Connecticut shooting: only hand guns on supposed shooter’s person but victim’s wounds from a long weapon

Was The Sandy Hook Massacre A False Flag Operation? It Was If Adam Lanza’s Long Gun Was in His Car…

But ALL of these early reports claimed that authorities retrieved the only long gun from Adam’s car.”

“As we’ve previously reported, the smoking gun hole in the “official” story is that Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver clearly stated [as seen at 1:44 in this video] that all of the gun shot wounds he examined were “caused by a long weapon.””

“So again we ask, who fired the rifle shots responsible for these murders?

It has fallen apart already, the “official” story that is. Only hand guns with supposed shooter but victim’s wounds from a long weapon.

The short lifetime of this latest government fable must have set some sort of record.

‘Did we just kill a kid?’: The moment drone operator who assassinated Afghans with the push of a button on a computer in the U.S. realized he had vaporized a child… and could not go on–decided-quit.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

“But when it was down to three seconds, a child suddenly walked around the corner.”

“The next thing he saw was a flash on the screen – the explosion. The building collapsed, and the child disappeared.”

Will the president shed a tear for this murdered child ?

In the US, mass child killings are tragedies. In Pakistan, mere bug splats

“Barack Obama’s tears for the children of Newtown are in stark contrast to his silence over the children murdered by his drones”

CT Police Threaten to Arrest Anyone Who Questions Their Version of the (Sandy Hook) Story

Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative on Shooting

“Given that most of the “misinformation” about the shooting came from corporate media sources, the fact that Facebook is punishing users for asking questions about the proper sequence of events – essentially labeling such activity a thought crime – is a worrying development.”

Perhaps users should give facebook the bird and sign up to

Former Obama Information Czar Calls Second Amendment Rights “Crazy” Read More

“In the editorial titled Gun Debate Must Avoid Crazy Second Amendment Claims, Sunstein argues that the individual right to bear arms, supported and reaffirmed consistently by courts across the nation, constitutes “wild and unsupportable claims about the meaning of the Constitution.””

‘Security of a free state’.

No More Questions to Ask About Sandy Hook Shooting?

Dominant Social Theme: There are no more questions to ask. Everything is settled.”

Free-Market Analysis: There are questions to ask, just as there were at Columbine where hundreds of witnesses saw more than two young shooters and tried, to no avail, to testify about what they witnessed.”

“The Columbine investigation was closed without addressing this point and many others, including the medical condition of the two young men who live on only in bloody Internet pictures. Viewers have pointed out inconsistencies in the death photos that tend to undermine the idea of a mutual suicide – the official story.”

“Questions emerged after the recent Aurora cinema shooting in Colorado by suspect James Holmes, as well. Eyewitnesses even questioned whether it was Holmes who actually did the shooting.”

“And even more questions are being raised following the Sandy Hook Connecticut shooting, as we can see from the above excerpt. Similar questions have been raised on numerous alternative websites including the alternative conservative site Free Republic (in a thread recently pulled).”

“There have been too many of these shootings with too many official inconsistencies. A better way of getting information to the public has to be worked out.”

“Otherwise, mistrust will continue to grow within the alternative media community. The more the officials seem to be equivocating, the more this perspective will take hold.”

The Daily Bell publishes a list of 32 questions.

“Holmes’ Father – LIBOR” connection originates from known disinfo dispenser Sorcha Faal

SILVER ALERT: Geithner Panics and Shuts Down Silver Eagle Supply

December to April is the best month for silver but there is no physical silver for American Eagles.

OECD: LIBOR “has to be the biggest financial fraud of all time”

“”We will never know the amounts of money involved, but it has to be the biggest financial fraud of all time,” said Adrian Blundell-Wignall, a special adviser to the secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.”

Baltimore issues speeding ticket for stopped car

50s “Each potential citation goes through two layers of review.”

1m “After that stringent review process a Baltimore police officer must review the citation.”

So there are at least three people who are as dumb as fence posts.

Art Cashin: “This Is A World Even Keynes Could Not Conceive”

“EU Fiddles While Athens Starves” – UKIP the german banks know the EU is illegal

HSBC to Pay $1.92 Billion to Settle Charges of Money Laundering

“Regulators have also vowed to improve. The Congressional hearings exposed weaknesses at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the national bank regulator. In 2010, the regulator found that HSBC had severe deficiencies in its anti-money laundering controls, including $60 trillion in transactions and 17,000 accounts flagged as potentially suspicious, activities that were not reviewed. Despite the findings, the regulator did not fine the bank.”

This was 27 paragraphs long and only in the 26th paragraph was the gigantic sum of $60 trillion mentioned. Trying to down play a sum that is the annual GDP of the world isn’t going to work.

CURRENCY CARTEL: Counterfeiting “Risk Free”

Dimishing returns

Days between 'unsterilised' actions

Santelli And Schiff On Bernanke’s “Roach Motel Of Monetary Policy”

Japanese Pension Funds With $3.4 Trillion In Assets Seek Safety In Gold

“the fund has invested around ¥500 million-¥600 million in gold”

John Embry – Chinese Demand For Silver Has Exploded

Silver is money too

“During this time they went about setting the agenda for switching to a paper based monetary system by appealing to and bribing opinion leaders in politics, business and academia. Bound together by common interest, the elite went on to cheat the public. First they dealt with silver in the USA with the Gold Act of 1900. Then they joined their British and European counterparts to create the Commission for International Exchange, to convince the Third World that silver was not money, and that they should instead accept paper money backed by imaginary gold instead.”

“This heist was a particularly impressive achievement given that the word for money in Spanish, Bahasa, Burmese and a few Indian languages is silver. Indeed, the Mandarin Chinese word for bank is “silver house”.”

“Then with silver out of the picture, their attention turned to gold. The establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was the beginning of the end for gold’s use as currency. Soon, politicians realised the opportunity for a much-expanded state without the inconvenience of having to raise the necessary revenue via unpopular taxation. Their intellectual pin up boy was John Maynard Keynes. When asked about the inevitable collapse that would result from ever increasing deficit spending in the long run, he famously replied:”

““In the long run, we are all dead.””

Indian government admits ‘gold-backed’ means just pretending to have gold

“Thanks to the government of India for acknowledging today that the great advantage of “gold-backed financial instruments” is not to their purchasers but rather to the government itself in its campaign to talk Indians out of their gold to reduce the country’s current account deficit.”

“That is, as the Press Trust of India reports in the story appended from The Hindu, replacing the investment of the Indian people in gold with “gold-backed financial instruments” can reduce gold purchases only insofar as those “gold-backed financial instruments” don’t actually have all the gold that has been sold in their name.”

“But no thanks to the Indian government for thinking its people to be so stupid.”

““In its mid-year economic analysis tabled in Parliament on Monday,” the PTI story says, “the government said gold-backed products would help investors enjoy the benefits of investment in the metal without investing in the physical commodity.””

Dramatic evolution of China Silver market to continue READ MORE

Charting US Debt And Deficit Since Inception

US Debt to GDP Since Independence_1_0

Spanish Bad Loans At New Record, Deteriorate At Fastest Pace Since June

Prince Charles reported to the revenue over ‘well entrenched tax avoidance scheme’ on £18m earnings

Oh dear.

36 UBS Bankers To Be Implicated In Liborgate, Criminal Charges To Be Filed

HSBC Couldn’t Track $60 Trillion in Suspicious Activity?!

10s “But when it comes to Eliot Spitzer’s transactions, well they happen to catch that right away.”

20s “3 wire transfers totalling roughly $10,000.”

Eliot Spitzer, former governor and attorney general of New York and his $10,000 vs HSBC’s $60,000,000,000,000

Neurological disorder MMF found to be caused by vaccines: scientific proof

UN Eugenics: Polio vaccination workers shot dead in Pakistan

[Ed. Note: News flash: ‘Polio Vaccines Now The #1 Cause of Polio Paralysis’. These gruesome murders may indicate that people in Pakistan are informed about the horrors of the UN vaccination programs, and want them to stop.]

SPLC Begins New Propaganda Campaign Against Liberty Driven Organizations

“In the past the SPLC has been known to attack so called “conspiracy” and patriot groups as well as citizen militias, none of which are proponents of aggressive force, even the militias are only advocates of self defense.  Those propaganda campaigns are still in effect, but are now being expanded to the newly popular libertarian varieties of Anarcho-Capitalism and Voluntaryism, essentially the belief that all human interactions should be chosen and voluntary.  They must be terrorists!…Atleast according to the SPLC anyway.”

Ex-CIA Agent: America creates its own enemies

“Americans are in the crosshairs of terrorists worldwide purely due to Washington’s policy in the Muslim world, not because there is an Islamic enemy whose only aim is to kill Americans for their freedoms and lifestyle, insists a former CIA officer. Historian Michael Scheuer, an author of “Through our enemies’ eyes”, who worked for the agency for over 20 years till 2004 and at one time was the chief of the CIA’s ‘Bin Laden unit’, says America’s greatest enemy — radical Islam — never existed: neither when Bin Laden was alive, nor now.”

US backed “Free Syrian Army” has “Crossed the Line”: Threatens to Kill Russians and Ukrainians in Syria

Syrian Rebels Now Have Chemical Weapons


Political Elite with Concealed Carry Permits a Symptom of “Only Ones’ NOT Support for Gun Rights

“Just because a politician recognizes that being armed makes THEM safer, doesn’t mean they support YOUR right to keep and bear arms. They think they’re different than you and me, that because of their title they’re entitled to MORE rights than we are.”

“Senator Barbara Boxer (left),  seen here vilifying semi-automatic rifles with Dianne Feinstein, has a permit to carry.”

“Chuck Schumer, one of the most anti-gun Senators in Washington D.C., obtained a permit to carry for self-defense.”

List of 66 School shooting incidents involving SSRIs

“Make that 67”

“Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza: ‘Obviously Not Well’

A Greater Killer Than Rifles: Should These Be Banned?

“According to the Center for Disease Control, falling out of bed accounts for 1.8 million emergency room visits, over 400 thousand hospital admissions and 450 deaths each year. According to the FBI, last year only 358 people were murdered by rifles.”

The numbers just do not add up.

Mass murder with baseball bats – TIME TO BAN BASEBALL!!!!

Gun-Town USA: 25 Years Murder Free

“According to The Judy Morris Report, the city of Kennesaw, Georgia in 1982 passed a law requiring that every household have at least one member that is armed and firearms proficient. According to Judy:”

“Before 1982, Kennesaw had experienced soaring crime rates so it passed a law with the goal of crime reduction. The crime rate plummeted. While the media castigated Kennesaw and dubbed it ‘Guntown USA’ and predicted that Kennesaw would become a Wild West styled shootout town full of gun violence, the truth is much different. The crime rate plummeted and at one point in 2007, Kennesaw was deemed a murder free town for 25 years.”

Gun Ownership: Why No One Invades Switzerland

Connecticut’s Strict Gun Control Laws Did Not Stop the School Shootings in Newtown

Police doing a late-night probation check get wrong address, go to home of Maine militia head instead

‘SANDY HOOK’ And ‘AURORA’ References in the Film ‘The Dark Night Rises’ — Just Another ‘Coincidence’?

An ICE AGE is coming, only CO2 can save us


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