First anti-GMO worldwide May 25th, Turkey May 28th, Bilderberg at Watford June 7th, now Brazil June 17th

There wasn’t any agent provocateuring at the 2 million anti-GMO rally, probably due to it being blacked out on the whore corporate news media, while there was agent provocateuring at the Turkey constitutional obedience (aka civil disobedience).

The best way to bring down a dictatorship is to force them to act like it.

200,000 Take To Brazil’s Streets In Largest Protest In Two Decades

Have you had enough of this current political class ?

Biggest protests in 20 years sweep Brazil >>>PICS<<<

Government working on draft to restrict social media in Turkey

“The Turkish government launched yesterday a study to restrict social media, an attempt that has been inspired by the Gezi protests that have spread across the country.”

Orwellian government marches on.

Wasn’t the social media a good thing when used in the so called Arab Spring, but now is bad when used in Turkey ?

Turkey Protests: Terror Squads Lead Government Crackdown on Protesters and Social Media

“The study described the Turks’ Twitter use in response to the protests as “phenomenal” and “unique”, especially in comparison with other revolts. During the Egyptian revolution, only 30% of the tweets actually originated from the country.”

Timeline of Events in Turkey: Police Escalate Attacks, Including on Healthcare Workers and Doctors

“The doctors put out a call to the World Health Organization and the World Medical Association. The WMA issued this letter today urging the Turkish government to respect the principle of medical neutrality which gives health professionals the right to treat the injured no matter why they were injured.”

The government of Turkey are only making the Turkish people more and more angry.

Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”

Hired mercenary army.

The Empire’s New Clothes: The Naked Imperialism of “Humanitarian Intervention”

“Some critics from the left and the right characterized my recent article “Syria and the Sham of Humanitarian Intervention” as an unnecessarily harsh indictment of a policy that provides a necessary tool for the international community to protect human rights and save innocent lives.”

“But the recent decision by the Obama Administration to “up the ante” in Syria with more direct military involvement only confirmed my original thesis that humanitarian intervention has nothing to do with humanitarian concern, and is instead is a propaganda tool that affords “the U.S. State the perfect ideological cover and internal rationalization to continue as the global “gendarme” of the capitalist order.””

Julian Lewis MP: Suicidal to assist Al-Qaeda affiliated fighters in Syria

Blow for Cameron as public opposes arms to Syrian rebels

Their bulls**t isn’t working any more.

Is The Credit Cycle Over?


SHIBOR Signaling Stress in the Financial System – Liquidity Crunch READ MORE

Shanghai Interbank spiked in the past week to the highest level, fears of a liquidity crisis in China’s financial system… China Policy Bank scaled bonds by 31 PERCENT as the worst cash crunch…


Biggest Bond Bubble In History Is Turning Into Carnage READ MORE

“After a five-week jump from 1.88% in early May, they hit 2.29% on Tuesday last week – they’ve retreated to 2.19% since then. Now investors are wondering out loud what would happen if ten-year Treasury yields were to return to more normal levels of 4% or even 5%, dragging other long-term interest rates with them. They know what would happen: carnage!”

“Wholesale dumping of Treasuries by exasperated foreigners has already commenced. Private foreigners dumped $30.8 billion in Treasuries in April, an all-time record. Official holders got rid of $23.7 billion in long-term Treasury debt, the highest since November 2008, and $30.1 billion in short-term debt. Sell, sell, sell!

The Derivative Bubble Becoming The Boomerang Could Take Down the Central Banks?

Keiser: The Collapse of the Current Bankster Regime is Upon Us

“We’re in a post-capitalist, post-socialism world. I have just come back from the G8 protests in Belfast and it occurred to me – at this point; we’re post both capitalism and socialism – and this point needs to be made clear, but we also see some vestiges of both systems in a new, emerging economy that has yet to be named.”

“I agree with the G8 protesters in Belfast that capitalism – as it’s been iterated in the West in the post WWII era has run its course. The main cause for its demise, as I see it, is that during the 1980’s; thanks to deregulation, futures and options speculation and leverage migrated over to the burgeoning field of ‘financial futures’ and the price discovery mechanism associated with supply and demand and the ‘invisible hand’ – over the ensuing few decades – completely broke down. Money itself lost any anchor to value as futures traders speculated with virtually no risk on contracts worth many billions that had been willed into existence by financial engineers not by dint of any underlying economic activity.”

Chart of the Week: (government of) India Declares War on Gold Read More

Good luck with that, government chumps.

JPMorgan: “Fed Stimulus Inflated Prices Of Financial Assets…. Removal Could Create Tail Event”

‘Tail Event’ is what JPM is calling apocalypse.

Money Junkies and Monopolies Using the NSA Spying Proves They Are the Real National Security Threat

Shock: Iceland Defies EU, Freezes Membership Bid

“Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson would not commit to EU pleas either for a rapid referendum on joining the EU or on restarting the process. It is not clear why Eurocrats would want a referendum anyway when fully three-quarters of Iceland residents are against joining, according to polls.”

Rule – Gold, Silver & Institutional Investors Who Are Terrified

Do you approve of President Obama?

Obama’s Popularity Plunges Amid Controversy

Gen. Hayden to Newsmax: Spying Programs ‘Keep You Safe, Keep You Free’

Freedom is slavery according to George Orwell’s 1984.

Security, Security, What Crimes Are Committed in Thy Name

“They went after the British, they went after the Nazis, they went after the Fascists, they went after the Socialists, they went after the Commies, and they went after the Muslims; now they’re coming after YOU.”

Stasi Puts Halt on Raw Milk Bill in Nevada

“The FDA, USDA, and the monopolistic dairy processors they prop up rejoiced after a raw milk bill was defeated in Nevada earlier this month. Thanks to Governor Sandoval’s veto June 6, the people of that state will be deprived of one of nature’s most nourishing foods. After receiving overwhelming support, with a 40-0 vote in the House and 17-5 in the Senate, the governor still decided he had to red-light the bill. To understand why this would happen, one must follow ‘da money.”

“All it takes is a little pressure from the bigger big brother (federal government) and most politicians crumble, just like the spineless Sandoval did. The governor said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA) and his own state health official agreed that Assembly Bill 209 presents “significant public health risks.””

Ban GMOs Now – Health & Environmental Hazards in light of the New Genetics READ MORE

GM agriculture is failing on all counts while hazards to health and the environment are coming to light. Opposition to GMOs is gaining momentum worldwide but the expansionist GM corporate agenda continues undiminished. GM agriculture is a recipe for disaster as this report will make clear. It is also standing in the way of the shift to sustainable agriculture already taking place in local communities all over the world that can truly enable people to feed themselves in times of climate change. Take action now to ban environmental releases of GMOs, locally in communities, villages, towns, municipalities, regions, as well as nationally and globally. We the people need to reclaim our food and seed sovereignty from the corporate empire before they destroy our food and farming irreversibly.

More countries abandon GM seeds, crops in response to widespread public disapproval

A new giant vaccine scandal exposes government lies and psyops READ MORE

“Wild falsehoods about vaccines creating immunity; suppressed information about toxic ingredients in the shots; the absence of proper controlled studies proving vaccines are safe and effective.”

“But now Peter Doshi, PhD, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), reveals a new monstrosity. It’s all based on the revelation that most “flu” is not the flu.”

“Follow this closely. If you blink, you might miss it.”

“You see, as Doshi states, every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus.”

“This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies.”

“Actually, most flu cases are “bacteria cases,” “fungal cases,” or “pollution cases,” or “tainted food” cases, or “eating GMO cases,” or something else. But they aren’t the flu.”

Richard Russell: The Great Gold Rip-Off, China, Russia & Silver,_China,_Russia_%26_Silver.html

“As the metals swooned, the crooks, who had sold the metals short, made a tidy fortune as the metals collapsed.  At the same time, they loaded up on cheap gold and silver.  In all, quite a play, during which a good many duped investors dumped their silver and gold.”

Leeb – Massive Demand To Send Price Of Silver Skyrocketing

“So silver is going to have a role as a monetary metal, and it’s also going to continue to have a major, major role as an industrial metal.  If gold is going to go up 10-fold (above $13,000), silver will go up at least 15-fold ($330).  The silver bulls just need to hang in there and continue accumulating.  As the price of gold soars, more and more people in China, India, and other parts of the world, will begin to pour money into physical silver.  This will have the effect of creating major disruptions in supply.”

Police are Asking Mail Carriers and Garbage Collectors to Spy on Citizens

We need to spy on the CIA, because it was them who created the Islamic terrorists back in the 1980s, which at the time were being called freedom fighters.

We need to spy on the CIA, because it was them who overthrew the democratically electe government of Iran in 1953.

We need to spy on those of our public servants whose meetings and actions are behind closed doors.

Journalist: TSA Shamed My Teenage Daughter

If someone verbally abuses you, you verbally abuse them right back. No one is anybodys verbal punch bag.

Libya’s top general quits after protests turn violent, kill 31

Hold on, didn’t we go after Gaddafi for allegedly doing what just happened here ?

Our overlords have got their claws into Libya’s crude oil so these deaths will be ignored.

Sold down the river: How Thames Water diverts its tax liability via the Caribbean despite £549m profit and 6.7% price hike

“turnover of £1.8bn”

Wow, a 30% profit margin.

Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Over Twitter Followers Read More

“I am sick and tired of looking out the window to see if Old Glory is still flying to reaffirm my shaky belief that I still reside in America. Francois never threatened the president; he simply lambasts and lampoons his actions, facial expressions, and unconstitutional policies. The most thin-skinned president in the history of the Republic has proven once again that he has nothing but disdain for the First Amendment.”

“Yes boys and girls, if you or any other Americans listen to or view your non-threatening anti-Obama sentiments, you too could have Secret Service agents pounding on your front door. I hate, literally hate, that President Obama’s actions and policies have forced me to write (on numerous occasions) articles which can cast dedicated heroes like the Secret Service and police officers in a negative light. These brave men and women should never be ordered to undertake unconstitutional endeavors which put them at odds with their oath and the American people. The land of the free is becoming a tyrannical police state under the watchful guidance of the Obama administration.”

I would ask these secret service personnel why are they following such LOATHSOME, LOATHSOME, LOATHSOME ILLEGAL orders ?

Will Britain’s equivalent of the secret service pay me a visit ?

Do You Want To Be RFID Chipped? Another Hidden Secret in Obama-Care

“First our animals were RFID chipped. Supposedly, it was to keep track of them in case of theft or if the animal was lost. However, from the very beginning, there were medical reports that the site at which a dog or cat was chipped became the site of an aggressive carcinogenic tumor. Mainstream news did not report these dangers.”

“The latest direction in chipping the human population comes from the hidden part of the Obama “health care” reform. Who reads more than 1,000 pages of mostly incomprehensible “doublethink” drivel? The Senate Healthcare bill HR3200 was passed in 2010, and requires the implant of an RFID chip in every American. This chip will be inserted into our skin and linked to all our banking, medical, and other personal documents. Here is a short quote:”

““The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘and is— ‘a class III device’; or ‘a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.’”(4)”

Could children diagnosed with ADHD just need better sleep? More youngsters than ever are prescribed drugs for hyperactivity

911 call captures escalation of traffic stop based on cop’s mistake. Motorist eventually gets pepper sprayed and repeatedly tased

“Harrell said the officers admitted to typing in a wrong letter during a routine license plate check, but wanted to check them out anyways. He said after the 911 call was made, the officers tried to grab the phone.”

This was not excessive force, this was unnecessary force.

The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda Read More

While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults; the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food. Austerity measures aimed largely at the poor are being imposed on all the nations of the world. Weather events grow more deadly and brushfire wars more frequent. An AK-47 can be obtained for $49 in the markets of West Africa. The depopulation campaign of the inbred Illuminati bankers is accelerating.

In 1969 the Senate Church Committee discovered that the US Defense Department (DOD) had requested a budget of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for a program to speed development of new viruses which target and destroy the human immune system.  DOD officials testified before Congress that they planned to produce, “a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could be acquired…  Most important is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”  House Bill 5090 authorized the funds and MK-NAOMI was carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.”

“Out of this research came the AIDS virus which was targeted at “undesirable elements” of the population. The first AIDS viruses were administered through a massive smallpox vaccine campaign in central and southern Africa by the World Health Organization in 1977.  A year later ads appeared in major US newspapers soliciting “promiscuous gay male volunteers” to take part in a Hepatitis B vaccine study. [1]”


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