Microsoft Helped The NSA Bypass Its Own Encyrption Software, Spy On Its Clients

All of your beneficial commercially sensitive information is belong to us.


Mother Of All Bubbles Pops, Mess Ensues READ MORE

“The asset bubbles the Fed’s money-printing and bond-buying binge has created are spectacular, the risk-taking on Wall Street with other people’s money a sight to behold. Among the big winners were mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts – and those who got fat on extracting fees. But now the pendulum is swinging back, and the bloodletting has started.”


Mortgage REITs Clobbered as Leverage Forces Sales


Klarman Clarity: “If The Government [Still] Can’t Allow Failure Then We Are Indeed Close To Collapse”


Gold Surges $50/3.3% – Brinks Sees 55% Decline In Gold Inventories In Week Read More


CME Reports That Brinks Has a Seventy Percent Decline in Registered Gold Bullion Supply Read More


Registered Gold On the COMEX Breaks the Million Ounce Level READ MORE


Price Destruction In Gold & Silver Will Be A Distant Memory


Rick Santelli Asks The Only Question That Matters



Rick Santelli Rages: “Who Is Bernanke Working For?”


Study: Too Little Carbon Dioxide Will Destroy Earth


World Service Authority has issued a world citizen passport for Edward Snowden


Detroit Cancels City Blight Tour for Creditors READ MORE


Has the break-up of the eurozone already started?

“After returning home, however, Loucaides discovered that the euros he had on deposit here in Nicosia, the capital, could not be moved to Greece, even though the two countries share the same currency and, in theory at least, the same commitment to the free movement of capital.”


60-Year Old Woman Attacked by Police For Trying to Close Her Account & Withdraw Her Cash From CitiBank

That sound you can hear is my blood boiling.


US Bankrolled Anti-Morsi Activists: US Money Trail to Egyptian Groups that Pressed for President’s Removal


News: We need MORE “TRUTHERS”, and fewer Spinners


Our Greatest Challenge – Asserting the Power of Non Compliance Read More

Obedience to our human rights to our constitution, not civil disobedience.


Syrian Army seizes Massive Chemical Stockpile from Insurgents. Enough to Wipe Out Entire Country

What a relief that this stuff is out of the hands of the hired mercenaries.


Syria News 7.7.2013, Terrorists killed, their weapons destroyed in several areas

“As seen this clip form the video, the chemicals in the hands of the hired mercenaries come from US companies.”



Research – Roundup toxicity much worse than what Monsanto, government claims


Scientific Reading of Subtle Energetics


EU farmers forced to buy imported GM soya as EU rules cause non-GM prices to rise


Police taser another UK man to death

“British police have again tasered a young man to death before trying to arrest him for what they described as “having a knife” in his hands inside his own home.”


Fox News Panel Laughs At The Idea That Government Should Fear The People Read More

“Right after one panelist devilishly referenced the concept that the government should fear the people as a joke, even referencing the concept as tracing back to Thomas Jefferson, the crew couldn’t stop from laughing at the very idea that the people are meant to keep the government in check. And of course it is an idea that is fundamental to not only upholding the Constitution itself (the fabric of our nation), but to keep the continuous threat of absolute corruption and tyranny in check.”


True Heroes Like Dieter Markmann READ MORE

“Today, we give a little credit where it is due. In our new series, True Heroes, we tell the short story of another hero, Dieter Markmann. If we read German, we might be able to give you more of the real details. Since we do not, we will have to make them up.”

‘Are you Lieutenant Markmann?’ the Soviet officer demanded. ‘Well, you’re a lucky man. There’s a woman in Zhlobin who says you saved her son. You’ll live to see your country.’


Testifying for Bradley Manning’s Defense, Ex-Guantánamo Prosecutor Says Leaks Caused No Harm to U.S.

“Lawyers for accused Army whistleblower Bradley Manning have opened their defense at his military court-martial with a bid to dismiss a number of charges, including aiding the enemy.”

“We’re joined by the former chief prosecutor at Guantánamo Bay, Col. Morris Davis, who has just wrapped two days of testimony for the defense. Davis told the court that many of the files Manning leaked on Guantánamo were already out in the public and that they had no value to enemy groups and could not have harmed U.S. national security. We’re also joined from Fort Meade, Maryland, by Kevin Gosztola, a civil liberties blogger covering the trial for and co-author of “Truth And Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning.””


Michael Tellinger: South African Reserve Bank Was Served

“We, the concerned people of South Africa, hereby declare that the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA (SARB) is a private corporation, with shareholders all over the world, that has somehow found its way into the CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and has for some inexplicable reason been allowed to print their privately owned and controlled money as the official currency of the land and thereby dictate the financial policy to its people. Its primary objective is to make profit and to keep its shareholders happy. SARB has no interest in the wellbeing of the people of South Africa.”


FBI Promotes Ultra Spy State

“Everyone is a threat except for the elite funding terrorism.”


Court blocks media attempt to reveal monarchy-government

“In Britain, one media outlet is fighting to expose the real relationship between British politics and the monarchy, but they are finding it an increasingly difficult battle to win.”


Newly Released Documents Detail the Department of Justice’s Role in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests READ MORE


Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests July 10, 2013


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