Suez Canal To Hike Tolls On Crude Tankers By 5% (but you should believe there is no price inflation)


Argentina Freezes Supermarket Prices To Halt Soaring Inflation; Chaos To Follow

Their input costs are still going up so you can expect for shortages to develop.


Greek Government Threatens Striking Seamen With Arrests Unless They Resume Work


Ledger Book Shows Rajoy Received 35 Payments Totaling €322,231; Rajoy’s Incredulous Denial; Anger Rises READ MORE


Mariano Rajoy’s Mindblowing Defense: “It Is All Untrue, Except For Some Things”

If you can make sense of his statement then I congratulate you because I can’t.


Justice Department white paper: government can kill Americans without clear evidence

“According to an unclassified Department of Justice white paper released by NBC News, the U.S. government can kill Americans without charge or trial or even “clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future” as part of the highly controversial drone assassination program…”

I bet Adolf Hitler would have loved drones.


Enemies of the Constitution Read More

Anyone who reads the ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, should realise that it is an instrument to restrain government not the people.

Government must not interfere with individual American’s religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, right to bear arms, search and seizure, grand jury, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, due process, criminal prosecutions – jury trial, right to confront and to counsel, excess bail or fines, cruel and unusual punishment, non-enumerated rights.


MUST SHARE: Judge Napolitano – The Second Amendment Was Written To Protect the People’s Right To Shoot Tyrants Not Skeet


How A Colombian Drug Trafficker In HSBC Case Faces 18 Years In Federal Prison, While Bankers Will Pay Fines Instead


Gold & Silver COT Report 1/31/13: Commercials Increase Silver Short Position a Massive 14 Million Ounces!


Aspartame is linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in new Landmark Study on Humans


Maryland county school board to own all students’ work with copyright policy

Are these students indentured servants now ?


Why Police Lie Under Oath

“That may sound harsh, but numerous law enforcement officials have put the matter more bluntly. Peter Keane, a former San Francisco Police commissioner, wrote an article in The San Francisco Chronicle decrying a police culture that treats lying as the norm: “Police officer perjury in court to justify illegal dope searches is commonplace. One of the dirty little not-so-secret secrets of the criminal justice system is undercover narcotics officers intentionally lying under oath. It is a perversion of the American justice system that strikes directly at the rule of law. Yet it is the routine way of doing business in courtrooms everywhere in America.””


The Weight of Chains – The Breakup of Yugoslavia

“Watch the film that has stirred controversy around the world, screened at cinemas across Australia, Canada and the US, as well as at film festivals in London (Raindance), Belgrade (Beldocs), Havana, Ann Arbor, Toronto, and many others.”

“If you thought you knew why Yugoslavia broke up, get ready for 2 hours of shocking facts that will shed a different light on Western intervention in the Balkans. Nicknamed the “Serbian Michael Moore” by the oldest daily newspaper in the Balkans, Malagurski will expose the root causes of the Yugoslav wars and explain that the goal was for the West to create economic and geopolitical colonies in that part of the world.”

“Who’s in the film? Everyone from former “Economic Hitman” John Perkins, Retired Major General of the UN Army Lewis Mackenzie, Canadian economist Michel Chossudovsky, Canadian journalist Scott Taylor, former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett, humanitarian Vlade Divac and the list goes on!”


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