political asylum to Edward Snowden will be on par with providing the National Security Agency leaker with a “propaganda platform” to further harm the United States.”

2m25s “It almost sounds like ‘would you please silence that guy, we don’t like what he’s saying’.”


Edward Snowden – “I believe in the principle declared at Nuremberg in 1945”

“I believe in the principle declared at Nuremberg in 1945: “Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.””


Travellers’ mobile phone data seized by UK police at border


Assad Army Discovers Syrian Rebels’ Chemical Weapons Cache


Large Amount of Saudi Chemicals Found with FSA Terrorists to be Used in Artillery to Attack Damascus


IMF Banking Takeover of Syria. Facts Equal Setbacks Read More

“Keep in mind that Syria is one of the last remaining countries that does not owe ANY debt to the IMF. Islam has a custom against riba or collecting interest similar to Christianity’s usury standards that have long been abandoned by Christians. Most Notable middle eastern countries that hat have lost the IMF free designation recently being Libya and soon to be Egypt with its technocratic takeover.”


New Round of Persecution Aimed At Heritage Pig Farmer

“Our investigative report posted last week focused on Mark and Jill Baker, owners of Baker’s Green Acres and their lawsuit against the state of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). MDNR issued on Order under its Invasive Species Order (ISO) which forces small, heritage pig farmers to destroy their pigs because of the way they look—a little different than “approved types”. Pigs that have erect ears or floppy ears, straight tails or curly tails, and other attributes (such as being black) may be shot and killed on a farm and the carcasses burned on site.”


Keiser Report: Real Estate Auschwitz of Our Day (E470)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Anonymous Analytics take on Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a ‘real estate investment trust’ which happens to incarcerate huge swathes of the population in these real estate holdings, i.e., a gulag. Anonymous, however, reckons that, as states reverse harsh drug laws, CCA could be a good company to sell. In the second half, Max talks to Reggie Middleton about Google Glass, Irish banks and the psychology of populations accepting financial fraud from the elite.”


Setting Up for a Financial Collapse Worse than 1929-Karl Denninger


Congress Is Less Popular than Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals, Colonoscopies, Genghis Khan, Communism, King George


Congress Is Less Popular than North Korea



“In a legal case that seems headed to the US Supreme Court, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has sided with Hitler against parental rights. Romeike v. Holder involves a German family which is seeking asylum in America because Germany has threatened to remove the Romeike’s younger children if they continue to homeschool.”

“In 1938, Adolf Hitler ordered all German children to be educated either in state schools or in government-approved private schools that strictly followed the Nazi blueprint. The Reichsschulpflichtgesetz (Compulsory Education Law), which specifically banned home schooling, remains in force in Germany today.”


JP Morgan is Taking Delivery of Silver. Why?


Report: Brinks Vaults Are Being Depleted: “This Has the Appearance of a Run On the Bank”

“They have gone from 447,199 on July 3rd to 134,525 on July 9th which is a drop of 312,674 oz.”

If this is correct, then this is a decline of 70 percent in the gold held in private accounts at Brinks in just one week.


Doubling of gold demand in China to backstop the gold price fall READ MORE

What bear market in gold ?


What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?

“Generally, when the currency collapses, a stock market crash is right on its heels. Because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, a banking collapse will immediately occur following the collapse of the stock market. Your life savings will be wiped out. From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean.”

Be sure that small children do NOT read the rest of the above post.


What Is A “Liquidity Trap” And Why Is Bernanke Caught In It?


The Most Stunning Development in Gold

The Most Stunning Development in Gold


THE Biggest “Fake Out” In the History of History!


Currency Wars, Gold Peace & Total Collapse,_Gold_Peace_%26_Total_Collapse.html

“In 180AD just before the final collapse began, Cassius wrote:  “Our history now descends from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust, as did the affairs of the Romans that day”.”

“In my opinion 180AD can be compared to 1913 when the decline of the monetary system started.  The next few years will just finish off what started in 1913 making paper money totally worthless. But sadly this will result in a decline in the world economy both economically, financially, politically, geopolitically and morally to a degree which will make the world a much less pleasant place to live in – “a kingdom of iron and dust”.”


One Third of Kenyans Now Have a Bitcoin Wallet READ MORE


Bitcoin fuels Africa’s banking revolution READ MORE

“Kipochi – Swahili for “wallet” – will allow Kenyans to send money quickly and cheaply, effectively avoiding the high transaction fees charged by existing services such as moneygram. Enabling the transfer of funds between countries is significant given the huge importance of remittances to Africa’s economy. Remittances from outside Africa dwarf Western aid, for example, and the growth of economic migration across African borders means that transactions are increasingly international.”


Bitcoin will prosper — until governments or banks decide to crush it overnight READ MORE

“As economists study the attributes of digital money, they are discovering that Bitcoin is, in many ways, a better currency: unlike paper money, it is unforgeable; unlike gold, its supply is perfectly verifiable. It is immune to the inflation that plagues all fiat currencies: governments cannot simply print Bitcoins to pay off their debts. It is perfectly secure: all transactions are monitored collectively by the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin payments can be made at any time, to anyone, with as little as zero fees and no dependence on financial intermediaries. Bitcoin transaction histories are distributed and decentralized, making the system robust and resilient. And Bitcoin minimizes the amount of personal information that users have to disclose when transacting.”


Mortgage Rates: The Best Is Behind Us READ MORE



The iLectricChair: Woman Electrocuted To Death By Her Charging iPhone


SF Fed admits a private corporation, pay dividends!!!

So how much money has been paid out to the shareholders these past 100 years ?


A Drugged World Foretold



Japan Stops HPV Vaccines Citing Adverse Effects Read More

In effect, the Japanese Ministry of Health is saying quite categorically that it has no faith in Gardasil and Cervarix… While the vaccines will remain freely available in the country, Japanese medical institutions are now required by law to inform young girls or their parents that the government does not recommend the vaccines any longer because of their associated adverse effects. [emphasis added]

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two HPV vaccines: Merck’s Gardasil and GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix. The two vaccines raked in over $2 billion in profits just last year.”


Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth

“Fluoride awareness is growing as more people are discovering the dangers associated with the use and consumption of fluoride. Whether it be the link between fluoride and the increased prominence of Alzheimer’s, or the link to cancer, people are realizing the archaic and uneducated use of fluoride is not the best choice given what we know today. There are alternatives! …”


Toxic chemicals in personal care products causing ‘epidemic’ of skin allergies



CDC Admits as Many as 30 Million Americans Could be at Risk for Cancer Due to Polio Vaccine


Fukushima update – North American food supply poisoned along Pacific Coast

“If you live on the West Coast of the U.S. or Canada, you may want to reconsider your water filtration method as well as how you select and prepare food. Evidently, the nightmare of Fukushima is far from over – another 16 million years to be exact. Due to the astonishingly long half-life of iodine-129, the whole ecosystem of the Pacific Coast will be contaminated pretty much forever.”


The Tea Party Petition To Prosecute Eric Holder Nears 1 Million


Climate SHOCKER: Rising CO2 is turning the world’s deserts GREEN

“Far from turning the Earth into a baking lifeless hell as had been thought, elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 are causing the deserts of the world to bloom with new green foliage.”


Bill Gates and GMO Cronies Plan $30 Million Seed Vault While Poisoning the Planet


A Tribute to the Work of Homeland Security Secretary Big Sis Janet Napolitano

“Our dear protector,” officially Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, is stepping down from her careful watch over the nation to take over the University of California system, and leave the job of peddling fear and stoking control to someone else for a while.”

A Tribute to Big Sis Janet Napolitano 2 A Tribute to Big Sis Janet Napolitano 3 A Tribute to Big Sis Janet Napolitano


Germany’s Humiliating Takedown Of The Coopted, Corrupt, Complicit, Corporate US Media

“As the Guardian’s American chief noted, their competition has a “lack of skepticism on a whole” when it comes to national security. Critical scrutiny, she said, has been considered “unpatriotic” since 9/11.


Congress Is Less Popular than… King George During the American Revolution Read More


Presenting The All-Time Top 100 Political Donors

Attach Demo-Repub.


Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Goes Nationwide

“James Neighbors of Oklahoma was inspired to start a national organization called Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment. FaceBook groups have been started in all 50 states and several dozen local groups have been established in cities, towns and counties across the US. Independence Day was the kick-off. In the last 10 days, at least 20 demonstrations have taken place across the country, in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina and other states.”


Bush-Cheney began illegal NSA spying before 9/11, says telcom CEO

Fat f**king lot of f**king good the NSA spying was in uncovering 9/11 BEFORE the event.


Cops rough up Miss USA beauty queen over police computer glitch


Maher Panel Descends Into Shoutfest Between GOP Guests And Cornel West Calling Obama ‘War Criminal’


New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile

Try the correct label – conspiracy researchers.


Syria – The Real Story: CIA Death Squads


Israel one of world’s most unpopular countries and it’s getting worse: BBC survey


Jewish squatter paints “slaughter Jews” on own car to smear Palestinians


Arrest of 5-year-old Palestinian child causes outrage around globe

“The recent arrest of Wadie Maswadeh, a 5-year-old Palestinian child by the Israeli military has caused outrage around the world. The Israeli soldiers arrested the child for allegedly throwing a rock, even though the arrest of anyone that age is a violation of Israeli law.”



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