Make REAL Change – this cashier couldn’t with $2.08 to pay for a $1.58 burger

Make REAL Change – this cashier couldn’t with $2.08 to pay for a $1.58 burger

The girl at the beginning of the video couldn’t understand how to give change for the $1.58 burger after being given $2.08. Should you be angry at her or should you be angry at those who mis-educated her ? I am angry at the latter.

Can you change yourself ?

Can you think for yourself ?

Trivium – grammar, logic, rhetoric

50s “These incompetent people will give up their individual freedom for the safety of the collective.”

Meanwhile, the guys who run the collective will enjoy all of their individual freedoms.

1m15s “The best way to extract wealth is to manipulate others to do the real physical labour for them and then lie to them so that they willingly hand over their wealth and individuality to them.”

2m “That empowers those at the top of the collective that spreads the lie that salvation for the individual lies within the collective. They do not control us, we empower them.”


School Community Outraged Over Math Problems That Reference Slaves Dying, Being Beaten


New Bill Seeks to Severely Restrict Homeschooling in South Carolina Read More

“impose state testing on all homeschool students in both the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) and all homeschool associations.”

Do you really think the parents that choose homeschooling are wanting to disadvantage their children ?


Bahraini protester run over by pro-regime militia
Rather than calls for Bahraini rulers to go, like we heard over Gaddafi’s supposed abuses, we hear silence from our corporate news media.

How about a no-drive zone for regime personnel ?

Look away from the football for a moment and drag your representative across the carpet.


Bahrain Revolution 15 Feb 2013 3tina7D


Human Metabolism Negatively Impacted by High-Fructose Corn Syrup

“One contribution high-fructose corn syrup is making to our society is a startling increase in obesity rates. Scientists have repeatedly proven that heavily altered (and often genetically modified) form of fructose, used in thousands of food products and soft drinks, can negatively impact human metabolism and is contributing to the growing obesity epidemic.”


Too much power in too few hands: Food giants take over the industry


Goldman Managing Director Snagged In Insider Trading Probe Leaves Firm


TBTF Banks Enter Payday Loan Business with 500% Interest Rates READ MORE

While the banks, which include giants like JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, do not make the loans, they are a critical link for the lenders, enabling the lenders to withdraw payments automatically from borrowers’ bank accounts, even in states where the loans are banned entirely. In some cases, the banks allow lenders to tap checking accounts even after the customers have begged them to stop the withdrawals.

The looting f**king continues.


Maguire – Stunning $24 Premiums For Gold In Shanghai

The COMEX is fake, which other exchanges are less fake.


Whistleblower – Gold & Silver Smash Orchestrated By The BIS

“This short-term profit activity over the years has actually created a major, unsustainable divergence between these two markets.  These banks are actually fighting a losing battle.  They simply cannot control the underlying physical market.”


Eric Sprott: The US Gov’t May Be Exporting German Gold to China!

“Let me give you the biggest example of that.  On Jan 17th, the Dept of Treasury released their GAAP budget deficit , and it was $6.9 TRILLION.  That’s the change in present value of true obligations in ONE YEAR plus the cash deficit- total deficit $6.9 TRILLION!  This is in a $16 trillion economy where politicians fight over $100 billion in spending cuts when the deficit is $6.9 T!  What I find most interesting about that number?  You will not see it reported ANYWHERE in the public press! 


Eric Sprott: Real 2012 US Deficit $6.9 Trillion- Not Reported Anywhere By The Public Press!


Eric Sprott: Is the West Dishoarding Its Sovereign Treasure?

2m15s “We are so well into the financial crisis.”

If you thought that the 2008 financial crisis had been resolved, think again.

3m45s “Central banks continue to sell ‘their’ gold and in very non-transparent fashion.”

The thing is the gold is not ‘their’ gold, it belongs to the people of the nation whose central bank is doing the selling.

4m20s “Even though it’s described as non-monetary gold my guess is that it’s monetary gold.”

Gold is money so what the hell is non-monetary gold ?

Could it be someone else’s gold that is being sold without the knowledge of the original owner and the original owner still thinks their gold is there when in fact they own a promise for gold.


COMEX non-inventory non-movement – Silver at record levels of OI surpassing 156,000

“It is totally incompatible in the silver comex market to see tightness in supplies,  record levels of silver eagle sales, high deliveries of silver in active months as well as higher deliveries than normally seen in non active delivery months, and finally record levels of open interest for the entire silver comex complex and yet see falling prices for that metal.”

“The total silver comex OI stunned the living daylights out of our bankers by rising by a huge 1548 contracts up to 156,435 from Thursday’s level of 154,887.”


Gold & Silver COT Report 2/22/13: Commercials Cover Astonishing 44 Million Ounces of Naked Silver Shorts!


Correcting Antal Fekete’s Historical Silver Errors


Demand Money As Sound As Silver


Coming Soon: $10 Trillion Of Yearly QE & Fantastic Gold Chart$10_Trillion_Of_Yearly_QE_%26_Fantastic_Gold_Chart.html

Not $85B a month of QE but $800B a month.


America’s Tragic Future In One Parabolic Chart


When The Fed Has To Print Money Just To Print Money

“would saddle the Fed with losses beginning as early as 2016, and losses that in some cases could substantially exceed the Fed’s capital.”


Keiser Report: When Truth is Found to be Lies (E408)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the four horsemen of the bondpoclypse riding into town bringing with them the reversal of multi-decades long trends and as pipe swipers steal toilets and as supermarkets hit the limits of cost-cutting, the population confronts the high cost of backsliding trends. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to former energy regulator, Chris Cook, about how we move from dollar diplomacy to gas diplomacy and a world where energy as the modern water hole where you don’t have to kill each other and a gas backed currency becomes a new global reserve currency in a post-dollar world.”


Keiser Report: Death by Financial Hypoxia (E410)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert compare the real financial suicide machine that is the global financial markets to the hypothetical euthanasia coaster that would kill its passengers after an allegedly fun and euphoric ride induces GLOC – G-force induced Loss Of Consciousness. In the financial markets this is achieved by churning clients so rapidly or front running them at faster than the speed of light. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to professor and economist, Constantin Gurdgiev, about the liquidation of IBRC, the bank formerly known as Anglo Irish and how it is that the bank came to collapse in the first place.”


So much for BBC transparency! 90 pages of BBC’s Savile report blacked out, DG goes to ground… and no one is blamed for fiasco–blamed-fiasco.html

This is non- transparency transparency or actual opaqueness.


Tory MP warned of powerful paedophile ring 30 years ago

“New evidence suggests that Dickens stumbled upon an Establishment paedophile ring in the early 1980s – and that his efforts to expose a cover-up left him in fear of his life. Dickens told fellow MPs that after warning of the existence of the network, he had received threatening phone calls and been burgled twice. He also claimed he had been placed on a “hit-list”, he told the House of Commons in a little-noticed speech.”


Britain’s Hidden Child Abuse: Channel 4 Dispatches claims Orthodox Jewish leaders protected child abusers


Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation: A drama that beats any Dan Brown plot

“Dan Brown couldn’t have made it up. The ecclesiastical earthquake of a pope resigning has been attributed, variously, to Benedict nursing a fatal illness; to a head injury during his trip to Mexico last March that convinced him to abdicate; to being forced out after an acrimonious meeting with a group of senior cardinals two days before he announced his resignation; to his looming disgrace over either dodgy deals done by the Vatican Bank, past cover-ups of paedophile priests, or an “explosive” forthcoming report by a team of cardinals on a tendering scandal; and to a strategy to secure the succession for his favourite.”


A Trail of Breadcrumbs: The Resignation of Pope Benedict and the Great Financial Collapse

“This is not a chain of five conspirators, necessarily, but is intended to show the links between our politics, our financial gurus, and our religious leaders.”

“First, Barack Obama. The president is bent on running the national debt to its limit.”

“The second link is Paul Volcker. Volcker is former chairman of the Federal Reserve.”

“On December 18th, just before the penultimate meeting of the group, Padoa-Schioppa died, and the third man in our trail of breadcrumbs appears. The new leader of the Palais-Royal group: Michel Camdessus, French economist and former Managing Director of the IMF.”

“One may well imagine the response to this paper: “This new banking takeover might work, Monsieur Camdessus, but is it right? Is it moral?” And now the Vatican comes in. We come to our fourth name, that of Cardinal Peter Turkson. Turkson is president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.”

“And so we come to the last name on our list, full circle to Pope Benedict XVI. Why is he stepping down so unexpectedly? The answer is to be found, I believe, in the name of the man considered to have the best odds of being our next pope: Cardinal Peter Turkson. According to the Pope’s own brother, Benedict is tormented by the “Vatileaks” scandal, involving leaked Vatican documents indicating money laundering and corruption.”


Vatican backlash over dossier rumours linking Church to ‘gay network’ and ‘sex parties’


Benedict XVI resigns due to homosexuality in Vatican?

“The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Benedict XVI, has not resigned voluntarily. The real reason for the early retirement of the Pope is a series of scandals that have occurred in the Vatican recently. In particular, in the middle of December 2012, Benedict XVI received a 200-page report on the blackmail of high officials who had been found guilty of homosexuality.”

“The document, Italian publications say, contains incriminating evidence against several Vatican cardinals, RBC reports. Moreover, some cardinals are suspected of corruption.”

“The Vatican has not commented on this information yet. Press Attaché of the Roman Catholic Church, Federico Lombardi, only urged everyone to mind their own business.”

If they have a position of leadership then it is very much our business to know what is going in the Vatican.


Papal resignation linked to inquiry into ‘Vatican gay officials’, says paper


King of Spain’s daughter may be named as a suspect in multimillion euro fraud case as her husband faces court quiz

“Politicians are already calling for the abdication of her father after 37 years on the throne as anger grows over the corruption scandal engulfing the family.”


HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ARE MARCHING IN MADRID, SPAIN against Corruption, Bank debts,politicians’ high wages; Spanish POLICE ON ALERT

“They are going to demonstrate in front of the House of Representatives. People is fed up with politicians’ corruption and private debt. Far-right and far-left groups are marching along with liberals, libertarians, social-democrats, conservatives, communists, anarchists against the political corruption.”


Mass austerity protests hit Spain


Beppe Grillo Surges in Last Minute Rush; Is That a Good Thing? READ MORE

“Grillo is a comedian-turned-politician who is doing shockingly well the Italian elections (coming up this Sunday and Monday) by running on an aggressive anti-bank, euro-skeptic platform.”


Canadian police abuse aboriginal women: HRW

“However, the shockingly careless response of Canadian authorities to the allegations forced HRW to publish subsequent critiques of both the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Bob Paulson and the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper over their failure to address the claims.”


Iran Already Has Free Energy That Could Render Military Industrial Complex Obsolete


Mysterious flu-like condition kills child, doctors erroneously blame lack of flu shot

“Instead, a nurse reportedly told Tahila’s parents that the hospital was not evaluating children for the flu”


Black Leaders Speak Out on Gun Control – Gun Control Has Racist Origins


Gun Companies Boycotting Law Enforcement In Anti-Gun States Grow By More Than 700% In 1 Week


Montana legislator introduces bill to give corporations right to vote

Of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations.


Targeted Killings: “It’s Ok if Obama Does it” READ MORE

Only 27 percent of white racial liberals in a control group supported the targeted killing policy, but that jumped to 48 percent among such voters who were told Obama had conducted such targeted killings.

How do we know that the ones being are really guilty ?

And shouldn’t everyone get their day in court ?

I would ask to be shown the clause in the Constitution that grants the president this authority. Keeping the American people safe is not to be found in the Constitution.

Darth Obama



Robert Gibbs Told Not To Acknowledge Drone Program Exists As White House Press Secretary READ MORE

Robert intones ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’.


Restoring The West: A Blueprint To Restore The Articles of Confederation Read More

“While the US should, of course, retain both the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we must return to a decentralized confederation structure of government like Switzerland or Canada and add in the right of Swiss style referendums so citizens can terminate or initiate legislation when Congress fails to follow the will of the people.”

Terminating legislation by referendum is a brilliant idea.


The NWO Isn’t working Now and Will Never Work in the Future – How do I now? – Open Your Eyes and Look Around


Ann Coulter Calls Iraq a “Magnificent War” and is Booed by Libertarians

Spoken by someone who has never fought in a war.


It’s Time For a War Crimes Tribunal

“Thom Hartmann says its time for former President George W. Bush and company to answer to war crimes charges.”

George W. Bush, who else ?


Nuclear Genocide of Babies & Children in Japan, U.S., Canada Grows–children-in-japan-us-canada-grows.html

“In her ExopoliticsTV interview, Ms. Moret demonstrated that there has been a spike of 35% in infant mortality in the west coast of the United States and of Canada since the HAARP-triggered Fukushima event that can be reasonably attributed to the ionizing radiation ferried across the Pacific ocean and dumped on west coast U.S. and Canadian cities by HAARP-caused weather warfare.”

“Because uranium is a hormone and estrogen disruptor, it is one of the main causes of diabetes globally since 1945. All atomic and hydrogen bombs were composed of thousands of times more depleted uranium than the plutonium in the bomb core, making it the main atmospheric nuclear pollutant since 1945. The very large increase in diabetes beginning in 1991, with the introduction of US depleted uranium (DU) weaponry to the battlefield in GW I, is reflected in the global statistics and indicative of how pernicious and global the DU poisoning really is. It has been reported globally that the largest number of new cases of diabetes are diagnosed when the annual rainy seasons begin indicating that the cause of diabetes is in the atmosphere.”

“Large Increases in Autism Increased Dramatically with Introduction of Nuclear Power”

I would say thorium based nuclear power wouldn’t cause autism like uranium based nuclear power does.

“Dr. Ernest Sternglass was able to compare the number of kilowatt-hours of electricity generated in California per year to the increase in autism incidence in California, and found that there was a direct causal relationship. The occurrence of autism is not diagnosed until the child is about five years old, so the time of diagnosis of large increases of autism was offset by about 5 years from the year of birth that indicated the brain damage was caused by in utero exposure of the fetus to ionizing radiation, even exposure to very low amounts. In recent studies, the incidence of autism in Washington, Oregon, and California has been linked to the presence of nuclear reactors and rainfall patterns. The largest number of new cases of autism is diagnosed when the annual rainy season starts, indicating that the cause is rainout of radioactive nanoparticles into the environment. In the United States the cost of treating an autistic child is very expensive.”


Proof Meteorite Was Shot Down Over Russia UFO !?! Coincidence ? Missile ? UFO ??





I have no doubt that this will be used to make false claims and that innocent users will have to prove their innocence rather than the accusers prove guilt.


Police Enslave, Not Protect

15m20s “Any member of the public who goes to the court room with a 2B pencil will be arrested.”

15m30s “Turning every court room into a Shakespearen play: 2B to not 2B, that is the question.”


Jury Nullification Activist Jailed 145 Days for Distributing Info

“We noted that Schmidter was not guilty of any actual law, but rather rules written by the acting judge. These rules that Schmidter is in violation of are for demonstrating outside of a “free speech zone” determined by Judge Perry. Schmidter, who was first arrested in June 2011, has maintained his innocence and that the judge’s orders he violated were a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.”

“Furthermore, the very rule he was found to be in violation of has been overturned.”

“Judge Belvin Perry issued Administrative Order # 2011 03 which states that if anyone hands out information, talks or hold a sign outside the courthouse, they would be held in contempt of court and jury tampering.”

“believes in the historically well established rights of juries to judge the law as well as the facts and also that if there is no victim, there is no crime and jurors may agree.”

“To learn about the essential importance of Jury Nullification, please view the Layman’s Guide to Jury Nullification below. It should be clear why judges wouldn’t want this information distributed; they prefer judicial tyranny, as opposed to juries who vote with their conscience as part of upholding America’s legal tradition.”

Is this blog outside a ‘free speech zone’ ?



UNESCO Peace Prize to a War Criminal

“On February 21, the UN News Centre headlined “French President Francois Hollande awarded UNESCO peace prize.” It’s for his “valuable contribution to peace and stability in Africa.””

“Washington wants Beijing shut out of what it wants unchallenged control. AFRICOM was established to rape the continent’s riches. Waging war on Libya and Mali suggest further conflicts ahead.”

“Holland, Washington, and supportive allies back Mali’s unpopular regime. They’re allied with other repressive African governments.”


With Rehab Still Nowhere In Sight, Fed Floats a “First Step” Trial Balloon

“Essentially, the analogy is that markets have become dependent on both artificially low interest rates and the cash provided by liquidity programs such as “Quantitative Easing” in much the same way that a person can become addicted to a dangerous drug or alcohol. If you’ve ever seen addiction first hand, you know this is a spurious anthropomorphizing of financial markets. If you haven’t, well, just trust me.”


This is how Obama really got elected: Ohio voter casts six votes, fraud widespread


Top U.S. Terrorist Group: the FBI


Cynthia McKinney: Every Member of US Congress Must Sign Pledge to Israel TWO VIDEOS


All 67 Florida County Sheriffs sign pledge to protect the right of citizens to bear arms

Perhaps the USA will not descend into dictatorship as 1930s Germany did.

The fastest way to bring down a dictatorship is to force them to act like where everybody can see it.


Poison on the Platter – GMOs and the Poisoning of India

“Poison On The Platter looks at the GM issue through the lens of activists, scientists and ordinary citizens. It brings alive the various shades of the GM issue such as the scientific evidences against GM food from lab rat studies, the GM disasters such as L-Tryptothan, the story of Bt Cotton and farmer suicides in India and protests across the world against GM food.”


Former NSA Officer Says That 9/11 Whistleblower Was Murdered in a Black Ops Hit Read More


13,753 Gov’t Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant Read More




Police Union Sends Robocall to Residents Attacking the Creation of a Police Brutality Oversight Committee Read More

“The worst thing about it is how they continue to throw around the rhetoric that they are providing a public service, when the majority of the time real crimes are ignored to pursue nonviolent non-crimes that generate more revenue.”


New bill aims to strip food consumer rights by banning undercover videos at farms and food plants

“Some politicians in Indiana are looking to circumvent full disclosure and the First Amendment with legislation that would ban undercover videos at food processing plants and farms.”

What if a DNA testing of meats claiming to be beef but actually had some horse in it had been banned ?

We’d not been having this horse meat scandal, that’s what, and consumers would blissfully ignorant of eating horse thinking it was beef.



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