Real Physical Cost for bulk purchases over $2000 an ounce




Jim Willie Interview April 15, 2013. Real Physical Cost for bulk purchases over $2000 an ounce. People should be rejoicing end of Comex coming!

26m30s “The narco barons, Bush, that whole family that is worth at least ten times what Gates is worth, at least ten times what Buffett is worth but they are forbidden to be listed on the Forbes wealthy list.”




CME Hikes Gold, Silver Margins By 18.5%


Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as ‘controlled explosion’ drill by Boston bomb squad

As the Boston Globe tweeted today, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”


FBI’s History of Handing “Terror Suspects” Live Explosives

The frightening trend of the FBI cultivating otherwise incapable “terror” suspects, providing them with and detonating real explosives, before giving them inert or controlled devices to carry out attacks on public targets where mass casualties are averted only at the last possible moment, sets the stage for at the very least, incredible potential for catastrophic blunders, and at worst, false flag attacks.

Has the FBI ever presided over “sting operations” that were actually carried out? The answer is yes. The FBI in fact was presiding over the terrorists who carried out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The role of the FBI leading up to the deadly attack would most likely have gone unreported had an FBI informant not taped his conversations with FBI agents after growing suspicious during the uncover operation. The New York Times in their article, “Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast,” reported:


WPMI-TV: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters On Roofs Before Explosions; No Warning For People To Evacuate?


Blasts rock Boston Marathon, JFK Library, no-fly zone declared

It is entirely coincidental that the collapse of the financial system is at hand. Entirely coincidental ? Do you think ?

Is this the event that law abiding Americans must hand in their guns and surrender all of their natural rights to the gobermint so the gobermint can keep them safe ?

It is the liberty of all Americans that should be of concern to the gobermint, not their safety.


WARNING: Laws are being Written to Screw You

They’re going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he’s unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.


Ron Paul w/ Cornel West & Tavis Smiley 2/15/13

Cornel and Tavis who are on the ‘left’ talking with Ron Paul who is on the ‘right’.


Police VS The 1st Amendment at Obama’s White House #KOKESHED


Gov’t Spending Per Household Exceeds Median Household Income


NY Psychiatrists Served With Subpoenas For Patient Records In NY Gun Confiscation

“turn over all of their patient files to the State.”

Our mission – the very reason we exist – is to make New York State a safer place to live, raise our families and run our businesses.”

“Those responsible for this unprecedented subversion of the rule of law and innocent Americans Rights must be held to account for their actions. If not, any flicker of hope for the concept of “all are equal under the law” will be snuffed out under the boot of the awesome power of the State against its Citizens.”


15 year old girl, kidnapped by German police, given psychiatric evaluation for being home schooled. Kept from her parents after the results of the evaluation determined “she shows a disturbing sense of family solidarity”


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