Labour Force Rate (63.3%) Flat At 1979 Levels / Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: “We give up!”


April Payrolls +165,000, 7.5% Unemployment Rate, Participation Rate Flat At 1979 Levels

It’s like the last 34 years didn’t happen.

Tsarnaev shouts analysed with clone ensembles “vocal trap”,equalizer and audacity noise removal tool


Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says that Edmonds possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”.

“Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups.”

“The ACLU described Edmonds as:”

“The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America.”

“Edmonds translated terror-related communications for the FBI right after 9/11. In that capacity, she read communications between terrorists and other radicals.”


Check out State Department: Syria must answer questions about secret nuclear

I …



IT …

If you do then I have some of Saddam Hussien’s WMD to sell to you.

In fact, is it being suggested that Saddam Hussien sent his WMDs to Syria ?


UN rights body blasts force-feeding of Gitmo hunger strikers as ‘torture’

I have to hear this from a foreign news service and not from the BBC – WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE.


Will JPMorgan’s “Enron” Be The End Of Blythe Masters?

“On the other hand, one of Mary Jo White’s former co-workers, and a JPM defense attorney from Debevoise just became head of the SEC’s enforcement division, in theory guaranteeing that the US government would never do more than slap the wrist of JPM in perpetuity.”

“Under “pressure to generate large profits,” the agency’s investigators said, traders in Houston devised a workaround. Adopting eight different “schemes” between September 2010 and June 2011, the traders offered the energy at prices “calculated to falsely appear attractive” to state energy authorities. The effort prompted authorities in California and Michigan to dole out about $83 million in “excessive” payments to JPMorgan, the investigators said. The behavior had “harmful effects” on the markets, according to the document.”

JPM defense attorney becomes head of SEC’s enforcement division ? I just vomited all over my breakfast. I can’t take this corruption. The foxes guarding the hen house is the best analogy.


Feds Investigating Blythe Masters Over Energy Market Manipulation, Obstruction of Justice, Perjury

Can this really happen after a former JPM defense attorney becomes head of SEC’s enforcement division ?


Blythe Masters’ Crowning Achievement: The Credit Default Swap


9.5 Million People Have Left the Workforce Under Obama READ MORE


Where The Jobs Were In April

“With the bulk of job additions in such “high paying” sectors as leisure and hospitality, temp help and retail, one can see why corporate revenues are going nowhere fast.”


Non-Manufacturing ISM, Factory Orders Both Miss Expectations, Drop To 2012 Levels

“And now for the glass half empty part.”


John Hathaway – I Haven’t Seen This In Gold In 15 Years

“Hathaway:  “Even though the paper market crushed the gold price, the physical market came alive.  If you look at the numbers for the US Mint, the reports out of the Far-East, and many of the contacts we have, people are lining up to buy gold.  So it’s kind of the opposite of a bubble.”


Shock: Federal Reserve Official Calls for End of Fed, Competing Currencies

“Stossel points out that central planning has been discredited the world over, so why does the world have central planning for money?”


International Money Flow Is Tightening READ MORE


Real ‘price tag’ for gold and silver manipulation by Wall St. READ MORE

“The price tag for cash buyers of gold and silver – who want to escape the matrix of the US dollar and the financial hegemony that comes with the dollar’s role as world reserve currency – is to suffer the ordeal of having Wall St. (principally JP Morgan) dump hundreds of tons of paper gold ‘naked-shorts’ on to the market to crash the price and destroying economies around the world.”

“We shall overcome. Eventually, the cash buyers of gold and silver will triumph over the paper ‘price taggers’ and their pathetic schemes and the world will be a better place.”


Fear Index April 2013: the calm before the storm

“For the second month in a row US M3 has remained basically flat at just under $15.1 trillion, despite the Federal Reserve continuing its monetary injections of $85 billion per month.”


Gold at $4,000 an Ounce? READ MORE


Think Silver Production WON’T Be Affected? Kennecott announces layoffs after Bingham Canyon slide Read More



“It’s official!  Ding, dong, the Fed is CLUELESS!  In an historic statement of futility, the FOMC yesterday “saved face” by changing its official language to the below mishmash of uselessness…”

“The Committee is prepared to increase or reduce the pace of its purchases to maintain appropriate policy accommodation as the outlook for the labor market or inflation changes.”


PayPal could forever change the way we use bitcoin READ MORE


Keiser Report: Paper Jihad (E439)


Bitcoin Explained By Zulfikar Ramzan


The Next Escalation: Gold Goes 100% Initial Margin

“In other words, the utility of a margin account is now null and void when trading PMs.”

Perhaps now we can have proper price discovery.


Chinese housewives buy 300 tons of gold

These 300 tons are never coming back.


Tiny ATM Takes Your Money and Gives You Bitcoin READ MORE


Another BBC broadcaster admits to sexual assaults on children

“Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted assaulting 13 girls as young as nine years old between 1967 and 1986.”


SSRI’s make things worse, Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD


Number of names on U.S. counter-terrorism database jumps

“The number of names on a highly classified U.S. central database used to track suspected terrorists has jumped to 875,000 from 540,000 only five years ago, a U.S. official familiar with the matter said.”


NRA Convention 2013: Houston, Texas Affair Expected To Draw More Than 70,000


Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant Read More

“I’m sorry sir. You’ve reached your personal slice limit.”


Skin Probiotics Offer Best Defense Against MRSA Infections

How long before our ‘benevolent’ governments ban these probiotics ?


Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

Big pharma can’t make money from a natural herb so the public can’t have access to this natural herb.


Top 7 Alkalizing Foods and All About Alkalizing Your Body


Italy should use its gold reserves to force a change in EMU policy

“By using the reserves – the world’s fourth largest – to collateralise the first chunk of any losses for bondholders, Italy could raise €400bn or so on the capital markets and determine its own future for a while.”

“Italy did this in 1974 when it borrowed $2bn from the Bundesbank, using gold as collateral.”


Could this become Europe’s most rarely-sighted creature?

“Evidence suggests that within ten years across Europe this creature may have disappeared from our green landscape – a tragedy for future generations.”


Hundreds of pounds of explosives stolen from Montana bunker

“Someone getting ready for “Boston 2: The Escalation?” This reeks of an inside job. I mean, how many people even know the Forest Service keeps bunkers of explosives, let alone where they are located?”


NY Police Chief Ray Kelly Says The Boston Bombing Takes Privacy ‘Off The Table’

Kelly said. “People realize that everywhere you go now, your picture is taken.”

And so members of the general public WILL take pictures of public servants in public discharging their public duty.


How Japan’s “Stealth Constitution” Destroys Civil Rights And Sets The Stage For Dictatorship

The draft deletes a guarantee of basic human rights and prescribes duties, such as submission to an undefined “public interest and public order.” The military would be empowered to maintain that “public order.”


California Governor Signs Gun Confiscation Bill

“Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed legislation aimed at taking handguns and assault rifles away from 20,000 Californians who acquired them legally but have since been disqualified from ownership because of a criminal conviction or serious mental illness.”

How easy would it be for a doctor to wrongfully diagnose a sane person as having a serious mental illness ?


The next MySpace? Facebook lost 10 million U.S. users over past year


Lizzy – Queen Parasite


Guantanamo Attorney Found Dead in Apparent Suicide


“They Are Hunting Down and Killing Our Men!”-SEAL Admission 04/30/2013

“This blog is about the coming crisis of MARTIAL LAW and the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for AMERICA!It also offers HOPE and the CHRISTIAN SOLUTION for their NEW WORLD ORDER’s “FINAL SOLUTION.””


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