Welcome to the multiple jobholder recovery

In February Multiple Jobholders Rose By A Record, As Full-Timers Dropped, Part-Timers Increased



Biggest Wealth On Planet Now Entering Gold & Silver Markets



BRICS Development Bank Could Break Dollar Hegemony



Passenger aircraft has near miss with drone above New York

New Method of Creating Energy Through Water Osmosis Discovered


Hugo Chavez, World Leaders and Cancer Deaths—Indications that the Cure Exists (For a Chosen Few)


Most definitely not me and most definitely not you.


Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty


“Sedgwick, Maine has done what no other town in the United States has done. The town unanimously passed an ordinance giving its citizens the right “to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.” This includes raw milk, locally slaughtered meats, and just about anything else you can imagine. It’s also a decided bucking of state and federal laws.”


Florida Irish pub banned from flying tricolor this St. Patrick’s Day by law


When did the American people become slaves to ridiculous laws such as this one ?


Administration debates stretching 9/11 law to go after new al-Qaeda offshoots


“A new generation of al-Qaeda offshoots is forcing the Obama administration to examine whether the legal basis for its targeted killing program can be extended to militant groups with little or no connection to the organization responsible for the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, U.S. officials said.”


“In other words, Obama just potentially painted a target on the back of every single America.”


John Bolton Defends Killing of American Citizens Without Due Process – Bolton Clashes With Stossel Over Obama’s Drones



John Cusack: ‘Obama Is A Regressive Corporate Warlord’



Government Wants to Expand Assassination Program to Cover “ASSOCIATES of ASSOCIATES” of Al Qaeda



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