Bond bubble attracting more media attention READ MORE



Most Austrian gold reserves held in London and leased out


Clamor about gold reserves prompts leasing disclosure by Austrian central bank

“recognizing that a fractional-reserve gold banking system may jeopardize the return of leased gold.”

Good luck, Austrians, with getting your gold back.


Jim Rickards: Currency Wars Simulation

“To be discussed on this powerful investigation:”
“• Discover why the Federal Reserve and Capitol Hill may have intentionally launched a currency war against China, Iran, and much of the world.”
“And learn what our enemies are doing to retaliate.”
“• Learn of the untold impact of quantitative easing and “Operation Twist” on the wealth of average Americans. Have these financial aggressions caused you to be unknowingly robbed of over a quarter of your net worth?”
“• Become aware of unconventional attacks our enemies could use to bring down the financial markets and our economy in a single day.”
“• Find out whether China has been using their military to secretly stockpile gold.”
“And learn what effect this will have on the dollar and gold prices if the truth comes to light that they are doing so.”
“• Assess whether Iran will close off the Strait of Hormuz, causing an energy inflation shockwave, and uncover an under-the-radar alliance they’ve formed with China and Russia that threatens our dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.”


Iran urges use of alternative currencies in global trade


Greek Milk Costs More Than Anywhere Else In Europe As Suicide Rate Rises By 37%

“The socio-economic collapse has resulted in a total crash in economic production of goods and services, an nosebleed-inducing unemployment rate which increasing at a mindboggling 1% per month


Silver Supply Running Out


Silver Demand – Sentiment and Trends

“A quiet battle is being fought in the silver market between investment interests and industrial demand.”

“The world is finally waking up to the fact that governments can take the real silver money out of circulation, but they cannot take the money out of silver as a commodity.”


Brotherhood Offices Torched As Egypt Turns Against US Muppet President Turned “Temporary Dictator”

Meet the new guy, the same as the old guy – equally bad.


Top Tory who earns thousands from green energy firms says it is ‘reasonable’ for bills to rise by £2-a-week to pay for wind farms


Food not fuel


Navy fires two more commanders

“Twenty-two other commanders have been relieved of duty by the Navy this year.”


Job listing for MI6 ‘elimination specialist’ appears on government website

“A call for candidates for the “Target Elimination Specialist” post, with a job reference code of 007, remained on the DirectGov website for at least an hour after Twitter users began to post links to it.”

“The job description had all the hallmarks of a James Bond-style position, requiring “particularly skilled professionals who are prepared to work on a non-attributable basis” to deal with “people whose continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order.””

And who decides which people must be killed ?


Ban ‘Killer Robot’s” Before it’s to Late

“Governments should pre-emptively ban fully autonomous weapons because of the danger they pose to civilians in armed conflict, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. These future weapons, sometimes called “killer robots,” would be able to choose and fire on targets without human intervention.”

Who would the relatives of the wrongfully killed take to a criminal court ?


Report: Obama Considering Corporate Funding For Inauguration

“Hell, the corporations already own Congress and the Presidency: why not flipping just make it official?!?!

The general public need to look to itself because government only cares for the corporations.



“”The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” — H.L. Mencken (1918)”



Veto message by President Johnson, March 2, 1867

“”I submit to Congress whether this measure is not in its whole character, scope, and object without precedent and without authority, in palpable conflict with the plainest provisions of liberty and humanity for which our ancestors on both sides of the Atlantic have shed so much blood, and expended so much treasure.””

“”The purpose and object of the bill- the general intent which pervades it from beginning to end- is to change the entire structure and character of the State Governments and to compel them by force to the adoption of organic laws and regulations which they are unwilling to accept if left to themselves. The Negroes have not asked for the privilege of voting; the vast majority of them have no idea what it means. This bill not only thrusts it into their hands, but compels them, as well as the whites, to use it in a particular way. If they do not form a Constitution with prescribed articles in it and afterwards elect a legislature which will act upon certain measures in a prescribed way, neither blacks nor whites can be relieved from the slavery which the bill imposes upon them.”

“Congressman Weideman: “So the paramount issue of today is this: Shall the Government of the United States be run for the benefit of the international bankers or shall the citizens of the United States be given the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? Shall we replace the Statue of Liberty with the golden statue erected to the god of greed? Shall we forget that the only time our Saviour used force was when he drove the money changers from the temple? Let us reestablish the principle that we all believe in: That all men are entitled to a right to work, to own their own homes, to reap a just reward for their labors, and to enjoy nature’s sunshine as God intended. We owe it to our children that we shall not depart and leave them in a condition of bondage and slavery to organized greed and gold.”…..”


Emergency Powers Statutes, Senate Report SR 93-549, November 19, 1973

“Special Committee on the TERMINATION of the NATIONAL EMERGENCY.”

“There is no present need for the United States Government to continue to function under emergency conditions.”

What bloody emergency was there in November 19, 1973 ?


Federal Prison Time In Doubt

“There are over 4000 federal laws on the books. At any one time you are likely violating one of them. New information is coming to light that seems to indicate the law that gives the federal courts and prisons authority may have never been passed. This wouldn’t stop the government from illegally doing something. The Income tax (16th) amendment was never  properly ratified and yet we all pay those taxes. The emergency war powers act is unconstitutional because congress cannot cede it’s authority to the President and yet they do it.”




Who is Working Against the American People?

“2. The original United States has been usurped by a separate and different UNITED STATES formed in 1871, which only controls the District of Columbia and its territories, and which is actually a corporation (the UNITED STATES CORPORATION) that acts as our current government. The United States Corporation operates under Corporate/Commercial/Public Law rather than Common/Private Law.”

“The original Constitution was never removed; it has simply been dormant since 1871. It is still intact to this day. This fact was made clear by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Harlan (Downes v. Bidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) by giving the following dissenting opinion: “Two national governments exist; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and Independently of that Instrument.””


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