There Is Absolutely No Physical Gold For Sale / Bitcoin: third age of currencies math based

“Maguire: “It’s pure short selling in the paper market, and the focus of all of this all is to reach and target as many long-stops as possible which they have done this afternoon. Then they can obviously cover these paper short sales.”

“Historically, in order to succeed when the official sellers have come in, they have relied on being able to back up the paper market interventions with real physical supply, albeit, hypothecated or re-hypothecated, borrowed or leased bullion….”

Andrew Maguire Audio Interview @

I suppose people can get an ounce of two of gold but any quantities like a hundred ounces forget it.


Haynes – We’re On The Verge Of Major Gold & Silver Shortages Read More


Silver Update 4/12/13 Endgame Disconnect

17m10s “As the late Margaret Thatcher said that socialism’s great until you run out of other people’s money. We are rapidly running out of other people’s money, that’s why we have this desperate bid to suppress the price of real assets, gold and silver. We’re coming to a breaking point where they’re going to have to decide whether they want to simply confiscate the wealth of savers or whether they want to hyperinflate and pay off the debts with worthless printed currency.

Silver endgame disconnect

OVERNIGHT SILVER MANIPULATION – Desperate Bankers Trade Paper Silver at Twice Silver’s Highest Daily Volume in The Overnight Session!!!



The criminal banksters are throwing their toys out of their pram because their criminal pyramid scheme is coming to an end.


10% of US Annual Silver Supply Just Vaporized…

Silver’s value has to go up to make it more profitable to bring more supply onto the market, from either recycling or mining.


Ranting Andy Hoffman – Emergency Precious Metals Report: Miles Franklin Has Busiest Day In 24 Years


Ranting Andy Hoffman–Financial Suicide Running Rampant 15.Apr.13

“at some point in the near future, the paper markets will cease to exist.”


What Happened The Last Time We Saw Gold Drop Like This?

“In July 2008, gold quickly dropped 21% – seemingly pre-empting the Lehman debacle and the collapse of the western banking system. In September 2011, gold fell 20% in a short period – as Europe’s risks exploded and stocks slumped prompting a globally co-ordinated central bank intervention the likes of which we have not seen before. Given the almost-record-breaking drop in gold in the last few days, we wonder what is coming?”


The Joy of Tech: Bitcoin vs Bankers


Here Is What You Must Know About The Gold & Silver Smash

“On the heels of enormous volatility in gold and silver, today 40-year veteran, Robert Fitzwilson, wrote the following piece exclusively for King World News.  Fitzwilson, who is founder of The Portola Group, tells KWN readers what they must know about the incredible action that is now taking place in these key markets.”

“Fitzwilson:  “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild”


All Eyes On The Gold Rout, Most Oversold In 14 Years

“gold tumbles an unprecedented 7.8% on 230,000 contracts in one day, and well over 10% in two days, pushing the yellow metal 14 day RSI band to 18, meaning it is now most oversold since 1999. In brief, it is an all out panic, with Goldman still telling clients to sell, i.e., buying every shiny ounce all the way down.”


The Fleecing Has Only Begun Read More

“The story broke from nowhere and caught many off guard. To others it was the manifestation of previously unspoken fears. It was, and is, by far the biggest story of 2013, the decade, and quite possibly the millennium. It was the crossing of another Rubicon. For years and decades, the financial piranhas had wandered around the edges, nibbling a little here and a little there. Inflation, bailouts, and other monetary mischief had already eroded the value of most currencies. But never before had they actually made the boldest of moves – to steal what were always considered to be the most liquid and secure of funds – bank deposits. In a weekend, the liquid became the illiquid and the secure became the repossessed. Hey, let’s not split hairs here, the money was stolen. The media dutifully came up with another new buzzword – the ‘bail-in’. Talk about putting a positive spin on outright theft.”


The Worst Trade of All Time

“One of the great asset management blunders of all time has to be the European Community’s decision to sell its gold reserves in the wake of the launch of the Euro in 1998. The decision led to the fairly rapid sale of 3,800 tons of the yellow metal at an average price of $280/ounce, reaping about $56 billion, according to the Financial Times.”

And here was me thinking that Gordon Brown selling half of Britains gold, 300 tons, was stupid. It seems that the European Community leadership are TEN TIMES more stupid than Gordon Brown.


Keiser Report: Bitcoin Bubble Buzz (E431)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Old Lady’s gold habit, the gold that may be leaving Cyprus’ central bank (or not) and Confucius’ famous saying: “IMF STUPID SELL TO GOLD, I’M BUYING.” They also look at the Federal Reserve data accidentally sent to Wall Street bank lobbyists and the venture capitalists entering the new Land Grab. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to James Turk about money, gold, bitcoin, currency wars and the nature of bank failures: to look good until the bank fails overnight. They also discuss Austrian school theories on money and how they relate to gold and to bitcoin.”

10m35s “There are 3 eras of currency; commodity based – example: gold; politically based – example: dollar; math based – example: bitcoin.”

24s “People end up paying £70 billion less in interest income last year. However, people with money in the bank who would get interest on that money and savings lost £220 billion.”


Germany’s ‘Five-Wise-Men’ Confirm Wealth Tax Is Coming

“preferring instead taxes on property or other less-mobile assets,”

You home owners who think you own your home, think again. Just watch what happens when you don’t pay property tax.


Cyprus Mail: “Exiting The Euro Is A Debate We Must Have”


Pushing the pandemic: FDA criminalizes secret Chinese medicine formula that blocks bird flu

“The FDA’s strategy for this began in 2004 with the banning of Ma Huang (ephedra), a powerful Chinese Medicine herb that’s part of a little-known bird flu defense formula called, “Minor Blue Green Dragon.””

“On November 23, 2004, the FDA unleashed an assault on all dietary supplements containing Ma Huang (ephedra), calling it “dangerous at any dose.” This was a complete hoax, of course, given that the FDA routinely allows super deadly pharmaceuticals to remain on the market (Vioxx) even when they kill 50,000 or more Americans. Ma Huang has been used in Chinese Medicine for literally thousands of years with no reports of toxicity.”

“This formula is offered as-is, without warranty, under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and with the understanding that you will seek the help of a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner before attempting to acquire, manufacture or consume this remedy. Both English and Chinese names are provided:”

“Ephedra Stem (Ma Huang) 9g”
“Cinnamon twig (Gui Zhi) 9g”
“White peony root (Bai Shao) 9g”
“Honey Prepared Licorice (Zhi Gan Cao) 9g”
“Dried Ginger (Gan Jiang) 3-6g”
“Asarum (Xi Xin) 3g”
“Pinellia rhizome (Ban Xia) 9g”
“Schisandra fruit (Wu Wei Zi) 9g”


Top 10 Monsanto Epicyte Sterilization Crimes … this is how the criminal elite roll, baby

“We know that ultra-rich like Melinda Gates openly support forced population reduction in the apparent belief that having a lot of money gives them the right to play God with the rest of humanity. Personally I think that if the population is to be reduced, that we start with such self-declared deities, to be followed by those who would condemn millions to death in wars to make a fast buck.”

Preventing the next generation from being born is a crime against humanity that is one step away from genocide.


Analysis Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic


Liberterianism Going Mainstream? Political Movement Is Becoming More Popular


“The Neo-Conservative Era Is Dead”: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity


Ex-Soros Advisor Sells “Almost All” Japan Holdings, Shorts Bonds; Sees Market Crash, Default And Hyperinflation


Impeach Eric Holder, Repeat Offender Read More

“Attorney General Eric Holder has again shown his true colors – his disdain for America and her laws. Recently, he took action against the German Romeike family, which is seeking asylum in the United States after being forced to flee the country or risk losing their five children to the German government. Germany was attempting to force the Romeikes to put their children in public school against their religious beliefs in a terrifying repeat of history.”

Do governments think they have to protect people in case they do something stupid like mis-educate their children ?

It seems to me that public schools are doing a damn fine job of mis-educating children all by themselves.


German Man Got Caught Allegedly Trying To Sneak A Half-Ton Of Gold And Silver Out Of Greece

Our private property is not our own. This guy should have used bitcoin.


DIMON ADMITS: Breaking The Law ‘Is A Problem At JPMorgan’


Royal Bank of Scotland VP arrested in Moscow on $10mn fraud charge


Crash Indicator: Mom and Pop Take the Plunge Back Into Stocks For Fear of “Being Left on the Sidelines”

“The story goes that a wealthy financier named Bernard Baruch was having his shoes shined one fine morning in 1929. As the final rag and polish were being put on his leather Oxfords, Baruch’s shoeshine boy, aware of his Wall Street reputation, began sharing stock tips and providing him with a financial news summary of the previous day’s events. Legend has it that Baruch promptly returned to his office, called his firm’s senior broker and ordered him to sell everything. The broker, no doubt shocked, questioned the decision.”

“They see their friends, colleagues and family calling their financial advisers and jumping back into stocks without realizing that insiders and institutions are divesting their positions.”


Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet

“The unknown people behind the highly distributed attack are using more than 90,000 IP addresses to brute-force crack administrative credentials of vulnerable WordPress systems, researchers from at least three Web hosting services reported.”


San Diego County considers forcing residents to take psychiatric medication under Laura’s Law

“San Diego County in California is considering implementing Laura’s Law, which would give the state’s second most populous county – home to over three million people – the uncontested right to force psychiatric medication upon its residents.”

“The law is named for Laura Wilcox, who was shot and killed at the age of 19 by a man with untreated, severe mental illness.”

Should this power be abused, which I am absolutely positive it damn well will, how do you compensate someone who was mentally competent before he/she gets chemically lobotomised ?


My burning question(s) for “Gay America”

“I don’t use drugs. I have never used a prostitute. I do not drink raw milk. I don’t have six wives. I would never (willingly) take part in an abortion. I could go on and on. There are many things I don’t participate in and in some cases find myself diametrically opposed to; but that doesn’t give me, or the state, the right to tell others they should conform to my or the states beliefs. That’s an arrogant and elitist’s modus operandi.”

“Again, live and let live, a simple premise. A premise that seems to have been lost amongst all the noise that permeates through the united states of division. Are you for liberty for all or for freedom that only promotes your specific agenda? Where do you stand?”


The IRS Claims it Can Read Your Email…Without a Warrant Read More

“Truly remarkable how the establishment views the citizenry.  They quite clearly and openly view themselves as having full ownership of our lives, our work and our privacy.   Actually, they do not think we deserve to have privacy at all.”

internet users do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

And yet more and more secrecy within public office. What’s wrong with this picture ?


House to vote on CISPA next week despite being horribly flawed after secret committee markup

Again with the secrecy.


California Liberty Preservation Act Passes Committee 6-0 to Nullify the NDAA Read More


Comedians: the only trusted news source in America


Jimmy Carter says: “Election Process in Venezuela is the Best in the World”


Off Your Knees Germany: Ernst Zundel’s Story

“The story of German and Canadian dissident Ernst Zundel’s fight for free speech for his politically-incorrect views on WWII. Imprisoned in Solitary Confinement, sued, firebombed, threatened, and deported from the US, Zundel fights on.”

2m55s “Enrst Zundel is in prison allegedly because he is a threat to national security. If there ever was a bogus charge, that is it.”

A …


TO …




A …


OF …

S**T !!!

F**k me, our governments here in the West have made political prisoners out entirely innocent human beings.

5m35s “He is the Gandhi of the West. How dare these people say he’s a threat to the security of Canada.”

6m5s Somebody might read something he might write in the future and might do something that is against the law.”

That is a completely bulls**t argument. Tell me that is not the justification for imprisoning this innocent human being ?

39m35s “These facilities never in fact contained hydrogen cyanide gas.”


Must Listen: Missouri Releases 185,000 Concealed Carry Names to FEDS!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH America, Here’s a Plan to END THE TREASON

“Missouri releases 185,000 state CCW holders info to federal govt in violation of state law. No one cares, a few hearings, some camera moments, in a month, the sheep will forget. IRS monitors email saying “America has no expectation of privacy for email”, Conn creates gun ban bill in SECRET. Is this a tin-pot banana republic dictatorship or the Proud Lawful United States of America? It’s time to end the TREASON.”

All Missourians need to apply for a concealed carry license.

4m35s “Apparently, government agencies operate outside the law with impunity.”

4m55s “Why aren’t these people lined up before a jury on criminal charges ?”

5m20s “It’s a wilful and direct violation of the public trust.”

8m15s “This is against the law and if we don’t have a rule of law that applies to everyone equal including whether or not you sit in an office paid for by taxpayer money then what are we doing ?”

Indeed, what the hell are we doing ?

12m30s “he’s not sure what the patrol did with it while it was in their possession. You’ve got the blind leading the blind and the dumb leading the dumber.”

23m5s “The disinformation, the misinformation, the absolute abdication of all basic lawfulness, this is lawlessness rampant. And I don’t know how long our Republic can withstand the onslaught.”

29m45s “The state started scanning and saving copies of documents because of fraud issues. Here’s her justification for this: a clerk in St. Joseph license office pleaded guilty in December 11th to a scheme that accepted false information documents.”

Not fraud from the general public but fraud within the public office.

30m25s “It’s not fraud from the street, it’s fraud from you.”


Margaret Thatcher’s Death and Queen’s “Pending Resignation”… Connected? Read More

“On June 17, 1982 – just two months after the start of the Falklands War – Bergoglio’s Vatican bank associate Roberto Calvi was found dead, hanging under Blackfriar’s Bridge in London.”


Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT. Seriously!

How many stupid people did Mark Dice find ?

Once the first amendment freedom of speech is gone then any political speech from ordinary people, being either in support of or in criticism of, is banned.

If we ban the criticism then we have to ban the support. It’s only being fair.

That was sarcasm.


Senate Leaders Block Public Database of Congressional Financial Disclosure


The Copyright Monopoly Was Always Intended To Prevent Freedom Of Expression


Homeland Security Actively Collecting Gun Owner Info, Collaborating With States

“We know there has been a concentrated propaganda and smear campaign conducted against millions of American Citizens, as well as Veterans, as “potential domestic terrorists“. Whether this type of propaganda is disseminated by individual hate groups or by a government, it serves only one malevolent purpose the World over, to dehumanize the targeted group and make it socially palatable to attack them.”

You can dismiss campaigns against a few hundred or against a few thousand but not against a few million.

It is looking a lot like 1930s Germany more and more every day.


Homeland Security’s New $3.9 Billion Headquarters

“President Barack Obama is trying to solve big problems in his proposed 2014 budget. His efforts to curtail entitlement spending have gotten most of the headlines. But he also seems determined to complete the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s new headquarters, the largest federal construction project since the Pentagon rose in the 1940s. The cost: $3.9 billion.”

Look what they are wasting … sorry, spending $3.9 billion on.


Now chief of free information Christopher Graham calls for secret arrests

“The row over secret arrests deepened last night as Britain’s data watchdog claimed that naming crime suspects breaches their human rights.”


Who’s Responsible? READ MORE



Media Outlets Abandon Pretense of Objectivity Regarding Guns

The federal government only has enumerated powers and is keeping people safe one of those enumerated powers ?


Meet the nice-guy lawyers who want $1,000 per worker for using scanners

“using basic office equipment, like scanners that can send files to e-mail, infringes a series of patents owned by MPHJ Technologies.”

“”If you said you hooked it up to the Internet, and in one button, you can scan and e-mail directly out—yes, you have violated the patent that we own,” says Rust.”

“Today, patent office records indicate that Klein lives in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. There’s no evidence that Klein’s business succeeded, that he ever executed his idea of a networked scanner, or that he ever shared his ideas. There’s no evidence the companies that make scanners and printers had heard of him before these threats, although they surely have now. So was Klein really an “inventor,” as most people would understand the term?”

You know that when a basic abstract concept like this is protected by a patent law with the holder NOT having achieved implementation, we are in a lunatic asylum.

When someone buys a scanner, should they be able to use it for the purpose it was bought for ?


Nate Thayer Disinvited from HuffPo TV Appearance – An underpaid writer keeps things honest

“Thayer blogs about it here, tastefully adding the subhead: “You Are Lucky to be Our “House Negro” or You’d be Picking Cotton in the Fields Like the Rest of  the Slaves”

“Meanwhile, if you are unemployed writer, Jim Romenesko reports, Berkley has just the job for you—if, like the Atlantic and Huffington Post, you are willing to write for free.  But not anyone:  Working for free is not enough.  They would prefer if you have “a solid publications record from such outlets such as National Geographic, Outside Magazine, New York Times [and] Smithsonian.” One can apply here.”


Muslim Prayer is Terrorism, Says State Lawmaker


Martin Rothschild pleads guilty to child pornography charge

Is it too painful to acknowledge that all the men behind the curtain are all paedophiles or is it cleansing ?



Monsanto wins patent battle with DuPont corporation to seize full rights of GM seed patents

“But the two companies have finally agreed to call it quits, according to, presumably because both of them are in the wrong and are trying to avoid encountering any further obstacles in their mutual GMO-propagating Ponzi scheme. The two companies will now work together, in other words, to spread more GMOs around the world, and utilize each other’s technologies for the implied purpose of maximizing corporate profits in the process.”

“What this means for the average consumer, of course, is more GMOs hitting the market in the future with less regulatory hoops through which they have to jump. It also puts Monsanto in an even more opportune position financially and politically to thwart efforts at GMO labeling, for instance, which have grown substantially at the grassroots level all across the country in recent years.”


France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists


Al-CIA-duh aims to wreck Muslims, West in clash of civilizations

“The al-Nusra front in Syria has officially announced that it is part of al-Qaeda. Even before the announcement, everyone knew it was al-Qaeda. So why is it being armed to the teeth with US-supplied weapons, and given training and strategic and diplomatic support by the US government?”


Leaders of Terrorists in Syria Confess to Receiving Money, Arms from Foreign Sides


BBC: al Qaeda Does Not Exist, Banned in the U.S.


‘5,500 foreigners fighting in Syria’

“A day after G8 confirmed that Syria had become the hotbed for foreign terrorists, the international centre for the study of radicalization has pinpointed the exact numbers. The centre, which is part of King’s College, London has found more than 450 martyrdom notices that have been posted in jihadist online forums around Syria.”

“Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in early 2011, the centre estimates that about 5,500-odd foreign fighters have gone to Syria to fight with opposition forces. From Europe, Britain may have exported 134 fighters, Netherlands 107, France 92, Belgium 85, Denmark 78, Germany 40, Ireland 26, Finland 13, Spain 6 and Sweden 5. European countries like Albania, Austria, Bulgaria and Kosovo have exported one fighter each to Syria.”

Thank you, Times of India.


George Galloway on Syria – 2013


George Galloway good al-cia-da in syria and bad al-cia-da in Mali


American caller wants war with Syria – George Galloway


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