United States of Monsanto / TPP: Corporate Coup / “Iceland” solution for Cyprus

United States of Monsanto: GMO giant is now litigation proof


“After President Obama signed the Agriculture Appropriations Bill into law on Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of people have voiced their opposition to H.R. 933. A provision in the law known as the “Monsanto Protection Act” protects the biotech industry from being sued in a court of law. The Farmer Assurance provision takes the Federal Court’s right to halt the sale and use of genetically modified seed crops regardless of health risks. Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, joins us to discuss.”

The legislators just told the judiciary to go and f**k itself when it comes to Monsanto. Have I got that correct ?


Everyone but China TPP Trade Deal Threatens Sovereignty and Public Ownership


“Obama led trade initiative Trans Pacific Partnership aims to isolate China while strengthening corporate legal right”

1m30s “Profit will be the ultimate goal, much more important than people’s necessities or protection of the planet.”

2m10s “Out of those 26 chapters only about 5 of them have to do with traditional trade.”

3m5s “If a country takes a step to try and regulate the financial industry or set up a public bank to represent public interest they can be sued.”

8m40s “This is global corporate coup.”

The TPP screws we the people.


Political Fallout Begins: Former Cyprus President Named In Loan Write-Offs Leading To Banking Insolvency


the 1% who were “informed” enough to pull their money from the flaming sovereign equivalent of Bernie Madoff, while every other uninsured depositor is facing losses of up to 80%, and soon 100%?”

“among the people listed is Cyprus’ former president, George Vassiliou.”

Can this current political class be any more corrupt ?


Cyprus Parliament President Says “No Future” Under Troika, Calls For “Iceland” Solution



“Tragic” Cyprus Contagion To Cripple 1600 Greek Businesses



Cyprus just got worse


“It works both ways as funds are held in Cyprus lawyers accounts with a Cyprus bank will be aggregated in the client escrow account and so subject to the full 60% theft.”

For those who just sold their residential property and put the proceeds in an escrow account, that gets clobbered too.


Cypriot banks in politician loan scandal



Cyprus President’s Family Transferred Tens Of Millions To London Days Before Deposit Haircuts


Keeping the non-shared shared sacrifice in the family.


Big depositors in Cyprus to lose far more than feared … try 62.5%


“Under conditions expected to be announced on Saturday, depositors in Bank of Cyprus will get shares in the bank worth 37.5 percent of their deposits over 100,000 euros, the source told Reuters, while the rest of their deposits may never be paid back.”


‘It’s robbery!’ New Cyprus bombshell as Britons are told they may lose EVERYTHING over £85k


“Although it is not known how many of the 60,000 British expats living on the island have deposits of more than £85,000, it is likely that a considerable number will be caught in the net.”


Iran Is NOT The Threat… WE ARE


5m “They’re not leaders, they’re puppets, they’re prostitutes. Presidents, prime ministers, parliamentarians and congressmen and senators, they’re all puppets with the rare exception, absolute puppets. We don’t respect them, we revile them.”

7m “So here in Tehran on the anniversary of the revolution and I am wondering to myself what western government could get 2, 3 million people out on the streets not in protest but in support.”

8m15s “A decree has been issued by Ayatollah Khomeini that nuclear weapons are basically an affront to God, a crime against humanity.”

But we in the west are told that Iran wants nuclear weapons.

10m15s “We are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.”




In order for the resolution to work, the banksters state that the public must be convinced their deposits are safe, when in fact they are subject to bail-in confiscation


Who’s Next? Italy’s Monte Paschi Admits Billions In Deposit Outflows



Mankind Crucified On the Gold Standard


1m50s “How the bankers divided the (American) nation and funded both sides of the civil war for power and profit. When the civil war first started a man named Joseph Celigman was known as the Rothschild of America. … He was responsible for floating almost all of the bonds of the North while Lehman Brothers floated almost all of the bonds in the South.”

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 1

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 2

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 3

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 4

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 5

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 6

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 7

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 8

Mankind Crucified On A Cross Of Gold 9

The Chess Game Of Capital Controls


What this means for you and me is that moving gold outside your country – especially if you’re a US citizen – could be banned.

Could they say in any a louder voice that gold is money ?

Of course, if you are a member of the elite then the ban will not apply to you.


No More Asking for Permission To Speak

http://sgtreport.com/2013/03/no-more-asking-for-permission-to-speak/ Read More

“In 1798, when John Adams was president of the United States, the feds enacted four pieces of legislation called the Alien and Sedition Acts. One of these laws made it a federal crime to publish any false, scandalous or malicious writing — even if true — about the president or the federal government, notwithstanding the guarantee of free speech in the First Amendment”


Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran


“Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.”

Is anyone still watching the whore corporate news media ?


Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans


The framers of the Constitution did not want the people to trust their representatives wouldn’t abuse the people so when the government say ‘anti-government’ Americans they mean those who recognise that government is abusing the people.


White House Demands American Sheriffs Enforce Gun Control


“Mack contends against Carney’s claim that people ought to just follow the law. He says people shouldn’t follow the law when it contradicts the Bill of Rights”

““When Rosa Parks didn’t give up her seat on the bus, should she have been arrested or should the police have escorted her home?” Mack said. “The law was to arrest her. It was a stupid, unconstitutional law.””


Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs


“to arrest and remove an elected sheriff for refusing to enforce the law (or anyone breaking the law).”

This is a 100% CRIMINAL federal government.


SWAT Raids Home Over Hydroponic Equipment Purchase, Finds Tomatoes and Squash

http://sgtreport.com/2013/03/swat-raids-home-over-hydroponic-equipment-purchase-finds-tomatoes-and-squash/ Read More


James Holmes, and how the CIA hid their MKULTRA mind-control program



Bitter Scalia Leaves U.S.



Australian Police Say Tasers Can Be Used on 10 Year Old Children


“POLICE are free to use Tasers on children as young as 10, against the explicit warnings of the manufacturer of the device.”


False Flag Attacks in Syria Pin Atrocities on Assad and Justify “Red Line” Engagement



How a team of students HIJACKED a drone in midair – all for a $1,000 bet with U.S. government



Planned Parenthood Endorses POST-Birth Abortion


“A Planned Parenthood lobbyist testifies against born-alive infants protection act. Florida legislators considering a bill to require abortionists to provide medical care to an infant who survives an abortion were shocked during a committee hearing this week when a Planned Parenthood official endorsed a right to post-birth abortion.”

There is no such thing as post-birth abortion, there is only infanticide.



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