Because ZIRP, QE1, QE2 and twist have not worked, doubling of QE3 to $85B/m or $1T/year is expected

October US Exports Plunge By Most Since January 2009 As Trade Deficit With China Hits Record

It was back in March 2009 that the stock market bottomed so this indicator suggests that the stock market will now head back down towards that level and possibly lower.

Goldman Q4 GDP Forecast At 1.0% Following Trade Data

Tom Woods: The Federal Reserve has made every Banking Panic Worse

Tom tells listeners that the banking panic of 1893, the worst one of the 19th century, resulted in depositor losses equating to 0.1% of GDP and the banking panics in the central banking era resulting in depositor losses equating to 10%, 20% of GDP.

Tom tells listeners that the federal reserve increased the ‘money’ supply by over 7% per year from 1924 up to the end of 1928 setting up the economy for the 1929 crash.

Keiser Report: Whammies of Wall St. Witches (E378)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at the latest BIS warning of a global credit bubble caused by zero percent interest rate policies meant to appease the angry hidden people in the shadow banking system. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to David Smith of about the Swiss currency peg, the global game of honesty limbo in the financial sector and hoping that midnight never comes for Alice in Switzer-land.”

HSBC to Pay $1.9 Billion to SETTLE [Meaning No One Gets Prosecuted For CRIMES, Of Course] Drug Money-Laundering Case Read More

I want to live in a society that is not DUAL justice.

Chilton blasts ‘puny’ fine in case where Goldman Sachs used fake trades

“An outspoken regulator lashed out at a $1.5 million settlement between Goldman Sachs and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, calling the deal a steal for the Wall Street bank.”

“Bart Chilton, a CFTC commissioner, described the cash amount as “puny” and “a slap on the wrist” when compared to the whopping $8.3 billion trade at the center of the case.”

They keep their criminal profit and 0.00018% of their criminal profit is paid out as the fine.

Mervyn King raises spectre of currency wars in 2013

It’s finally coming home to roost

““They” are finally coming home to roost! “They” being Dollars. China has bid a $4 billion deal for 80% of AIG’s plane leasing company over the weekend. China is also a major buyer of housing in the U.S., total foreign investment has reached $7 billion so far. While still not a huge amount, the snowball is rolling and can only get bigger and bigger. China is demonstrating its appetite for “stuff” over Dollar holdings. This is quite logical and actually surprising that it has taken this long and that they haven’t already done more deals and vacuumed up more property and assets.”

“They have, however, been scouring the planet over the last 3 or 4 years cutting deals “payable” in Dollars for raw materials. Quite simply, they are unloading Dollars by making future promises (in Dollars) to pay for real assets now. They are passing the “potato” along in the game of Dollar hot potato that I’ve spoken of before so often. The Chinese are a very smart people and understand the end game to Dollar hegemony, either they spend them now while they still “spend” or be stuck with them.”

At least someone is contributing to velocity of money but this is foreign held dollars being exchanged for stuff domestic to the USA.

Annual Wealth Created: BIS Banker vs American Worker Read More

“From before the financial crisis began, the cost of what families need to buy has risen significantly, while nominal wages are rising at their slowest rate in recorded history. In other words, the rate at which wages are rising is far slower than the rate at which the purchasing power of the dollar wages are paid in is falling.”

“In fact, when measured in real money—gold—the real average annual private-sector wage has fallen from 66 ounces of gold in 2006 to just 28 ounces today.”

I have just heard someone on CNBC say people need to save but those who save in dollars are on a one way ticket to the poor house.

On Jamie

Warren Buffett is one of America’s biggest bailout beneficiaries, having profited hugely from buying into firms whose assets were subsequently bailed out. Shortly after the crisis began in 2008, Warren Buffett loaned money to, and bought options from, Goldman Sachs, seemingly with the knowledge the bailout of AIG — a counterparty to which Goldman had massive, massive exposure — would take place. Dimon as Treasury Secretary would intend more of the same. Dimon and Buffett and others like them believe in having their cake and eating it. Buffett and Dimon surely have in mind more cronyism, bailouts and free lunches, but the reality of the next four years and beyond may be very different indeed.

Silver Sales Set to Outshine Gold in India READ MORE

“Indian retailers are bullish on silver. With supplies tightening, deliveries are slowing down this week in the bullion market in Mumbai. What has also buoyed sentiment is that silver continues to lead precious metals, and sales have jumped over 24% this year.”

Silver Rally Due – Seasonally Strong Mid December To End of April READ MORE

SILVER – The People’s Metal

Bob Rice Explains: ‘How Central Banks Lease Their Gold’

Latin America Goes for Gold READ MORE

“The trendsetter was Mexico, which last year snapped up close to 100 tonnes in a couple of months. More recently Brazil, holder of the region’s largest international reserves,  has joined the party. In September and October, according to IMF data, the central bank bought 18.9 tonnes.”

Turk – The Key Chart Every Silver Investor Needs To Watch

“You will recall that this is the chart I used back in October 2011 when I forecast that silver will rocket higher when $36 is hurdled.  When silver does take out $36, my expectation has been that silver will reach $68-$70 in 2-to-3 months, and I still believe that will happen.”

“However, the resistance level on the chart now stretches from $36-$37.50.  This bigger range is a result of the false breakout earlier this year, which needs to be exceeded.  Silver has to close above the February 2012 high of $37.50, and when it does, I think even I will be surprised by the power and speed at which silver accelerates.””

“Secret IMF report: Hide gold loans and swaps for market manipulation

“Western central banks conceal their gold loans and swaps because information about them is “highly market-sensitive” and accountability about them would hinder secret currency market interventions by central banks, according to a confidential report by the International Monetary Fund obtained this week by GATA.”

If the general public knew how much gold had been loaned and was never likely to be returned I think they would be stunned into disbelief.

Grover Norquist: The Fiscal Cliff Is a Made-Up Deadline (CNBC)

““No one should sign a bad deal because of an imaginary deadline,” explains Grover Norquist, American For Tax Reform president.”

Art Cashin Previews Our $202 Trillion Destiny

Why Free Speech is the Most Important of All the Civil Liberties Read More

“We encourage you to read this article on Australia’s ridiculous and increasingly oppressive laws regarding free speech. The article is by former ABC chief Jim Spigelman and makes the point that in a free society that values liberty, offending people shouldn’t be illegal.”

“That is so sensible and downright adult we can’t believe it even needs to be said. But if you’ve had even a casual glace at the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975, you’ll see that it’s all topsy turvey in Australia. The Act intends to ‘balance’ the right to free speech with the right not to be offended, humiliated, insulted, or intimidated by someone else’s words, directed at you on the basis of your race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin.”

Are we going under the kind of regime that imprisoned Galileo for speaking about the world not being flat ?

Cannabidiols Offer Boost Towards a Healthy, Cancer-free Body

“Research institutions around the world are beginning to discover the many positive effects that the cannabis plant has on the human body. More scientists are researching how the properties of marijuana could fulfill the need for effective cancer prevention and treatment. As a result, a growing amount of research now supports the claims that both cannabinoids (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component, can “have a protective effect against the development of certain types of tumors” and potentially inhibit the growth of all types of cancer such as brain and breast cancer.”

The prohibition on some drugs seems to be to force humanity to be ill and then use expensive and inferior cures rather than being preventative.

European sellouts reject study linking GM corn to cancer; ignore cold, hard facts to protect biotech industry

“The next time somebody tries to tell you that “science” is the reason why genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are approved for use in many countries around the world, you can point them to the latest unscientific decision made by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which has openly rejected a landmark GMO study showing that GM corn consumption can lead to the development of cancerous tumors.”

“As predicted, the EFSA, which is basically the European version of the corrupt U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), announced recently that the infamous GM corn study out of France “cannot be regarded as scientifically sound” because of alleged “inadequacies in its design, reporting and analysis.” Case closed, if you will.”

Agrobacterium & Morgellons Disease, A GM Connection?

“Vitaly Citovsky is a professor of molecular and cell biology at Stony Brook University in New York (SUNY). He is a world authority on the genetic modification of cells by Agrobacterium, a soil bacterium causing crown gall disease in plants, that has been widely used in creating genetically modified (GM) plants since the 1980s because of its ability to transfer a piece of its genetic material, the T-DNA on its tumour-inducing (Ti) plasmid to the plant genome (see later for details).”

“Citovsky’s team took scanning electron microscope pictures of the fibres in or extruding from the skin of patients suffering from Morgellons disease, confirming that they are unlike any ordinary natural or synthetic fibres (see Fig. 1, assembled from Citovsky’s website [8]).”

Over 40 Percent of Fukushima Children Have Thyroid Disorders, Officials Not Helping

“About 41 percent of 57,000 children have tested positive for early signs of possible thyroid cancer, and four out of five evacuees are experiencing thyroid abnormalities.”

This is not Chernobyl 2.0, this is Chernobyl ^ 2.

We would not be having these health effects if we ditched uranium for thorium.

Israel behind bogus Iran nuclear data leak – reports

“Despite increasingly heated rhetoric from Tel Aviv and Washington, the international community still lacks evidence that Iran has been working on nuclear weapons since 2003. However, the IAEA’s publication of summary intelligence on an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program helped the US and EU to impose a new round of sanctions against Tehran.”

Dehydrating the Palestinian People

“An editorial from Haaretz explains how Israel is destroying the water reserves of Palestinians in the West Bank as part of an intentional policy to ethnically cleanse the occupied territories “and thus make it easier to annex these areas to Israel.””

“Since the beginning of the year, Israel has destroyed 35 rainwater cisterns used by Palestinian communities, 20 of them in the area of Hebron and the southern Hebron Hills. In 2011, Israel destroyed 15 cisterns, and in the preceding 18 months, 29…Usually, the communities whose cisterns were destroyed are a short distance from settlements and unauthorized outposts that enjoy a regular water supply. At the same opportunity the Civil Administration almost always destroys Palestinian tents, animal pens and food storage facilities.”

Shame Old Story: Forced sterilization victims still seek justice in US

Everyone Under Surveillance

Who watches the watchers to be sure they are not being criminal ?

Power Elite Bans Classic Books in US, Seeks Exclusive Narrative

Dominant Social Theme: Telling stories is so “last year.””

Free-Market Analysis: Fahrenheit 451 and other books about censorship got it wrong. The powers-that-be don’t want to ban books, they want to ban STORIES.”

Supporters of the directive argue that it will help pupils to develop the ability to write concisely and factually, which will be more useful in the workplace than a knowledge of Shakespeare.

Hands off my internet: Leaks from UN telecom conference show Orwellian proposals

“The paper mentions several such scenarios, including: forwarding copyright-protected audio content, detection of a specific transferred file from a particular user, identifying uploading BitTorrent users and detecting and blocking Peer-to-Peer VoIP telephony.”

“The conference was briefly disrupted by a suspected hacker attack that forced the WCIT website offline for about two hours.”

“ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure accused the attackers of hypocrisy, saying that it was ironic that those who claim to be fighting for a free Internet disrupt online access to the event. “Do they believe in one rule for them and another for everybody else?” he said.”

The question I have for the ITU Secretary General is: will any of this be subject to local judicial order or local judicial  review ?

Absurd Things that are Normal Can Make You Suspicious of Being a terrorist.

The word terrorist has completely lost whatever meaning it began with when our government started this.

A permanent war on terror,0,6038997.story

“In trying to prevent terrorist attacks, the U.S. risks eroding civil liberties.”

“When it comes to homeland security, we’ve been seduced for more than a decade by a “preemptive” mandate that directs us to catch terrorists before they strike next. Where law enforcement once investigated crimes to determine who was responsible and how they could be prosecuted, it now also gathers intelligence to prevent potential future crimes.”

“This mandate, however, has been characterized by a distinct absence of actual terrorist plots. Instead, we’ve seen an increasingly familiar pattern — the most recent case in the last few weeks involved four young Southern Californians who were arrested in a case built largely by a well-paid informant. The young men allegedly were on their way to join Al Qaeda. One of them was already abroad. The others had booked flights through Mexico to Afghanistan and, according to the government, played proxy holy war at a paintball course and exchanged macho emails.”

“The unprecedented expansion of intelligence gathering comes with a host of enhanced surveillance and investigative tools that erode civil liberties but offers little evidence that we are safer from another terrorist attack.”


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