Tremendous Global Social Media Anti-Monsanto Movement. Goodbye, Monsanto. It was horrific knowing you



Monsanto Hides Behind Cries of “Elitist” in Response to Tremendous Global Social Media Movement Read More

“On May 25, across the globe, people who believe that we should have the right to healthy, non-toxic food, or at the very least, LABELS, will unite to March Against Monsanto. Hundreds of thousands of people are fans of Facebook pages that are organizing the protests. Citizens intend to deploy all over the world to protest Monsanto and everything it stands for. People from many diverse political backgrounds, different religions, and varying belief systems will all be unifying for one cause – to save humanity from this company that personifies evil while trying to display a halo of benevolence.”

Goodbye, Monsanto. It was horrific knowing you, don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out.


Sen. Jeff Merkley reportedly planning to push amendment repealing ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

“The “Monsanto Protection Act” is incredibly controversial because it allows Monsanto and similar companies to sell genetically engineered seeds even if a court order is issued to stop it…”

When the preamble to the supreme law of the USA says ‘establish justice’, it doesn’t exclude Monsanto, does it ?


Activists Help Farmer Who Owes Over $80K After Losing Monsanto Patent Case

“The desire to help Bowman comes from people not wanting his family to live under the burden of the looming debt. They want to show him that people will rally to help small farmers like him, that he hasn’t lost his support and that Monsanto has an increasing “groundswell” of enemies. The campaign has already received over $5,000 dollars in 48 hours and continues until July 11.”


Central banks looking at Bitcoin as real threat to dominance

Goodbye, private central banking. It was horrific knowing you, don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out.


‘US clamps down on Bitcoin, fears lack of control’


Nigel Farage condemns ‘fascist scum’ who forced him to take refuge in Edinburgh pub

“Frankly, I’ve had enough of this interview, goodbye.”

Frankly, I’ve had enough of the BBC. Goodbye, BBC. It was horrific knowing you, don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out.


In Diplomatic Escalation, Russia Publicly Exposes The CIA Station Chief In Moscow

Goodbye, CIA (Cocaine Importation Agency). It was horrific knowing you, don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out.


CIA approved AP report that triggered investigation

But AG Eric Holder said ‘This was a very, very serious leak – It put the American people at risk.’


Syrian (foreign backed) militant eats soldier’s heart – BEASTIALITY UNBOUND

“A gruesome video has emerged on the Internet, showing a foreign-backed militant in Syria cutting out the heart of a Syrian soldier and biting into it.”

“In the footage posted online on Sunday, a man wearing military gear is seen knife in hand slicing parts of a dead soldier’s torso before turning to the camera and putting the heart in his mouth. “I swear we will eat from your hearts and livers…,” the man says referring to the Syria government soldiers.”

“Peter Bouckaert of the New York-based Human Rights Watch says the man has been identified as Abu Sakkar, a founder of the militant Farouq Brigade. Abu Sakkar’s identity has been confirmed by militant sources in Homs and by images of him in other videos wearing the same black jacket as in the latest clip and with the same rings on his fingers.”



Woodward Compares Benghazi To Watergate

The Watergate scandal did not involve any murders, 4 Americans including an ambassador were murdered in Benghazi.


Retired 4 star Admiral Blows Whistle on Benghazi new Evidence

“This apparent abduction by terrorists of our ambassador and then negotiated trade for the Blind Sheikh would have been the “October Surprise” that would have elevated President Obama’s flagging popularity and boosted his approval ratings for a re-election. A dramatic prisoner exchange that saved our ambassador’s life However, something went horribly wrong.”

“Damn, I’m good! :)”

Could it be that someone in the intelligence community found some patsies who would try and take the ambassador hostage but then other gunmen got involved and it all went to hell ?

Could it have been an honest to god false flag ?


Washington gets explicit: its ‘war on terror’ is permanent

It is long time past that this current political class become the previous political class as in we the people show them all the door at the next election.


Keiser Report: Sacred Dow (E445)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert behold the Sacred Dow, worshipped by economists and analysts around the world and to which whole economies and jobs have been sacrificed to keep it rising. They compare the Japanese bond market to Fukushima. Markets have become so distorted by manipulation, they argue that like godzilla, one day the market will go where it needs to go and it will smash down buildings and economies with it. In the second half, Max talks to John Butler of Amphora about confusing price signals caused by market manipulating central bankers and the misallocation of capital this encourages. They also talk about Japan’s economy, Krugman’s bond allegations and Mrs. Watanabe’s gold shopping spree.”


Why Bonds Aren’t Dead & The Dollar Will Get Weaker READ MORE



So Much for Position Limits on COMEX Gold

“So, in order for the initial 124 tonne sale to have occurred “legally” it would have had to have been 14 traders, all with zero orders open, all acting simultaneously, all acting independently, in their own self-interest, without colluding with each other to “sell-for-effect” or conspiring to foment a price smash.”


How did we become the Evil Empire? (All wars are bankster wars including the drug war)

All I can do is bring you this information. If you choose not to liberate yourself from the lies then that’s your choice to make.

“Human liberation is at stake.  Every single human being who has information needs expose the iron hands behind the curtains.  This will help end the tyranny we all have been subject to for so long.”

“After my father’s last infamous war tour in the Korean peninsula ended and having returned to our motherland, he worked in the proud automobile industry in the infamous “Irritation engineering” (planned obsolescence) unit of our then thriving & proud automobile industry. They designed all the parts of our automobiles to fail at a certain mileage or time. Especially right after the warranty expires which caused the demise of our automobile industry.  All because of profit, they chose to rip us all off with additional replacement parts and repairs through the automobile lifetime, and gave us “lemons”.”


“The first one of those incidents was the day when I came home from school and I disclosed to him I was about to sign up for service, to go in to the Army, so I could follow his steps and become a patriot just like him.  That night at dinner I looked into his eyes and asked him, “Father, what I am about to do is a major shift in my life, is this the right thing to do? You always speak so highly of the military service and of its discipline that the time has come for me to make you proud, is this what you want me to become? I was a soldier in another country but I want to enroll in US Army so I can follow your same steps hopefully all the way up in to the intelligence department. Are you proud of what you have done? Do you feel like a patriot because you defended your country all these this years?””

“He silently sat for a while and I noticed he was nervously trying to come up with the correct answer. Finally spoke and said, “son, everything we did, we did it because of money, it was all for profit, all of it! Don’t do it!”  I was shocked he dared say that! By saying it he was destroying his super hero aura he had built around himself with his stories, pictures, diplomas, TV, newspapers, magazines clips etc. He had basically thrown himself off his self-created pedestal to protect me.  He began answering all questions I asked after that.  It took him 5 years of past-midnight conversations to unwrap the conspiracy that began at the very foundation of the intelligence community. Here are “some” highlights of his disclosures.”

“The pieces of pie are pretty big, about the size of the country they are currently dealing with, so there will be enough for everyone no matter what has to be done!  Only small portions of the embassy personnel are clerical and maintenance.  The ambassadors of each embassy around the world are the CIA directors/heads of those same countries, their objective is the mapping, studying, planning, implementing and executing their preconceived plans of financial enslavement of that specific country, by “ANY MEANS”.”

“They usually start by setting up the Central Banks and phony development projects like “bridges to no where” and huge “white elephant” projects. Money wasting mega projects to further enslave and drown the country in to a mountain of impossible to pay external debt with the USA or any of their affiliates countries and/or multiple multinational corporations or institutions.”



“Father left the room and came back with a handful of original pictures he brought with him from Japan and showed those pictures to me, there were mountains of bodies everywhere being pushed down enormous common pits and being filled with bodies and pushed down into the pit by many bulldozers.  He said, “See these pictures? These come from a Japanese Island in which we landed on a beautiful sunny day some time in 1945. There were no soldiers in this island, there were only civilians, they knew what we came to do, they knew their faith, so about 10,000 mostly women, elderly and children charged at us with sticks, shovels, bows and rocks for few hours while we easily mowed them down with our fully automatic Tommy guns. There were about 200 to 300 of us. It was a massacre, a total carnage. We rested at the end of that day and a few dozen of us next day were ordered to dedicate the entire day to execute the wounded and dispose of their bodies. That took a few days. But I will never forget those two first days, the look of the wounded, women, elderly and children that look in to my eyes begging for mercy, a courtesy which we were not allowed to extend to any of them. That is why many decades later I still have those horrible haunting nightmares.””


“He sat in his bar, look under the burgundy wine section and open a bottle of Bordeaux, then offered me a cup, sat next to me and confessed the following, “Son, there is no war on drugs, but war on drug lords, it has always been that way, for hundreds of years since the British “West Indies Company” flooded China with opium and destroyed generations of Chinese families until today.”


“Our soldiers protect our mafia partners and crop fields around the world. We control the supply and the world mafias control the micro -distribution on the streets (directly under the CIA supervision) we transport it and distribute-wholesale it around the world in our war ships and military cargo planes so it goes completely undetected, the CIA has a monopoly of this industry, at least in this continent and is rapid spreading to the others.”

“Noriega was one of our good partners on this business but he started to branch out on his own due to the enormous amount of merchandise he was in charge of because of the Panama canal.”

“The reason being why we had to get rid of him, he threatened to expose us so we had to get rid of him quick, we put a hit on him but it was thwarted by his forces, then he tried to cut the supply using the canal, but it worked out for the US because thanks to him we now have the monopoly in the entire American continent and as bonus we did not had to give the canal back which, after the 100 year contract agreement was due to expire with Panama and the canal was due to be returned to the Panamanians around those years of the invasion.”

“So it was a beautiful thing to do, waging that war against Noriega, win win for all with a cherry on top, the Panama Canal, people to this day still do not know the real reason why of the Panama war. “”

“The Company IS the infamous international drug lord, the only drug Lords being chased down, killed or caught and incarcerated are the ones “non-aligned ” to our international networks, run by the European Monarchies, Vatican and the International Elite network.”

“The “drug wars” being waged in Colombia, Mexico, etc. are focus not on the drugs but on the individuals trying to become “Independent ” and are trying to set up their own shops, no “Drug lords” will be allowed out of our CIA syndicate, those are the one being tackled, prosecuted and murdered. Only the ones that do not play ball with “The Company”, and their political partners in Latin American countries.”

“Lets not forget about Afghanistan son, before we invaded that worthless piece of land the Taliban was interfering way too much with our business by making amapola (Spanish for “Papaver somniferum” or opium poppy flower) illegal, therefore tampering with our profits, under the Taliban rule Afghanistan produced about 30 to 35 % of the world heroin, after we invaded the country and straighten things out with the help of the Bush family syndicate, business is booming again, better than ever, Afghanistan produces now over 90% of the entire world heroin production under our “watchful eye”; and control.”

“I urge all the readers to do all with in your power to end this and all other well known travesties being perpetrated against mankind by the global elite and the Cabal so that we shall be able to survive as human race and if we ever aspire to live in a society of true freedom, peace, justice, truth, kindness, righteousness and wisdom. It is never to late to return to this truth, just like JFK ones said, “Ask not what you country can you for you but what you can do for your country”.”


Spying on Members of the US Congress: DoJ Tapped Congressional Rooms as Well as Reporters’ Offices


This Is What Happens When You Ask Too Many (Or The Wrong) Questions


Premiums Soaring As Massive Run On Gold & Silver Continues

“What you are seeing in the gold and silver markets right now is preposterous.  We’ve seen the gold market smashed below $1,400 once again, and yet the premiums in Shanghai for physical gold will cost you $50 over the spot price.  It will cost you even more if you want physical gold in Vietnam right now.”


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