Housing Starts Adj vs Unadj Redux / PAPER SILVER VOLUME NEARING 1M

Chart Of The Day: Housing Starts Adjusted vs Unadjusted Redux


Only difference: back in March 2012, the Adjusted Starts number was 706K, or 184K less than today. Today’s unadjusted number is also lower than it was in June 2011 when it printed 60.5K, and when the adjusted print was, drumroll,  615K or 275K less than today! Thank you seasonal adjustments.”

Housing Starts Adj vs Unadj_0





This beats every day of the past few months by some stretch. The above chart immortalises the cartel’s criminality.


China’s Military Hacking Scandal Explained In A 150 Second Cartoon



The Spending Crunch Is Official: “We Are Confident There Is An Issue With The Consumer”



The Precious Metals Morning Slam Is Right On Schedule


“In other news, US Mint reported physical gold and silver sales through yesterday have already surpassed the 2012 February total.”


Financial System: At Some Point It’ll Blow, Says Billionaire Eric Sprott


[Ed. Note: … Greg Hunter’s site was taken down by the bad guys today!]

Another site – Greg Hunter’s – whacked over silver.


SD Suffers Co-ordinated Malicious Apache Flood Attack During Interview With Eric Sprott!


This comes on the heels of KWN and USAWatchdog sites being attacked during their recent interviews with Sprott.

The information war is in progress, and we are winning.  TPTB are desperate to prevent real news and information from reaching the American public. 


SAC Capital Partners Bets A Quarter Billion On Gold, Silver, & Mining Shares

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/132939 READ MORE


‘Ireland Needs The IMF Like Children Need The Vatican’


I’d say the world needs the IMF like children need the Vatican


Spain Just Issued a Warning: The System is Blowing Up Again

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/132962 READ MORE


COMEX non-inventory non-movement


“Silver finished the day at $29.38 down 45 cents.”

“The total silver comex OI shocked the living daylights out of the bankers.  No doubt the many raids that we are witnessing lately has  silver as the object of the interest. The total silver comex OI rests tonight at multi year highs of 155,204, a rise of 840 contracts from Friday’s level of 154,364.”

“The estimated volume today was also in the stratosphere at 368,039.  In ounces this represents 1.825 billion oz or over to 2 years of annual silver production.”

Price down, open interest (amount of promises for silver being held) UP – DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. This market is bollocks.


COMEX Sets All Time Volume Record for Silver, 2.5 Years Global Mine Production Trades in Single Day!



Retired Cop: Desensitizing Police Training Is Brainchild Of Sick Social Engineers


‘Non Traditional Threat’ targets indicate “something seriously wrong”

“T.F. Stern, writing on his website The Moral Liberal, states that the cardboard cutouts of pregnant women, children, and elderly citizens, for police target practice can only have been created by a “sick mind”, with the intention of having police officers or Homeland Security “goons” completely disregard humanity.”



Video: Teacher Tells Students Muslims, Arabs Are ‘Just Like Hitler’


To generalise about a particular race in a negative fashion is racist.


Currency wars: It’s starting to look a bit too much like 1931

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/132983 READ MORE


Flu Shot Given To Pregnant Women Causes Death Rate of Unborn BabiesTo Rise By 4,250%

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/132750 READ MORE


Is Nigeria, And Its Light Sweet Crude, About To Be Drawn Into The Mali “Liberation” Campaign?



Our Republic WIll Recover in a Post Federal Reserve Bank Era Because America is too tough to Die.


“I do not buy the notion of pandemonium and chaos will happen when the dollar collapses. There will be temporary instability in some major cities that are war zones because of gun control laws. The US government is going to collapse. The Federal Reserve is going to go belly up because the have over extended themselves with fictional digits entered in to a computer not representing actual physical money in circulation. This private central bank has been artificially keeping the price of gold down leasing other nation’s gold dumping it on the market. Now these nations that have their gold on deposit want their gold back. The Federal Reserve cannot account for the gold, nor will allow these nations to see the gold. Why? Because it is not there. It has been stolen.”


Genocide in Canada – Even the Official Whitewash now Admits that Thousands of Children Died … but when will Criminal charges be laid?

http://sgtreport.com/2013/02/genocide-in-canada-even-the-official-whitewash-now-admits-that-thousands-of-children-died-but-when-will-criminal-charges-be-laid/ Read More



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