The Keynesian Revolution Has Failed: (as the economy re-crashes) Now What?

The Keynesian Revolution Has Failed: (as the economy re-crashes) Now What?


Bloomberg’s ‘Fab Five’ Spending Signals Suggest Slump Soon


Still Not Spreading the Wealth Around – most is going to the insider corporations Read More

“Wages-as-a-proportion-of-GDP just hit another all-time low:”

“And corporate-profits-as-a-proportion-of-GDP just hit another all-time high”


Fed Policy at War With Market Mechanism, Grant Says

1m45s “There is a systemic manipulation of values undertaken and carried out by central banks the world over.”

4m15s “On Wall Street there’s a term called ‘correction’ but what do corrections correct ? They correct errors … So you would just let the market clear … Yes … And does that look like ? … It looks like capitalism, it looks like much of financial history up until a few years ago.”

These central banks have zombified our economies.


Ex-Goldman Sachs ‘Master Of Universe’ Under Investigation

“Manipulation of U.S. Treasury market.”

“One of Wall Street’s most profitable bond traders is under investigation.”

Yet more manipulation, surely not ?


Hypocrisy Of Morgan Stanley CEO Knows No Bounds

“Morgan Stanley’s CEO James Gorman is out in the media pushing taxpayers for ‘Shared Sacrifice’, meanwhile he is secretly lobbying Congress for HUGE tax breaks for his bank.”


Syria chemical weapons fears mount – US

“Can’t you war-mongers come up with something new, like Syria is building a Death Star?”


Syrian government not to use chemical weapons – even if they had any

“The Syrian government on Monday said it would never use chemical weapons “even if they existed” against its people under any circumstance, Xinhua reported.”

Iraqi/Syrian WMD – same lie different nation.


Syria says 30 killed in mortar attack on school


Audi and VW Plan to Make 300MPG Cars Read More

My Audi A4 TDi got 70MPG and most petrol engined cars get 45MPG but reducing someone’s fuel bill by 80% is great news.


UK banks face £60bn black hole

“Markets have lost confidence in the banks due to their “complex and opaque” numbers”


Keiser Report: TINA’s Big Black Hole (E375)

“In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert investigate the black hole of debt sucking in our economies, jobs and wealth like strings of spaghetti past the economic event horizon. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Ned Naylor-Leyland of Cheviot Asset Management about the fishy smoke signals blowing at the LBMA regarding silver contracts and about the debate between inflation, deflation, hyperinflation actually being a debate about the final denouement of paper currencies. Ned also reveals that BBC’s flagship programme, Panorama, had interviewed him and Andrew Maguire about silver manipulation and yet have never aired the episode.”


Bradley Manning: A Window Into The (EVIL) American Soul by Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy

“Manning, allegedly (we will never know), released to WikiLeaks the video of the US military murdering two journalists and a dozen  innocent people walking down a street.”

Who knows how many other innocent human beings have been murdered by the US military over the past decade over in Afghanistan and Iraq ?

To those who don’t give a f**k, you are part of the problem for putting the gun in the hand of your government and why should others give a f**k when you become a victim of our out of control governments.


Obama making up drone rules as he goes

“Even more disconcerting is these targeted attacks are being executed in our name, by the United States of America, without the consent of the American people. American principles and values are at stake. Military policy has always been public knowledge. Yet, the CIA, which is supposed to be an intelligence gathering agency, is waging secret wars. Moreover, Mr. Obama has classified more documents in his tenure than any other president in American history.”


‘Support for Palestine unprecedented, Netanyahu should recognize it’

“British MP Jeremy Corbyn thinks Tel Aviv’s risking losing its allies.”

1m15s “We start suspending trade agreements and withdrawing ambassadors.”

Just as president Kennedy said ‘I am a Berliner’ will someone of his stature say ‘I am a Palestinian’ ?


An Apology from Canada to Palestine and the Rest of the World

“On 29 November 2012, John Baird, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada, addressed the United Nations General Assembly on the Question of Palestine and accused the UN of abandoning its principles by recognizing Palestine.”

In Canada, however, three times as many Canadians supported the Palestinian bid as those who opposed it. We understand that when two parties are negotiating for peace they must be allowed to come to the table as equals, which was not the case when one party was recognized as a State and the other not.

Please accept our humble apologies for what our government has done. I can assure you that many of us are elated and celebrating much like the rest of the world.


UN member states overwhelmingly ban nuclear weapons

“the US and three others were swamped by the votes of 172 member states.”

40m “draft resolutions on depleted uranium munitions…”

Israeli’s 300 nuclear weapons is the world’s worst kept secret.


Australia Joins Chorus Of Countries Criticizing (illegal Israeli) Settlements


Israeli Espionage in America – A National Security Scandal


Egyptian President Flees Palace As Rioters Close In


When Currency Wars Become Trade Wars…


Buffett’s Gen Re Sees “Tendency To Higher Gold Prices”


Turk – Here Is Why They Are Pounding Gold & Silver Today

“The reason they are attempting to make gold and silver look weak here is because these monetary metals will provide the foundation when the monetary system is eventually re-constructed, and the price of gold and silver will be far higher than the numbers they are painting the tape with today.  But before that day comes, they need to shake as many people out of these markets as possible so they are victims of the greatest wealth transfer in history, not beneficiaries.””


Gold – Underground Economy

“I have been stating that gold will never be adopted for a gold standard because to do so means government will have to admit they were wrong. That is a major deterrent and I have warned that they will never adopt a gold standard and that best we can expect is that gold becomes the means of conducting international trade. This position is not merely supported by history, it is also self-evident in the current position of gold.”

“Gold will rally when it comes time to do so. But it is the hedge against government – nothing else. Looking at how it has become the mechanism for trade.”


Bill Gross Latest Monthly Outlook: “We May Need At Least A Decade For The Healing”


James Turk: Above Ground PHYSICAL Gold Stocks Likely a Lot Smaller Than Commonly Believed

“They discuss the discrepancies between official gold stock figures and the study’s carefully calculated figures, going all the way back to Roman times and using the year 1492 as a pivotal calculation point — which was when the Spanish Empire began its imports of gold deposits discovered in the Americas. In contrast to the widely referenced number of 171,000 tonnes of aboveground gold, James’s study suggests that it is actually closer to 155,000 and therefore overstated by about 10%.”

“James explains that gold is not an investment, but money. He talks about the difference between money and currency, and emphasises the ability of gold to preserve purchasing power over long periods of time (as opposed to fiat currency). Given the lack of discipline exhibited by central banks and politicians, James’s outlook for paper currencies is gloomy. He predicts one or more fiat currency collapses to take place sometime between 2013 and 2015.”

15m45s “Gold is not the barbarous relic. In my view the barbarous relic is central banking. Central banking as it’s presently practiced no longer has a role to play. It was helpful when it was first established with the Bank of England back in 1694 followed shortly thereafter by Sir Isaac Newton’s invention of gold standard which monetary discipline tightly controlled but by 1914, let me put it this way, and in 1914 the British pound had the purchasing power that it did back in 1700. But after 1913 we’ve gone in the wrong direction, so we’ve had a whole century of misdirection and as we approach the 100th anniversary of the fed’s birth, which will occur in 2014, I think not only is the dollar going to die but I think the federal reserve is going to disappear and I hope that the other central banks will disappear too and we’ll go back to gold.”


BIS gold report hints at repatriation by central banks


Google shows growing threat to monetary system READ MORE

“The searches people are making in Google show a growing concern about the monetary system.”

Finally, more and more people are waking up to the pyramid scheme that is debt-base money.


More Signs of Silver Shortage READ MORE

““This is the definition of a silver shortage – nothing to do with the physical amount of the substance being in deficit, but people’s psychological intention not to sell. The extent to which a shortage is developing is witnessed by the extent of backwardation.””

“That’s what Ned-Naylor Neyland wrote in a recent commentary (thanks to GATA for bringing it to our attention). He is the Investment Director at Cheviot Asset Management, one of the UK’s largest independently owned investment firms. His commentary was triggered by the decision of the London Bullion Markets Association (LBMA) to cut the reporting on the Silver Forward Rate on the 2nd of November, playing it down as “only indicative rates and therefore not dealable rates between forward Market Makers.””

“Clearly, Ned-Naylor Neyland holds another opinion. He is monitoring the Silver Basis & Co-Basis (by Sandeep Jaitly) and it showed a huge anomaly more or less at the same moment of the LBMA’s decision. That kind of behaviour points to strong backwardation, a signal of silver shortage (based on the earlier mentioned definition).”


A Simplot Scenario for Silver

“When both Andrew Maguire and Ted Butler write about the same thing over weekend, one should probably sit up and take notice.”

“In this case, what they were discussing was a possible, end-game scenario for the silver manipulation. The commercial short position has grown so extreme AND the physical supply has grown so tight that, suddenly, these two great minds were exploring the available options for JPM et al as they attempt to extricate themselves from what is growing into an unmanageable and untenable position.”

“Andy commented that in his “thirty years of experience, he’d never seen a more dangerous situation developing” and that, soon, the only possible way out would be a “back door solution”. This “almost certain” resolution would hinge upon the cash settlement of futures contracts that would position paper traders on the sidelines before the “gap higher” next trading day in the new, physical market.”

“Andy’s commentary had already roused my attention and then I read Uncle Ted’s weekly review. In it, he discusses the “Maine Potato Default” of 1976.”

So we can expect a default in silver futures at some point in the future.



Why should things that cannot be created out of thin air, when priced in a thing that can be created out of thin air, not go up gradually ?


Confiscation, Price Suppression & The True Gold & Silver Price,_Price_Suppression_%26_The_True_Gold_%26_Silver_Price.html

“At the end of your life, many will pay a significant portion of their remaining accumulated labor in the form of estate and death taxes.  It would be painful to add up the amounts received from your labor over your lifetime and compare that to the amounts taken out along the way.  It would probably represent a percentage well north of 50%, probably closer to 100% than you would care to know.  The marginal tax bracket of a slave was also 100%, less whatever food and shelter equivalent was received.  Are we there yet?”

“Another huge area ripe for confiscation is energy.  In the United States, every time you fill up your tank, you are giving up roughly $.30-$.70 per gallon in direct taxes that do not go to the station owner or the providers of the fuel to the station.  If you are a producer of energy, you likely pay a very hefty amount of corporate and other taxes at every level of the production chain.  In 2011, the U.S. consumed 134 billion gallons of just gasoline alone.”

“The printing of fiat money is the mother ship of confiscation.  Each dollar printed represents a call on real assets and labor.  It is not target specific.  It steals from everything.  Retirement assets are now in the rumor mill to be confiscated.  This form of accumulated labor represents trillions.  Various schemes are being bandied about that will affect all forms of retirement assets, public and private.”

“The same could be true here.  Everyone knows that the rational prices of gold and silver are magnitudes above current levels.  Suppression will be with us until the powerful acquire and confiscate as much of the metals as possible, and then the currency will be reset.  Trillions of wealth will move from holders of paper wealth to those entities holding gold, silver and energy assets.”


Kabul Bank Shows Us Afghan War is for Control Not Resources

Report brands Kabul Bank a fraud … Kabul Bank, which accounted for more than a third of Afghanistan’s banking assets before it was seized by the authorities two years ago, was a billion-dollar fraud for the benefit of a few well-connected Afghans, says a report “Its failure and subsequent bailout represents approximately 5-6 per cent of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product, making Kabul Bank one of the largest banking failures in the world,” stated Wednesday’s report, funded by foreign donors, from the Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee. “Every citizen in Afghanistan will bear the cost of the hundreds of millions of dollars required to secure deposits and the tens of millions of dollars required to deal with the aftermath,” it said. – Financial Times

Dominant Social Theme: We will give Afghanistan Western tools and they will prosper with them.”

Free-Market Analysis: The collapse of Kabul Bank can certainly be seen as a metaphor for the larger Afghan War. The idea was always to inflict Western style regulatory democracy on Afghanistan. This seems ever clearer in hindsight.”


More Nannycrat Insanity: EU Wants to Ban Youth Unemployment READ MORE

Can the EU commission conjure up proper jobs for the youth ? Of course they bloody can’t, you need entrepreneurs to create jobs.


EU: Boris Johnson attacks David Cameron and George Osborne for ‘morally wrong’ policies

““I don’t understand why we continually urge the eurozone countries to go forward with this fiscal and political union, when we know in our hearts that it is anti-democratic and therefore intellectually and morally wrong,” he said.”


All traces of Ahmadinejad’s speech censored from United Nations website

“Ahmadinejad’s speech can still be found on youtube, but Albrecht pointed out that if the U.N. along with Google, Inc. and other large media corporations decide to randomly censor historical speeches given at a taxpayer-funded organization simply because the speaker’s views may be controversial, that does not bode well for freedom.”

“In his September 26th speech, Ahmadinejad said “I do not believe that Muslims, Christian, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others have any problems among themselves or are hostile against each other. They get along together comfortably and live together in an atmosphere of peace and amity. We are all devoted to the cause of justice, purity and law. The general tendency of nations has always been to accomplish positive common aspirations reflecting exalted divine human beauties and nobilities. The current abysmal situation of the world and the bitter incidents of history are due mainly to the wrong management of the world and the self-proclaimed centers of power who have entrusted themselves to the devil.” He also condemned “Continued threats by the uncivilized Zionists to resort to a military action against our great nation”.”

Brought back from 1984’s ‘memory hole’.


Only 55% believe democracy working well in Canada

Perhaps people need to learn that a true democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner – the majority tyrannising the minority.


Conventional Food May Soon be Sterilized with ‘Microwave Zap’

“The technique effectively hits food with a super high level of microwave radiation, killing all living bacteria (including good bacteria that is necessary for digestion and proper overall function).”


Can your make-up harm your IQ? How 55per cent of lipstick contains traces of lead – and it could affect mental health–affect-mental-health.html


Gore Demands Cooperation of Global CO2 Taxing to Boost His Own Profits


Warren Meyer–How Do You Convince A Socialist He’s Dead Wrong

“Warren Meyer blogs and writes articles for various publications. He recently hit upon a way to convince even the most strident progressive about the benefits of capitalism and the free market. In addition, we discussed what capitalism really means in the US today and why most people who believe they’re anti-capitalist are actually anti-government controlled or crony capitalist. Explaining exactly what capitalism is and why collectivism in its many incantations always fails is the key to educating the world on how to improve living standards and our quality of life.”

Government is a tool to be bought by corporations to sit on their competition. Why are we so foolish in giving government all this power ?


East Germany’s secret police sold citizens to western pharmaceutical companies to use as human guinea pigs in drug trials

Capitalism and communism, supposed mortal enemies, are actually cooperating behind the scenes.


Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile?


There ARE Good Cops Out There: This Police Detective Wants More Cop Watch

“Retired NYPD Detective Carlton Berkeley talked to Luke Rudkowski at a recent Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) event. Carlton Berkeley is President of Brothers and Sisters Who Care as well as an outspoken whistle blower on many of the NYPD’s most controversial policies. Luke and Carlton exchange in a dialog about holding the police accountable through video camera’s and standing up against police intimidation.”


Why Dozens Of Tow-Truck Operators Hauled Away Legally Parked Cars

“The newspaper reported today that “dozens” of city tow-truck companies have been involved in the scam, in which they haul away legally parked cars, and then threaten to have the cars impounded unless they are paid in cash.”

Endless looting.

“In several cases, tow-truck drivers have been arrested for towing cars without the permission of their owners, and stealing storm-damaged cars and selling them for scrap.”

“They have also been taking cars from storm-ravaged areas and storing them at private impound lots, where some owners claim they have been charged as much as $2,300 to get their vehicles returned.”


Street artist whose mock public service ads around city claimed NYPD used spy drones to monitor citizens busted after outing himself in website interview READ MORE

“Essam Attia, 29, was hit with 56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny possession of stolen property”

Satirical posters with NYPD logos is so very, very, very dangerous that law enforcement had to find this guy quickly thereby ensuring the safety of the public from being injured by his cutting satire.

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