Experiences with VAT


The customs declaration for silver must be 9705000000 for the correct rate of 5% VAT to be applied.

My recent orders from Australia’s Bullion Bourse they are describing 100 ounces of silver as ‘paperweight’ with a value of AUD 79 and the VAT I pay is £26.29 plus a £13.50 clearance fee.

On 11th March Fedex delivered my February 12th order from Australia’s Bullion Bourse for 30 SBSS Triviums and I never got the demand for VAT or duty.

On 10th March I have had 3 deliveries for SBSS silver.

The first was my January 1st order from Australia’s Bullion Bourse for Trviums – 3 BUs and 3 Proofs – costing AUD285 (£187) shipped February 7th and customs declared as AUD96 (£64) and the fee was £15.38 VAT – nuts, that’s 25% not 20%.

The second was my January 11th order from USA’s SBSS for 30 Slave Queens costing USD1,011 (£674) shipped February 18th and customs declared as USD380 (£255) and the fees were £49.89 VAT and £9.59 ‘customs’ – nuts, that’s 20% and 3.75%

The third from my January 30th from Australia’s Bullion Bourse for 20 Freedom Girls and 2 Triviums costing AUD792 (£546) shipped February 26th and customs declared as AUD86.42 (£57) and the fee was £14.22 VAT – nuts, that’s 25% not 20%.

And one each of these three I was charged £13.50 clearance fee.

What a right f**king mess.

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  1. Karsten
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 19:45:04

    same shit here in germoney, looks like they themselves don´t know whom to charge what…creepy.
    here, they will raise tax from 7 to 19% next year, thanks for that ya gangsters! :/


  2. paulthepaperbear
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 21:05:21

    Following is Nicholas Robinson’s experience.

    I just asked the gurnsey mint to put a note on my order for 11 Britanica’s to tell customs that the silver is only for numismatic purposes therfore only liable for a 5% charge. This is what they said:

    Dear Nicholas,

    We have to use the forms given to us by customs.
    Which when we use these forms we have to use the appropriate codes that customs have suppled us with.
    We are unable to put any other note on packages.

    Kind Regards

    The Guernsey Mint Bullion Company

    Soooo, I found the code that tells customs that the silver coins are only for collecting and sent this message back.

    Hi Michael and thank you for your reply. All I ask is could you write the following classification code on the form for my order?
    Then customs will know the coins are for numismatic purposes.
    Thank you.

    No reply!!!


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