VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the USofA & Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers

VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran (or Russia or China)?

“I suspect what is being planned is a “virtual” 9-11; a ‘terror’ attack carried out in cyberspace, instead of the real world. I view this is highly likely based on the sudden flurry of media stories and statements by people like Joseph Lieberman about how Iranian hackers are attacking the US financial system computers. (Senator Lieberman has also been pressuring Obama to sign an executive order to take over the internet.) Of course, the common sense approach still applies. Why would Iran, which wishes to avoid a war, do something that provocative. Why would Russia, or China do anything, when all they have to do is sit and wait while the US financial system self-destructs?”

“The money junkies and DC boys will not accept the responsibility when their little 100 year old Ponzi scheme finally collapses. Like they did in 1907 and 1929, they will distract the people of the United States with a World War, and all such wars are started with lies and tricks. The Lusitania was carrying war materials when it was sunk. Pearl Harbor was not a surprise. And, as we all know now, Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.

“What lie will the liars try next?”

“Please share this with your social networks.”


The War Against Bradley Manning – A War Against All Who Speak Out Against Injustice

“Time and again, throughout America’s history, individuals with a passion for truth and a commitment to justice have opted to defy the unjust laws and practices of the American government in order to speak up against slavery, segregation, discrimination, and war. Even when their personal safety and freedom were on the line, these individuals spoke up, knowing they would be chastised, ridiculed, arrested, branded traitors and even killed.”

“Indeed, while brave men and women such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Henry David Thoreau, Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman are lauded as American heroes today, they were once considered enemies of the state.”

“Thanks to the U.S. government’s growing intolerance for dissidents who insist on transparency and accountability, oppose its endless wars and targeted killings of innocent civilians and terrorists alike, and demand that government officials abide by the rule of law, that list of so-called “enemies of the state” is growing.”

“One such “enemy of the state” is Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst who has been targeted by the Obama administration for holding up a mirror to the bloated face of American empire. Manning is being prosecuted for leaking classified government documents which, like the Pentagon Papers a generation ago, expose systemic corruption within America’s military and diplomatic apparatus. The embarrassment caused by showing that the emperor has no clothes, as it were, has made Bradley Manning public enemy number one in the eyes of the federal government.”

“because he believed that the public has a right to know about the government’s misdeeds.”

“Indeed, despite promising unprecedented levels of transparency when he ascended to the presidency in 2009, Obama has invoked the WWI-era Espionage Act more times than all his predecessors combined as a means of silencing all internal dissent and criticism. Obama’s administration has also launched an all-out campaign to roust out, prosecute, and imprison government whistleblowers for exposing government corruption, incompetence, and greed.”

“Manning reacted as one would hope any honorable American would react when they witness their government acting in a manner that is corrupt, incompetent, inhumane, immoral and, it must be said, downright evil.”


Whistleblower Bradley Manning’s Testimony LEAKED

11m “Do you still think Bradley Manning should be in jail ? Hell, no.”

Help the politicians in the Iraqi government eliminate their legitimate political opposition.

Scholarly critiques of the corruption in the Iraqi government of PM Nouri al-Maliki are called ‘anti-Iraqi literature’.

Bradley did not aid the enemy, Bradley here tried to .


US citing security to censor more public records


Top Banking Analyst: Subsidies to Giant Banks Exceed $780 Billion Dollars Per YEAR


BoA ordered to pay damages to money-launderer Read More


Karzai: US fighting for Afghan’s natural resources

20s “the Americans are fighting for their own interests and the war is not a real fight against terrorism.”


Fed Pre-Monetizes 30 Year Bond To Be Reauctioned Off Tomorrow

The system is beyond repair.


U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans’ finances,0,2719682.story

“The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.”

Government is trying to determine who is left in the country that is safe to mug financially

It is not a case of “too big to fail”, it is a case of the people are “too ‘little’ to lose”.


Peter ‘Dollar Demise’ Schiff Versus John ‘Dollar Reprise’ Mauldin

8m5s “If we bring the deficit down, that by definition is deflationary and recessionary.”

The above quote is from John not Peter.


“Anti-Mafia Police” Raid Office of Potential Pope Frontrunner Read More


WARREN: ‘How Many Billions Have To Be Laundered For Drug Lords Before We Consider Shutting Down A Bank?’


Beppe Grillo: “Italy Is Already De Facto Out Of The Euro”

“Grillo’s best line, however, was saved for Mario Monti: “he is a bankruptcy trustee on behalf of the banks””


Has the European Spring Started?

Over 25% of the people in two of Europe’s largest, best educated, richest, most populous countries are already saying they reject the status quo.


Farage Slams Eurozone As “Complete Economic Disaster”


What They FEAR The Most


David VS Goliath – Shocking Claims Against Barrick Gold

“The allegations, if true, could not only end Barrick’s quest for gold on the Pascua Lama property (one of the largest gold reserves on earth), it could bankrupt Barrick altogether, and potentially help release the price of gold from the clutches of the precious metals price fixing cartel. Jorge claims that Barrick, in cahoots with criminal bank HSBC, has sold millions of ounces of Pascua Lama gold into the market, while to date, never having mined a single ounce of gold from the property.”


‘EU has attacked freedom of speech’

“The European Union has imposed a new round of sanctions on nine Iranian officials including Press TV’s CEO Mohammad Sarafraz and its Newsroom Director Hamid Reza Emadi.”

It is regarding a short clip of Bahari.

I could say that the EU is not making sense but this is akin to the medieval inquisition.


Mystery Light Lifts Truck While Driving on Freeway (Germany)


6 Ways Our Supreme Court Has Defiled Our Constitution Read More

1. “Corporate Personhood”

2. “Fire in a Crowded Theater”

5. Corporations United

“With the same sort of twisted logic the Court applied in Plessy v. Ferguson (“separate, but equal”), we now have the Court affirming that those with the most loot can game the system, stack the deck, purchase the biggest bullhorn (the glitziest TV ads, etc.) while maintaining that beloved fiction of “one person, one vote”!”

6. The Voting Rights Act

“There’s that loaded word again—“entitlement.” It seems that, in the Court’s purview, protecting a people’s right to freedom of speech and assembly—manifesting most fundamentally in their right to vote—is some sort of suspect “entitlement.” But, a corporation’s right to spend multi-millions on “electioneering”—that is not an “entitlement,” that is protected under our First Amendment!”


Cincinnati Poll Worker Charged with Voting Six Times in Election 2012


NJ Mother Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly Read More

““If quoting the Constitution makes me a terrorist, we are in Hitler’s America,” she said incredulously.”

This is the same Constitution that Congress members read into the Congressional record every year, that Constitution ?


Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers


Boeing Declares War on Privacy in Washington State

Boeing is opposed to is legislative oversight at the local level


Vaccine industry in panic over global effort to remove all mercury from vaccines


Killing Us Softly – Euthanasia Policy Makers & Those Who Fund It Read More

“individuals aged roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get changes that are attenuated”


Scientists will study possible Chavez poisoning, Venezuelan leader says


Hugo Chavez — Paul Craig Roberts

“On March 5, 2013, Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela and world leader against imperialism, died. Washington imperialists and their media and think tank whores expressed gleeful sighs of relief as did the brainwashed US population. An “enemy of America” was gone.”

“Chavez was not an enemy of America. He was an enemy of Washington’s hegemony over other countries, an enemy of Washington’s alliance with elite ruling cliques who steal from the people they grind down and deny sustenance. He was an enemy of Washington’s injustice, of Washington’s foreign policy based on lies and military aggression, bombs and invasions.”


Morales calls for Chavez’s death investigation


U.S. Army tells soldiers don’t criticize Obama



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