State Secession Petitions – 804,642 and Texas has 111,967 as of 9pm 2012-11-16

State Secession Petitions – 804,642 and Texas has 111,967 as of 9pm 2012-11-16

The corporate news media has been boasting that foreign banks have conquered America so yes the American people need to secede from the foreign owned federal government.


Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them – 14,326 as of 9pm 16th November 2012

The secession petition outnumbers the anti-secession petition by a factor of 56.


(Peaceful) Secession Proponents Do Not Want A Civil War; And No, They Cannot Be Stripped Of Their Firearms

“In a ludicrous, sardonic and sophomoric piece in the London Guardian, Diane Roberts suggests, that those in favor of secession want to “re-enact the American civil war”. In between labeling anyone who supports the idea a “white supremacist” or “fundamentalist zealot”, she argues that secessionists are “sore losers” that want to “return to 1861″.”

“Roberts says that the idea has “zero legal status”, and argues that the tenth amendment is null and void.”

No, if it hasn’t been repealed the tenth amendment for states rights is still in force. Did a journalist really say this crap ?


Germany may repatriate 10% of Gold stored in the US Read More


JPMorgan faces U.S. action on anti money-laundering practices: WSJ READ MORE


(Unelected government of) Bahrain revokes 31 opposition activists’ citizenship

“demanding more democracy”

The persecuted people of Bahrain are my brothers and sisters and humanity’s enemy is the unelected government of Bahrain.


Inciting war crimes: Israel minister says force Gaza population into Egypt, cut off water, electricity


Russia will back Egyptian efforts to end Israeli aggression: Putin


Israeli military confirms rocket (with 8m range) fired from Gaza strikes outside Jerusalem (40m away)

“Hamas, the Islamist group that governs Gaza, launched a Qassam rocket toward Jerusalem.”

“The Qassam rocket only has a range of 7.5 miles. And it is 40 miles from Gaza to Jerusalem.”
Someone can’t do simple mathematics.


A Ron Paulism: if you reduce government spending then the people spend the money and they’ll spend it productively when the government spends it they always spend it politically.


MEGA BEX ALART! Israel tries to lay the blame on Iran!

“Iran-supplied Fajr-5 missiles”

“Israel’s blockade of Gaza is so tight that crayons and musical instruments for Gaza’s children cannot get through. The Fajr-5 is 6 1/2 meters long, and weighs 915 Kilograms. It requires a launcher, which is 10 1/2 meters long.”

“Think something that big and heavy gets smuggled in through a tunnel?”

Something 10 ½ metres long is being shoved between our collective butt cheeks and I do not like it one little bit.


Israel Approved Killing of Hamas Commander Amid Talks on Long-Term Truce


Pro-Palestinians protest in London amid Israel attacks on Gaza Strip

I have only two words for the government of Israel and the second of those two words is ‘off’.


Nowhere to hide: Israeli bombs ‘rain down’ on defenseless Gaza civilians

“some of the injuries are “consistent with the use of white phosphorous”.”

A crime against humanity.


UK may never recover £66bn spent to rescue banks – MPs

“Some senior Government figures have privately discussed an early sale of part of the two banks, but the MPs dismiss that suggestion.”

What expertise and knowledge do these MPs possess to dismiss this suggestion ?


150 Seconds Of “You Can’t Handle The European Truth” From Kyle Bass

“A popular revolt will happen” is how Kyle Bass sums up the endgame from kicking the can in Europe.”

“he concludes with Milton Friedman’s quote on Europe: “when they hit a bump in the road, it will tear them apart at the core.”


george galloway vs american israeli aipac member


BBC apologises after Chief Rabbi blames Iran for Gaza conflict

“he suggested the conflict in Gaza was fuelled by tensions over Iran”


Sen. Paul Filibusters Military Spending Bill Over Summary Detention

“A recent Appeals Court ruling said it was in the “public interest” to allow the military to ignore due process and detain Americans as long as it wants without recourse to a court.”

Why not detain all 300 million Americans ?


Europe In the Grip of Anti-Austerity Protests READ MORE

“As if we needed more proof that the course implemented by the eurocracy becomes increasingly untenable politically, millions have decided to strike in several European countries on Wednesday.”

Will our bankster overlords surrender when it rises to tens of millions ?

The people of Europe are not going along with the bankster conquest.


The Historic Plan to Save America

“The entire globalist program has been built and designed to block what you are about to see unfold. I’m going to make some announcements here today, and I’m going to lay out some plans from my deep study of the Constitution that can save this Republic if you execute them. Victory is in our grasp. People don’t know they’re in tyranny until it really starts to get bad.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, petitions to the White House under federal law have to be responded to when they reach a certain number. It’s now more than 15 states, it was 7 last night, that have reached that threshold.”

14m35s “We will prosecute a war to restore the Republic and run the money changers from the temple.”

49m50s “I sign this DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE against globalist scum 2012.”

51m25s “You’ve got to admit you’re a slave before you start becoming free.”

58m55s “Real patriotism is the willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.”


The Key to True Secession with Dr. Edwin Vieira

“the federal government admits it is now run by foreign special interest powers and has been conquered.”

The fallen American Republic must be restored and RECONSTITUTED.

26m5s “The first step is for Ron Paul to come forward and assume the mantle of leadership here. You look at the parallel of the American Independence movement, we had just paragons of intellectual and political virtue, Jefferson, the Adamses, the Patrick Henrys, even Alexander Hamilton but there was one man who stood out, who had to stand out and of course that was George Washington.”


Lew Rockwell: It’s Time to Take Back The Republic!

1m20s “No people or part of a people will be held in a political allegiance or an alliance to which it’s opposed.”

1m45s “And you do not have the higher governments in society controlling the lower, you have it just the reverse so this policy of decentralisation, of secession is absolutely a key principle of human liberty.”

5m45s “Jefferson said that the people who had his view stood with the states against the general government, stood with the towns against the state, stood with the wards against the town, stood with the individual against everything.”

This is what a Constitutional Republic is all about, not top down but bottom up.


Get Ready for Obama’s Third Term as President in 2016


The Bit Heard Round the World? WordPress Begins Accepting Bitcoin

Will Washington DC call for the liberation of the customers of WordPress from the oppression of it’s illegitimate government thereby forcing these customers back into the slavery of the non-federal non-reserve note ?


Score at United Nations: Cuba 188 — U.S. 3 Read More


Over $60,000 in Welfare Spent Per Household in Poverty

Giving out freebies as the national debt climbs inexorably.


Obama Secret Directive Gives Cyber-Control to Military For National Security

“Using the claim that content being removed is racist in nature or defaming of public figures, governments around the world are requesting that the Internet be censored. However, this new trend is indicative of the Big brother controls being enacted against the free speech of citizens in sovereign nations. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK have topped the list of countries that seek to control content on the Internet.”


An Open Letter to Hugo Salinas Price

“I read your piece: “On the Use of Gold Coins as Money”. I think you ask the right question. This is the elephant in the room. Why do gold and silver not circulate?”

“You make the case that if people have no other means of making payment, they will pay in gold and silver. You acknowledge this could take a long time. Let me propose another way to go forward to the gold standard.”

“There is one thing that will motivate people to place their gold at risk, and give up possession (temporarily).”

“Interest – paid in gold.”


EU Protests Spark Emergency Bilderberg Meeting

“On Wednesday November 14th millions of Europeans took to the streets in protest against the austerity measures that are being implemented in an effort to deal with the current economic crisis. In the face of this engineered economic downfall the Bilderberg group has called for a meeting in Rome in order to ensure that the outcome of this uprising results in a more unified Europe.”

The people of Europe need to unite alright … against the Bilderberg people.


Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy Read More


The International Banking Cartel – holding the people of the world in feudalism

“A look at the International Banking Cartel led by the Bank for International Settlement (in Basel, Switzerland) known as the bank of central banks (58 central banks) and The US Federal reserve System. Also a look at banking tycoons: from the Rothschild family in Europe to JP Morgan and others in the US. How banks not only control governments but also appoint politicians through huge campaign donations. Governments at the service of the major banks, the best example: the Obama administration and the history’s biggest bail out of the same institutions that caused the Great Recession.”

You’re DAMN right that PressTV had to be taken off the air in Europe with a piece of truth telling like this.

21m10s “to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole … to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements.”


When BBC ignores Israeli murder of its own cameraman’s baby, what hope for other Palestinians?

“In a new low for the BBC’s objectively pro-Israel coverage, the British state broadcaster seems to be doing its best to downplay the murder by Israel of family members of one of its own cameramen.”


How to Clean Up the Pineal Gland



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