Greek Official Sends 2000 Cases of Fraud and Embezzlement of Public Money to Authorities, Zero Results READ MORE


USDA Got Brand New Pathogen Warning BEFORE Deregulating GM Alfalfa Read More

Dangerous foodstuffs from big agri corporations get the GREEN LIGHT while safe foodstuffs from mom-and-pop operations get the RED LIGHT – what is wrong with this picture ?


Judge Napolitano, Tom Woods and Tom DiLorenzo discuss the truth about Lincoln

30s “If keeping slavery legal would have kept the union together he would have kept slavery legal.”

1m “In Lincoln’s first inaugural address he pledged support to enshrine slavery in the Constitution.”

1m20s “He had the Army imprison tens of thousands of Northern civilians without due process, this included duly elected members of the Maryland legislature, the mayor of Baltimore and many newspaper men.”

3m40s “A government waged war on civilians. Lincoln’s federal agents and Lincoln’s soldiers actually targeted civilians in the South, these were not legitimate military targets, they were utterly defenseless.”

5m30s “Lincoln, to his dying day, was looking for ways to deport the freed slaves somewhere in the world.”


Lawmakers Vote For Vacation Over Sequester Talks Read More


Here It Comes: The Fed Knows READ MORE

“Let us assume there are 10,000 units of currency and credit in the system, and 10,000 units of output.  You must not denominate the output in units of currency because if you do then you’ve created an open fraud in your claimed statistical figures, so let’s denominate them in hours of labor.”

“So now I can exchange one hour of labor for one unit of currency or credit.”

“Now the government wants to “goose” the economy, and it convinces The Fed to emit 10,000 more units of currency and credit.” Note that the amount of output does not change in the immediate sense, and may not change at all!

But what does change is that each unit of currency and credit now only buys one half of an hour of labor.”


COMEX non-inventory non-movement

“The total silver comex open interest is the major focus of attention to our banker.  The OI for silver advanced another 149 contracts despite the huge whacking of silver again yesterday.  The new OI rests tonight at 155,353 compared to yesterday’s level of 155,204.  This is at a multi year high.  This is a very unstable condition to have OI for silver at record levels and yet the price of silver to fall.”


Ron Paul- “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”


Russian meteorite 1,000 times bigger than originally thought

“The meteorite actually weighed closer to 10,000 tons”


Oklahoma City activist and filmmaker, Mark Faulk, stranded in Minn. by TSA

“wouldn’t approve me to fly”

You can be able entirely law abiding but still be denied the right to commercial transact with a provider of transportation.

“My suitcase was taken off the plane and confiscated, then held for another 45 minutes even though it had already been searched at least twice.”

I wish this guy was making this s**t up but I think he isn’t.

“As I said, I feel like a terrorist, but I’m not. I’m a filmmaker who worked on a film about Wall Street Fraud, wrote a book that helped the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and SEC indict 13 criminals, and spoke out against corruption while I was involved with Occupy OKC and Occupy OK.”


Towns to pay $3.5M in deadly cop raid

“unreasonable and excessive force”

“During a deposition, Sweeney asked: “Why didn’t we just knock on the door?””

Why indeed.


A 75 Year Old Indiana Farmer Takes on Monsanto READ MORE

“As of yesterday, many of the controversies are coming to a head with the case Bowman v. Monsanto coming in front of the Supreme Court.  Fortunately for the company, Clarence Thomas was a former Monsanto attorney and the Obama Administration is also actively siding with them.  Banana Republic 101.”

Today’s oral argument is a study in these intertwined interests: the Obama administration is presenting their own defense of Monsanto, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was once a Monsanto lawyer (but will not recuse himself from Bowman’s case).

Perhaps I am too stupid to understand but can someone explain why the president is getting involved ?



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