‘We are Erdem Gunduz’ silent vigil in Taksim Square in Turkey’s CIVIL WAR

Turkish man inspires hundreds with silent vigil in Taksim Square


“Erdem Gunduz – dubbed ‘standing man’ – stages eight-hour vigil and is joined by 300 people during silent protest”

Erdem Gunduz in Taksim Square

What will it take ? Do all 74 million Turks need to go on a silent vigil before the prime minister stops labelling peaceful Turks as ‘terrorists’ ?

Turkey and the Paradox of Democracy

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186509 READ MORE

“Over the last few weeks Turkey has seen lots of protests against the ruling Justice- and Development Party (AKP). It all started last month when environmentalists occupied the Gezi Park near Istanbul’s Taksim Square. The activists resisted the planned deconstruction of this last green area in the center of the city, which had to destroyed to make place for a shopping mall. The government answered with excessive police force, causing four protesters to die and thousands to be wounded. Many others were arrested. Not only active participants in the protests, but also lawyers who defended them and doctors who were treating injuries caused by the police.”

“The police violence triggered a nationwide protest that went way beyond the Gezi park situation. PM Erdogan was blamed for undemocratic practices, such as the imprisonment of students, journalists and politicians, as well as the introduction of laws which many feel limited their freedom.”

In Turkey when the government starts arresting lawyers and starts arresting doctors, do we not have a CIVIL WAR taking place in that nation ?

Chemical Shower: Turkish water cannons ’cause skin burns & insomnia’


Rick Santelli Rages: “What Is Bernanke So Afraid Of?”


“Why don’t these people kick the tires?”

“They take a press release from the Federal Reserve and they think it was written by God.”

Fitch Notices Credit Bubble in China

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186532 READ MORE

“Something Might Be Going Wrong Over There …”


Cash Squeeze in China, Interest Rate Swaps Rise Most in 22 Months; China’s Credit Bubble About to Pop; Shadow Banking Crackdown

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186454 READ MORE

JPMorgan calls for authoritarian regimes in Europe – huge profits for banks vs ‘austerity’ for people


“First, the paper argues, financial measures are necessary to ensure that major investment houses such as JP Morgan can continue to reap huge profits from their speculative activities in Europe. Second, the authors maintain, it is necessary to impose “political reforms” aimed at suppressing opposition to the massively unpopular austerity measures being carried out at the behest of the banks.”

German TV Exposes – Goldman Sachs – a bank ruling the world

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186571 READ MORE

“The decline and fall of New York City as the financial capital of the world losing that distinction to London with Hong Kong nipping at its heal for 2nd place, the corruption within NYC is tainting the image of the United States right down to the Presidency. With NYC bankers remaining the notorious “Untouchables” as they are known globally, their days are numbered far more than anyone realizes. It does not help NYC’s image when the dark corners in which the NY bankers hide are being exposed on German TV.”

Did you think that we have self-government ?

“Tomorrow Is The Big Day” (19th June FOMC)


If the Fed’s economic forecast remains unchanged, the reduction in the amount of QE purchases (a.k.a. tapering ) should commence in September or October.  If the forecast is raised, then look for tapering to commence in July or September.   If the economic forecast is lowered, then tapering is pushed back to December or 2014. 

I’m 100% certain it will be the latter.

“Fed In A Box” – Vince Reinhart’s FOMC Probability Matrix


Huge crowds flood Brazil streets in protests venting anger over poor government services


“The wave of protests began over a hike in bus prices, but it was also fed by images of Sao Paulo police beating demonstrators and firing rubber bullets during a march last week that drew 5,000. In Rio, the violent police crackdown on a small and peaceful crowd Sunday near the Maracana stadium incited many to come out for what local news media described as the city’s largest protest in a generation.”

“In Sao Paulo, Brazil’s economic hub, at least 65,000 protesters gathered Monday at a small, treeless plaza then broke into three directions in a Carnival atmosphere, with drummers beating out samba rhythms as people chanted anti-corruption jingles. They also railed against the action that sparked the first protests last week: a 10-cent hike in bus and subway fares.”

A group of peaceful human beings get brutalised only multiples the size of the next group of peaceful human beings to be brutalised.

Brazilian Military Police Officer Pepper-Sprays Woman During Rio De Janeiro Protests


“Associated Press photographer Victor R. Caivano captured this powerful image of a military police officer pepper-spraying a female protester during a demonstration in Rio on Monday night.”

The violent action of 1% of the people on the streets is justification for giving this lady a face full of pepper spray is it ?

APTOPIX Brazil Confed Cup Protests

Brazil sends national security force to quell protests


“almost a quarter of a million people demand better public services.”

“Shops and banks in Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, were vandalised on Tuesday by groups of masked activists, who fought other demonstrators trying to stop the violence.”

Agent provocateurs, presumably, because we are ruled by deception.

So rather than say ‘yes, we will give the public better services’ they say ‘no, the public will get the iron fist’.

Special Got Gold Report – Large Trader Positioning in Silver Futures


A low level of commercial silver shorts not seen since 1997 means that the other silver shorts are in a for a BIG SURPRISE.


Man Who Oversees $150 Billion Warns Of Hyperinflation


“Arnott:  “The Fed has painted itself awfully far into a corner and there is no graceful way out.  When you reach a point where talk of ‘tapering’ causes markets to tremble with fear, that’s not a good place to be because it means that you’ve really got the markets addicted to the newly printed money. ”

SEC Uses HFT Firm-Designed Tool To Find That HFT Doesn’t Cause Flash Crashes


“So, to summarize, the SEC which admits it was clueless in analyzing the modern, fragmented market (yet which found definitively that the culprit for the May 2010 flash crash was Waddell and Reed, and nobody else, using what technology at the time, nobody knows), uses a platform developed by High Frequency Trading firm Tradeworxto reach a conclusion that High Frequency Trading firms are innocent of every flash crash resulting from an HFT algo gone haywire…”

“That sound, dear reader, is your head just going splat.”

Whistleblower Forces China To Come Clean Over (economic) Data Manipulation


Turk – Global Markets & Banking System Face Major Collapse


“As a consequence, interest rates have been rising, even though the Fed is still buying more government paper.  The yield on the 10-Year T-note has been over 2% for almost a month in the face of all this Fed buying.  We have not seen that happen since early 2012.  I take it as a warning sign that the central planners have backed themselves into a corner.  The economy remains weak despite all of the years of stimulus, and the markets are now starting to price in rising inflation.  So regardless of how Mr. Bernanke tries tomorrow to explain away “tapering,” it is becoming increasingly clear that inflation expectations are not well anchored.”

The Cyprus Bail-In Blows Up: President Urges Complete Bailout Overhaul (Full Letter)


Without enslaving the American people to the 30% interest demanded by the bankers


“Lincoln issued his famous greenbacks to fund the Civil War without enslaving the American people to the 30% interest demanded by the bankers. Lincoln refused to plunge the people of the nation into a debt they could never pay back, and issued his own currency instead.”

“After the Union won the civil war and it was obvious that Lincoln would keep his greenbacks in circulation, he was assassinated.”

“Kennedy issued his US Notes for much the same reason. On June 4, 1963, Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, which authorized the US Treasury to issue a new form of silver certificate.”

“Kennedy issued $4,292,893,825 of cash money; free of debt and free of interest. It was a sufficient amount to allow the nation to operate without the private Federal Reserve. Just 5 months later, JFK was shot by the “crazed lone nut” Lee Harvey Oswald. Almost immediately after Kennedy’s death, the US Notes were pulled out of circulation and destroyed except for samples in the hands of collectors.”

Who wants to pay 30% interest on the public currency to a private central bank ?

“This Administration Wants To Rush To The Aid Of The Al Qaeda Backed Rebels!” Rep Gohmert


FNA Report Confirmed by Putin’s Statement on Chemical Weapons Production for Syrian Rebels


“Russian President Vladimir Putin said chemical laboratories in Iraq are producing chemical weapons for the terrorists in Syria, confirming a detailed report by the FNA last month which said former Ba’ath regime officials are involved in the production and procurement of such weapons to the Syrian terrorists.”

Drone ‘Signature Strike’ Witness Responds To Obama Speech: ‘I Don’t Trust A Single Word’


“The men who met in the town of Datta Khel told the local military commander about their jirga, or assembly of tribal elders. But the message apparently did not get to the Americans, or if it did, it was ignored.”

“Two Hellfire missiles shot to the ground and exploded. As Khail looked up to the sky, he remembered, he saw two more streak down. His walkie talkie crackling with a cry for help, he raced to the site.”

“When Khail arrived at the location of the assembly, it was filled with the dying, who were rushed to hospitals, and the dead. For them, Khail had to perform a more macabre task.”

This is what a terror war looks like.

Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile?


“In 1996 TWA Flight 800 was shot down south of Long Island.”

“The government of the United States, despite the embarrassment of having been caught in court rigging lab tests and lying in its reports, still officially attributes the disaster to a spark in the center fuel tank, while government spokespeople insist that the witnesses who saw a missile hit the jumbo jet are all drunks.”

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear


Would you let someone into your bedroom to check it’s safe ?

Massive IRS Protest Planned For Today! “Audit The IRS” Rally

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186540 READ MORE

“The Internal Revenue Service is about to pay $70 million in employee bonuses despite an Obama administration directive to cancel discretionary bonuses because of automatic spending cuts enacted this year, according to a GOP senator.”

All the American people must be surveilled by the NSA but the American people aren’t to know the goings on in the IRS, what’s up with that ?

What has the IRS got to hide ?

No, NSA Spying Did NOT Prevent a Terror Attack on Wall Street

http://sgtreport.com/2013/06/no-nsa-spying-did-not-prevent-a-terror-attack-on-wall-street/ Read More

“Thus warned, the FBI investigated Mr. Ouazzani through traditional law enforcement methods, and discovered a burgeoning plot to bomb the NYSE.”

Can every single employee and contractor at the NSA be trusted not to misuse all this data being collected on everyone ?

Why is it that this total surveillance of the NSA is claimed to be caring and loving while the total surveillance of the Stasi is sinister and hateful ?

Russia promises legal action over NSA surveillance scandal


With the nation that was formerly Soviet with all their surveillance of the Russian people, this is such an irony.

Investigative Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Hollywood Crash – “It sounded like a bomb went off” – Currently Was Working On CIA And NSA Story..


Journalist Michael Hastings Dies at 33; Fearlessly Challenged Power & Exposed Myths of Afghan War


“The investigative journalist Michael Hastings has died at the age of 33 in a Los Angeles car crash. Reporting extensively from Iraq and Afghanistan, Hastings’ widely read stories showed the grim realities of war. His 2010 Rolling Stone article on General Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, sparked a political controversy after McChrystal and his aides were quoted making disparaging remarks about top administration officials. The article exposed longstanding disagreements between civilian and military officials over the war’s direction, and led to McChrystal’s firing.”

The Runaway European Sports Coupe – Loud Labs Video Michael Hastings Car Crash

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186711 READ MORE

Kim Dotcom: All Megaupload servers ‘wiped out without warning in data massacre’


“The information stored on the dormant servers – “petabytes of pictures, backups, personal & business property” – was what Dotcom called evidence in the case US authorities launched against him in January 2012.  Dotcom is wanted in the US on criminal charges for facilitating copyright fraud on a massive scale.”

“This is the largest data massacre in the history of the Internet,” Dotcom wrote on Twitter.”

Kim can ask the NSA for their copy of his customer’s data.

First Congress Member Allowed to Read Secret (TPP) Treaty Says “… This Agreement Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests”


The infamous Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty.

Food Stamp Cuts Might Come With Drug Testing



“And speaking of drug testing; the rather…”

“”interesting” legislation coming out of Congress recently demonstrates that all Congressional representatives should be tested routinely for drug use!”

Pest Control: Syngenta’s Secret Campaign to Discredit Atrazine’s Critics


“To protect profits threatened by a lawsuit over its controversial herbicide atrazine, Syngenta Crop Protection launched an aggressive multi-million dollar campaign that included hiring a detective agency to investigate scientists on a federal advisory panel, looking into the personal life of a judge and commissioning a psychological profile of a leading scientist critical of atrazine.”

“The Switzerland-based pesticide manufacturer also routinely paid “third-party allies” to appear to be independent supporters, and kept a list of 130 people and groups it could recruit as experts without disclosing ties to the company.”

Yet another corporate conspiracy.

Termites eat through pensioner’s £42,000 life savings

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186599 READ MORE

“In desperation she took the notes to the bank in the hope she could save some of the damaged money.”

What can munch on silver ?

GMOs linked to blood cell disorders, leukemia: New study


SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION by renowned German biophysicist, Dieter Broers


4m “One gland in the brain in particular, the pineal gland is one of the most powerful producers of such substances in the human body.”

4m15s “The human pineal gland naturally produces one particular potent psycho active substance.”

Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Mockingbird Shills for Treating Him Like He’s a Moron


[Ed. Note: Brand is no moron. The TRUTH fireworks begin at 6:35.]

“Comedian Russell Brand was invited to appear on MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday, ostensibly to talk about his controversial world comedy tour Messiah Complex. But instead, co-host Mika Brzezinski and panelists Katty Kay and Brian Shactman preferred to make jokes at Brand’s expense, pretend they couldn’t understand what he was saying, and refer to him in the third person even though he was sitting right there. Oh, and at one point, start calling him by a different name.”

At 7m NSA crimes whistleblower Edward Snowden – BANG.

At 7m5s Pentagon war crimes whistleblower Bradley Manning – BANG.

7m45s “Look beyond the superficial. That’s the problem with current affairs. You forget about what’s important. You allow the agenda to be decided by superficial information. What am I saying ? What am I talking about ? Don’t think about what I’m wearing. These things are redundant, superficial.”


An Open Message to The NSA


Surely it’s a given that everything is open to the Eye of Sauron, I mean the NSA. Perhaps Sauron is what the S in NSA stands for.

ICSPA – is it time somebody put this organisation under the spotlight?

www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186143 READ MORE

“I know ex-forces guys sometimes struggle with what to do with their lives once they leave but this is a cracker! An ex-RAFfie with a lot of connections and too much time on his hands appears to have woken up one morning in 2011 and thought “I know what, I’ll set up an organisation to internationally co-ordinate policy-making and policing of anything internet-related worldwide. We’ll get a load of corporate money together and use our contacts to get some political credibility then become the go-to people for more powerful governments and police authorities to get them to implement what we want whilst using the same political clout to bully governments in developing nations to comply, thus bringing the whole of the internet under our control. In the meantime by portraying the internet as a scary place full of nasty people and organisations we’ll easily push ourselves as being the saviour of the innocent internet user, and by giving ourselves an authoritative sounding title governments, businesses and the people will just believe we are actually a legitimate organisation accountable to… well, actually it doesn’t matter who people think we’re accountable to as long as they don’t realise it is in fact nobody! Excellent, now where did I put David Blunkett’s number?!””

“I kid you not! Two years later ICSPA runs out of this office in Chesham, Bucks; they have a video from David Cameron saying why he supports the organisation, they appear to have both Europol and City of London Police in their pockets, they’re establishing a foot-hold in Latin America and they’re given two pages of the official G8 magazine to lobby participating delegates as to why Bitcoin and all new money-transmitting technologies should be banned (using the usual 3-excuse-rhetoric of child porn, terrorism and money laundering), with the exception of the ‘trustworthy’ existing credit card and banking names and technologies thus keeping all internet-related financial transactions in the hands of the existing oligopolies.”


Low Sentiment, Record Sales: The Paradox of AG

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/186128 READ MORE

Free speech zoned in front of Independence Hall


“Witness tyranny in action.”

When will it become illegal to speak something unapproved by your government to your neighbour across the garden fence ?

Tulsa Police Dept. rule suicide on man found tied and decapitated


Was were tied were his hands and the logistics of how anyone could … I give up, this is full of s**t.

Nebraska: Picture Taking Now Considered a Terrorist Activity


Shut the hell up with this ‘terrorist’ this and ‘terrorist’ that.


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