Is everyone distracted by bread and circuses ? … Afghanistan: “children with potential hostile intent”


US Military Says Killing Afghan Children Is Fair Game

“Marines observed the children digging a hole in a dirt road”

“So digging holes in Afghanistan is now grounds for getting bombed? The children’s relatives and local tribal elders had confirmed at the time that they were not Taliban recruits and were not planting any roadside bombs.”

“That’s apparently not enough for the US military to simply admit that killing innocent children is wrong. Instead, they invent Orwellian rationales for why these poor children were worthy enemy combatants.”

“looking for children with potential hostile intent”

Not hostile intent but potential hostile intent. I don’t think Nazi Germany went looking for children with potential hostile intent. The USA has crossed a line not crossed by Nazi Germany.


Why is the U.S. Allied with Al Qaeda in Syria?

“I have made comments about this on many occasions over the past several months, as even mainstream media outlets have covered the fact that our allies, the “Syrian rebels,” actually have a large “Al Qaeda” element to them (whatever the hell that means).”

“To me this is just further proof that our foreign policy is a complete joke, run by a bunch of insane chicken hawks in Washington D.C.”

Good luck explaining to any moderately intelligent person how we are supposed to be fighting al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq while supporting al Qaeda in Libya and Syria.


US, allies said to be prepared to ‘rapidly’ intervene if Assad utilizes chemical weapons

“Wait for it….. this absolutely telegraphs that a false flag, utilizing chemical weapons, will be created by the West, and blamed on Syria as the causus belli for an invasion.

“And once the NATO Patriot Missile batteries are in place inside Turkey, you can probably time such a coming invasion with an egg-timer.

The military forces have been moved into position in a repeat of Afghanistan in the months before September 11th 2001.


Kim Kardashian Paid To Like Bahrain?

“More than likely, Kardashian is being paid to do so by the brutal dictatorship there, because that’s what Kim Kardashian does, you see, and Bahrain’s ruler recently launched an ambitious worldwide PR campaign to try to enhance the country’s image.”

The government of Bahrain is an obscenity and the antics of any air head should not convince you otherwise.


Gold is the Anti-Bubble: Jim Willie Read More

“Jim Willie is the editor of the “Hat Trick Letter.” He has a PhD in statistics and crunches the numbers on things like gold, currencies and bonds. Jim Willie says, “Gold is the anti-bubble. . . . It is the response to the biggest bubble in the history of the modern world, and that is Treasury bonds.” It was recently reported the Federal Reserve is buying 90% of all Treasuries. To that, Willie says, “The supply of gold is lacking and demand for Treasuries is evaporating. It’s that simple.””

“Willie thinks the global economy will not get better because, “. . . they have no solutions, and they are praying they can keep this going.” Like it or not, gold is going to make its way back into the monetary system. Jim Willie contends, “The gold standard will return because gold will be the last asset left standing. Everything in paper is going to go to Hell.” The transition will be very painful. Willie says, “We have a climax bust coming for bonds, currencies and the banking system because they are all interrelated.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie of”

25m30s “My big source who’s part of the design of the solution, he’s on the edge, on a certain key part, he said ‘Jim, my team is involved in the replacement to the petrodollar itself’. Okay, well that sounds pretty important. He was one of the only guys who was not, the only white man who attended an Easter 2010 conference with over 200 billionaires in the Arab world , took place in Abu Dhabi. They’re talking about replacing the petrodollar, replacing the standard. In order to that they needed a military commitment to protect the Persian Gulf and they got it from Russia and China.”


PRINT, PRINT, PRINT: Fed to Launch Fresh New Bond Buying “to help economy” Read More @

“Many economists think the U.S. central bank will announce monthly bond purchases of $45 billion after its policy gathering on December 11-12, signaling it will continue to pump money into the U.S. economy during 2013 in a bid to bring down unemployment.”

Do you think I think unemployment won’t go down during 2013 ? Hell yes.


Chronically low gold price forecasts

“They have always expected the price to be lower in 4 years than it is today. Despite being consistently wrong, they still expect the price to be lower in 4 years than it is today.”


CNBC Analyst: ‘It Makes For Strange Gold Trading When One Guy, John Paulson, Owns 21% Of The Gold ETF’


EU and Asian sources allege the tungsten-switch has gone sovereign


This Is Going To Require 30% – 50% Of Global Silver Production

“Governments will soon wake up and realize we can’t let people hold silver as an investment because it’s just too valuable.  Governments will have to close down the silver market.  What this means is that the silver mines will have a tremendous premium placed on them.”

Silver is not an investment, silver is money.


The Coming Derivatives Panic That Will Destroy Global Financial Markets Read More

“Wall Street has been transformed into a gigantic casino where people are betting on just about anything that you can imagine. This works fine as long as there are not any wild swings in the economy and risk is managed with strict discipline, but as we have seen, there have been times when derivatives have caused massive problems in recent years. For example, do you know why the largest insurance company in the world, AIG, crashed back in 2008 and required a government bailout? It was because of derivatives. Bad derivatives trades also caused the failure of MF Global, and the 6 billion dollar loss that JPMorgan Chase recently suffered because of derivatives made headlines all over the globe. But all of those incidents were just warm up acts for the coming derivatives panic that will destroy global financial markets.”

“There is a reason why Warren Buffett once referred to derivatives as “financial weapons of mass destruction”.  Nobody really knows the total value of all the derivatives that are floating around out there, but estimates place the notional value of the global derivatives market anywhere from 600 trillion dollars all the way up to 1.5 quadrillion dollars.”

“Keep in mind that global GDP is somewhere around 70 trillion dollars for an entire year.  So we are talking about an amount of money that is absolutely mind blowing.”

“According to the article, the following large banks are represented at these meetings: JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Citigroup.”

“When the casino finally goes “bust”, you will know who to blame.”

The sooner this crashes the sooner we can wipe away the mess and start over.


Former boss of HBOS Sir James Crosby admits selling shares just before lender collapsed and was bailed out by taxpayers


Rochdale “Rogue Apple Trader” Arrested

“The scapegoat for AAPL’s price drop: one ex-trader David Miller. What Miller is accused of, is buying 1.6 million shares of AAPL on the day of the company’s last earnings announcement in hopes, of course, the stock would surge. It didn’t. Furthermore, Miller was in reality executing a trade for a client who had only wanted to buy 1,625 shares, but Miller was confident enough the stock would go up, he bet the firm’s money to buy the difference. Sadly, neither the AAPL earnings announcement, nor its stock price, did quite as planned. End result: $5 million loss, Miller terminated and now arrested and charged, and Rochdale left scrambling for a bailout.”

Had Apple continued it’s ascent then this guy would have been a hero.


Banks Are “Where the Money Is” In The Drug War Read More

“Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Wachovia (acquired by Wells Fargo in 2009), HSBC Holdings, ING Bank, Standard Chartered, American Express Bank International, and not a few others, have a common bond beyond ranking among the largest banks in the world.”

“All have been accused within the past five years (and several this year) of failing to comply with US anti-money laundering laws — thereby enabling, collectively, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of suspicious transactions to move through the banking system absent adequate monitoring or oversight.”

Yet not one (of) these banks, nor any of their top executives, has been hit with criminal sanctions. [emphasis ours]: All, with the exception of Britain’s HSBC  (which is still under investigation), have agreed to pay fines for their alleged transgressions after being served cease-and-desist orders or have entered into so-called deferred-prosecution pacts — under which a lender agrees to pay a fine and to comply with the law going foward in exchange for dismissal of all charges at the end of a specified government monitoring period.”


“Capitalism” And “Socialism” Are Most Looked-Up Words Of 2012

In a socialist world nothing gets done because there is not a sufficient incentive for getting out of bed in the morning.


Virginia’s 1819 copy of the Constitution with real 13th Amendment (page 17)


Rising Taxes Part of Elite Global Strategy?

The taxman isn’t really after the big beasts … Small businesses, not the multinationals, will bear the brunt of the Revenue’s blitz … Small businesses will be targeted by Revenue & Customs while global corporations use the law to get around their tax obligations

Dominant Social Theme: Taxes must be paid in ever-higher amounts.”

Free-Market Analysis: Taxes are going up around the world and it’s time to offer the possibility that it is deliberate.”

The middle class will taxed into oblivion but the ultra rich will be fine.


Mainstream Media Finally Reports On GM’s Channel Stuffing Scandal

From 385 in December 2009 to 788 in November 2012 has doubled in 3 years.


Who Said It?

“This year, the Federal Government will spend $220 billion on interest. That is more money to pay interest on our national debt than we’ll spend on Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. That is more money to pay interest on our debt this year than we will spend on education, homeland security, transportation, and veterans benefits combined.”


REPORT: Why Is The S.E.C. Concealing Massive Citigroup Fraud?


Night Of The Long Knives: ‘Fake’ Conservative John Boehner Purges The GOP

“We must move away from the two-party system and fast.  That way we can elect candidates that actually vote the will of the people that elected them, rather than pander to some slimy political godfather in Washington.”

Boehner is signing the GOP’s death warrant.


Quarter of British people skip meals to heat their homes

The public needs access to those suppressed energy technologies.


Toxic amounts of aluminium found in infant formulas


Eight-year-old girl to be given forced vaccinations against mother’s will after court ruling

Get the mercury flowing into the blood stream and into the brain of this young girl.


Arizona Medical Marijuana Law is Constitutional, County Judge Finds Read more

“Montgomery teamed up with state Attorney General Tom Horne’s office to argue the federal preemption angle — that is, Arizona couldn’t possibly legalize or authorize the use of marijuana, because the federal government says marijuana is illegal.”

Of course the central government is going to say they are the boss of everyone because it’s more power for them and less meaningful representation for everyone. Hell, why not have a United Nations president making all the decisions for every one of the humans living on planet earth ?



How aware are you of how humans and animals are completely dependent on magnetic fields?

Although scientists are well aware of the effects radiation has on the populace via devices like cell phone and other microwave emitters, most people in the public are mostly ignorant of the technology which lays within these everyday technological applications.


US Court Lets Big Pharma Sail, Cracks Down on Natural Health

“Meanwhile, raw milk provider James Stewart can’t cut a break. His bail was set at $1 million—after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was finally forced to admit using misrepresenting statistics to link raw milk to death. (As we all know, however, stigmas die hard.)”

“Similarly, the FDA was only too happy to remove natural supplements like Pyridoxamine—a natural form of vitamin B6—from shelves at the behest of the pharmaceutical company BioStratum. Did the natural supplement have a defect? Nope.  BioStratum just wanted to use Pyridoxamine in a prescription drug they’re going to develop in the future. The FDA is considering doing something similar for Medicure Pharma. (You can petition to quell some of this nonsense here.)”


The Global Warming Distracting You From The Real Issues GMOs, Depleted Uranium, Nuclear Plants


Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story

“The Secret cure for MANY ailments the government doesn’t want you to know about.”


Serious Chicken Pox Outbreak in Indiana is Among Vaccinated Children

“Vigo County of Indiana is currently experiencing the country’s largest outbreak of Chicken Pox, with 92 cases so far. Out of these 92 cases, only 3 were never vaccinated. That means this may be the nation’s first case of a serious Chicken Pox outbreak among children who were actually vaccinated for Chicken Pox.”


Unfinished Business: The Unspoken Link Between Dispersants and Sick Children in the Gulf of Mexico

“All six of Julie Creppel’s young children are sick. Vomiting. Blisters all over their bodies, even in their throats. Boils. Severe headaches that wake them up screaming at night. Nausea. Fevers. Diarrhea. Stomach spasms that contort their bodies in pain. Skin lesions. Psoriasis. Nose bleeds that gush unexpectedly. Respiratory infections. Dizziness. Sinus infections. Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Hair loss. And more.”

“The problem is the illnesses(like BP’s oil)just don’t “go away” because it’s an inconvenience for oil companies and the federal government in charge of an impossible situation: There is no way to clean up oil spills, including tar sands spills. But there are many ways to lessen the impacts to workers and the public, none of which have been done to date in the Gulf.”


Is Michelle Obama’s ‘natural food’ campaign designed to the hide the White House attack on organic food?

“She has tied the issue of childhood obesity to deteriorating eating habits and unhealthy food.”
“All in all, her presentation has been quite effective and convincing. She’s done a first-rate job.”
“The all-important impression is unmistakable: the White house stands for “healthy eating.””
“But meanwhile…”
“Her husband is the most powerful enabler of Monsanto in America.”
“Despite his hints that he would support labeling of GMO food, Barack Obama has done herculean work to destroy true natural food.”


New Discovery Could Easily Render Nuclear Energy Obsolete


Arnie Gundersen Q & A at Chicago Anti-Nuclear Conference 2012


UK man charged with ‘reckless conduct’ for producing his own electricity

“However, local sheriff George Way reportedly questioned the validity of the charges, expressing confusion over how a person can recklessly produce electricity. Others have expressed similar sentiments, questioning whether the charges really have to do with reckless conduct or an intolerance for energy independence.”

“Attempting to live off the grid is also apparently unacceptable in some rural areas as well, as last year we reported that “nuisance abatement teams” were being dispatched throughout California’s “Inland Empire” to evict all the lone rangers living on properties disconnected from the central energy grid. Since living off the grid out in the country cannot convincingly be dubbed “reckless,” authorities in California simply categorized the phenomenon as a “nuisance” in order to effectively stamp it out.”

Are we slaves to electricity providers ?

And the real nuisance are the so called public servants.


CO2 emissions could feed algae biofuel bonanza


The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles’ connections to pedophile networks


Queen and Prince Charles must be consulted before laws are passed

“A little-known power enjoyed by the Queen and Prince of Wales to alter new laws is due to be exposed after the government lost a legal battle to keep details of its application private.”

“The information commissioner has ruled that the Cabinet Office must publish an internal Whitehall guide to the way the senior royals are consulted before legislation is introduced to ensure it does not harm their private interests.”


Bureaucrat Says it is Wrong to Advise Citizens to Arm Themselves in Self-Defense

“Penman had told residents to “lock your doors and load your guns” due to a lack of police presence in the California city because of bankruptcy.”

It would be rather difficult to roam the streets looking for criminals to shot dead when you have locked yourself in your home.

Debunked this fool in under 2 dozen words.

Someone needs to tell this other public servant to shut up.


Gun Control INCREASES Gun Crime

“Would banning handguns in America reduce gun crime? After handguns were banned in Britain, gun crime more than DOUBLED. Gun control only creates victims who cannot defend themselves against criminals. More guns = less crime.”

Of course the criminal element in society kept their guns


The truth is “hate speech” only to those who have something to hide


Riot act read to school censoring 1st grader’s poem

“could not include the word “God,” because one member of the community didn’t like it.”


Adams on courage and integrity: A message to all truth-tellers who refuse to be silenced by the status quo

“It takes no courage to repeat the delusions of the status quo. On issues like food and health, taking the position that organics are “elitist” or that GMOs don’t have to be labeled requires zero personal courage, zero integrity and zero effort. It is cowardly, in fact, to toe the party line whether we’re talking about food, economics, the Bill of Rights, vaccines or even spirituality.”


Taser International sued by man left with brain damage after being electrocuted


Outrage – NY Post Puts Man About to Die On Cover

“”The widow and daughter of the man pushed to his death on the subway tracks are outraged that a photo was taken just before he was hit by a train.”
“”They are shocked. They are upset by it,” Charen Kim, a lawyer representing victim Ki-Suk Han’s grieving wife, Serim, told the Daily News Tuesday night.”

It’s beyond sleazy that the NY Post did this without seeking permission from the next of kin.


The Everyday Absurdities of the TSA READ MORE

“Charles Edwards, the Department of Homeland Security’s acting inspector general, described the TSA as bureaucratic and dysfunctional. Stephen Lord of the Government Accountability Office, suggested the agency was ignoring the thousands of complaints from air travelers. And Kenneth Dunlap, who represented the International Air Transport Association, criticized the current TSA as expensive, inconsistent and reactive.”


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