Jim Rogers “Get your money out of the Banks, they are going to loot it”

Jim Rogers on CNBC 3/28/13 – “Get your money out of the Banks, they are going to loot it”. WOW – CNBC agreed.


Marc Faber: “I Am Sure Governments Will One Day Take Away 20-30% Of My Wealth”


So Who Knew? In February Cyprus Deposit Outflows Soared To A Three Year High


That Physical Gold You Thought You Owned? You Didn’t


“But don’t worry: all the gold “held” by various brokers professing physical possession and not to mention thousands of assorted paper gold ETFs is certainly there. Where else can is possibly be.”

Arizona to Make Silver and Gold Money?

http://sgtreport.com/2013/03/arizona-to-make-silver-and-gold-money/ Read More

If successful, SB 1439 will allow the metals to be used for the payment of debt and taxes and will prevent taxes from being imposed on conversions between paper currency and specie. Further, it is intended to prevent the metals from being taxed.”

What We Are Now Seeing Is Unprecedented In World History



“Greyerz: “We are in unprecedented times.  What we are seeing right now could be the end of a 2,000 year cycle, or possibly the end of a 300 year cycle.  We also have the end of the 100 year cycle which is based on the creation of the Fed in 1913.  The confluence of these cycles will cause unimaginable turmoil in the future.”


Climategate Leaker: Our Civilization Is Being Killed By Lying ‘Science’ Elitists


Food Fraud Hits New Low: Dog Meat In British Curry


NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Government has right to ‘infringe on your freedom’


“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Sunday: Sometimes government does know best. And in those cases, Americans should just cede their rights.”

““I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom,” Mr. Bloomberg said, during an appearance on NBC. He made the statement during discussion of his soda ban — just shot down by the courts — and insistence that his fight to control sugary drink portion sizes in the city would go forth”

Those times when government should infringe on your freedom are ONLY when there is a probable cause that you have committed a crime.


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