Index for 2012

An anti-silver cycle began in 1873 but as JP Morgan in 1912 said ‘gold is money, everything else is credit’

28th March 2012 Greece Credit Default Swap contracts – ‘they’re just tearing them up’ 26th February 2012 Look how afraid the banksters are of physical silver 1st April 2012 MF Global’s stolen $1.6B – another useless Congressional hearing

5th April 2012 SILVER: It’s Down To Physical Only Now! / Your Silver Pacifier 23rd February 2012 Lord James of Blackheath​, in Parliament Feb 16th revealing $15 TRILLION laundered 20th November 2011 MF Global bankruptcy, $600M theft and the $800 TRILLION futures market

26th April 2012 The coming collapse of all debt based currency systems 6th May 2012 The National Debt and Deficit Deconstructed … and lots more deconstructed 16th April 2012 USA Can Pay Any Debt It Has Because It Can Print Money To Pay It

16th May 2012 Allow me to begin your education about what will give us a functioning economy 14th May 2012 USA Headed For Tremendous Shock – (Multi-billionaire) Hugo Salinas Price Hugo 11th May 2012 JPM Greek ($2b) Derivative Losses Finally Reported & R.I.P. JPM ?

22nd May 2012

CNN reports JPM’s ‘whale’ loss is up to $6-7B from $2B a week before … but other sources claim it is $100B

14th June 2012

Italy borrowing at 6% to fund a loan to Spain at 3% – 103% RETARDED

21st June 2012

Monetary reset – this isn’t going to be 1929, for some this is going to be 472 AD

28th June 2012

Computers on Wall Street are Buying and Selling to Themselves … thereby distorting prices
I have a whole hell of a lot to be saying in this email so sit down and buckle up. Things are moved faster than ever.

5th July 2012

Gordon Brown / Banks Commit Criminal Fraud / The Fall of Rome and Modern Parallels

12th July 2012

The price of gold has been manipulated. This is more scandalous than Libor

19th July 2012

LIBOR – U.S. TREAS SEC GEITHNER IS “DEAD MEAT” … possibly prison time

26th July 2012

IMF Senior Economist Resigns after twenty years of service, Says “Ashamed…”

I am being the messenger for the fireworks that keep going off and the stuff has hit a veritable flood stage.

It is up to you guys if you read all of this stuff, read some of this stuff or don’t read any of this stuff, pass it on or not, prepare for what is coming or not.

First this IMF scandal then LIBOR (or should that LIBMBR for London Inter-Bank Make Believe Rate) then money laundering and other bank fraud than Syria then Europe then other news that is absent from or misreported by the corporate media.

2nd August 2012

13 Reasons Why the Federal Reserve Fears a Complete Audit

First the non-Federal non-Reserve then onto LIBOR, financials and economics then onto health matters then onto Syria and Iran then onto the Aurora/Anahiem shootings then onto the Olympics.

6th August 2012

Greatest Truth Told To Congress – Syria – WI. Shooting

First the non-Federal non-Reserve, LIBOR, financials and economics then onto our energy non-crisis crisis then onto Syria and Iran to counter the bulls**t from the corporate media then onto health matters then onto the Olympics then onto guns in the hands of criminals to counter the bulls**t from the corporate media about the Aurora/Anahiem/Wisconsin shootings.

9th August 2012

RBS Algo Went Berserk – Labor Dept Admits Data Leak Due To Glitch

First the continued “glitches”, LIBOR, the arch looter JPM (Grrrr), financials and economics then onto health matters then onto Syria then onto victim disarmament (aka gun control) then onto the Olympics then the fake war on terror then onto other crazy s**t.

16th August 2012

Soros Exits Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Adds To Gold Position

23rd August 2012

The COLLAPSE of the EZ? & Betting on Financial Disaster

30th August 2012

Whalen On Bloomberg: “The Big 4 Banks Have To Cheat To Hide Their Insolvency”

In fact, I urge my representatives to reply. So the corrupt banking system has survived another week and the faith-based monetary system has survived another week. What will happen in the next 7 days ?

6th September 2012

Wall Street Made A Muppet Of The SEC

Things could get real crazy during this September and October.

13th September 2012

Biflation=inflation+deflation / FRS Will Do QE TO INFINITY

20th September 2012

I said 2 weeks ago that things could get real crazy during this September and October, do you think it has got crazier in that time ?

ECB’s (& FRS’) Faustian Bargain / Greek economy to shrink 25% by 2014

I said 2 weeks ago that things could get real crazy during this September and October, do you think it has got crazier in that time ?

4th October 2012

I am not doing this for my health but to try to bring sanity to an insane world in some small way.

First off, that DAMN chump that recently did not dismount from his bicycle at number 10 Downing Street forgets that we the British people are his DAMN boss, not forgetting the Queen, because we DAMN well hired him and his lot through the ballot box and the British people can DAMN well fire him and his lot through the ballot box just as easily and don’t you think for one second that had I been a bystander at the incident that I would not have given him a tongue lashing. He is a public servant and no one bows before him and he DAMN well must not think otherwise, DAMN IT.

I hope I am communicating with all of my public servants so that you can all know my abject disgust at world events but not from how the corporate news media is reporting them and not about X Factor and not about Kim whoever and sure as hell not about president Obama and governor Romney who had their non-substantive first presidential debate last night. BBC News channel are showing it and if you can watch it without the urge to put your foot through the screen that you have my pity.

With the exception of Nigel Farage and UKIP and Ron Paul over in the USA and other people of like mind, you lot are all done as far as I am concerned, David Cameron – DONE, Ed Miliband – DONE, Nick Clegg – DONE. We are inflicted with the leadership our apathy and uninformedness (is that a word?) deserves. We have BIG, BIG, BIG problems. This is my call to arms.

As I was on holiday last week this week’s missive is suitably more massive.

Debase Currency; Social Collapse / Legalized Plunder / 95% of ‘Syrian rebels’ not Syrians

11th October 2012

US Retail Investors Throw Up On Bernanke’s Invitation To Buy Stocks

Central banking cartel today are offering you silver for $35/oz / NFP says UR down to 7.8%

Merkel Should Recognize That the Euro is DEAD – Bury It!

In the above link I go into specific questions on Syria/Turkey that I repeat below.

Do we know who fired that mortar shell from within Syria ?
What if I claimed to have fired that fatal mortar shell from within Syria ?
Would that help avert world war 3 ?
People need to bury this Syria nonsense that is coming from the corporate news media.

Santelli Slams ‘Surprise’ Unemployment Data In Epic Screamfest

Reality Check: Is This The End of The Petro-dollar?

18th October 2012

Syria plane carried radar parts, not weapons

Euroland’s debt strategy is an economic and moral disgrace

Shocker at Citigroup as CEO Vikram Pandit Abruptly Resigns

Feds Arrest Man Plotting Attack On New York non-Federal non-Reseve

drove a van he believed to be loaded with explosives from Long Island to Lower Manhattan.

I could have easily foiled this terrorist mastermind (sarcasm) if I had offered to sell him the Manhattan Bridge.

Does the route from Long Island to Lower Manhattan take in the Manhattan Bridge ?

Do you think I think this is a complete excrement ?

D’oh, of course I DAMN do. I may be stupid but I’m not that DAMN stupid.

Because of this one guy’s actions we have now go to war with Iran a nation of 74 million people.

Federal Reserve, Obama Says “You Didn’t Blow This Up”

The alphabet agencies are listening to everyone’s phone calls and reading everyone’s emails and so to the NSA puke that’s reading this intercepted email I ask: are you that DAMN stupid ?

Is this really the world we live in now ?

25th October 2012

Gross: CBs Will Cause 1987-Like Crash / Syria’s Shi’ite Genocide

Bernanke Set To Unveil Number Larger Than “Eternity”

Will Germany ask for their gold, and more importantly, will they get it ?

Jimmy Saville – not just a paedophile, also a procurer of children for rich and famous people

Germany Withdrew 1000 Tons of Gold from London in 2000-01 / P-word at PMQs

You can forget Jimmy Saville’s paedophilia and you will hear about his necrophilia and you can forget about that too and focus on the fact that paedophilia is widespread worldwide among the rich and famous and among some of our public servants. Should I visit my local constituency office so Ms Miller or her staff can see the look of abject disgust on my face ?

1st November 2012

High-Level Executives Suddenly Dumping JP Morgan Stock En-Masse
We got through October without having a market crash. Maybe we’ll have the crash after the USA elections.

SOLA 4.7 One Bad Apple … wrong, society is rotting from the top

Keynesian Econ Prof Tells Hurricane Victims “It’s Good For The Economy”
Sandy scored a bullseye on New York and New Jersey, all our prayers to the victims.
But rebuilding an economy to the point it was at before stuff got trashed being good as opposed to improving an untrashed economy or replacing stuff that comes to the end of it’s natural design life induced me to much head slapping. This guy gets the Foot In Mouth prize.
Do all governments around the world listen to fools like this one ?

German Politicians Demand to See Gold in US non-Federal non-Reserve

Of, By, For The SuperPAC / Brit refuses MI5 then disappears – do I not like that

8th November 2012

192 Million Ounces of Paper Silver Dumped on Market in 10 Minutes On NFP Release!
That’s 25% of the 762m ounces of annual silver production, could that much really have changed hands in this 10 minute period ?

$36T worth of DTCC Stock certificates feared damaged by Sandy

P-word: Mrs T’s parliamentary private secretary Sir Peter Morrison MP

Infinity is a Pretty Big Number / FRS President: “We’re Flying Blind”

German Gold: Fed Refuses to Allow Inspection / Sandy flood dissolves $13 trillion in paper

15th November 2012

Libor Arrests (Finally) Coming … traders, not CEOs, not COOs

THE $36 Trillion DTCC FRAUD: The complete horror show that’s ‘don’t let a good crisis go to waste’

Sir Cyril Smith ‘sexually abused boys’, MP tells Commons: paedophile dam bursting ?

CFTC’s Chilton on HFT Regulations, Silver Manipulation Probe & MF Global

Jihad Misharawi, a BBC correspondent who lives in Gaza; Israeli airstrike killed his 11-month-old son
Why are the BBC not screaming their outrage against Israel over this ?

22nd November 2012

State Secession Petitions – 804,642 and Texas has 111,967 as of 9pm 2012-11-16

Doubling of JPMs silver shorts from 2 years ago / Imploding Economy / Slavery By Consent / Gaza

13-year-old Muhammad Abu Daqqa / Palestinian journalists: the Israel military consider them legitimate “targets.”

Kyle Bass On The End Of The (70-year) Debt Super-Cycle (I think about the 140-year anti-silver cycle)

(Israel/Palestine) The bigger they are the harder they fall

29th November 2012

Bond bubble attracting more media attention

WTC ‘dustification’ and Tesla – 1.23Mt, a lot of mass is missing / Syria – warfare by deception

Will the non-federal non-reserve go from $40B/month QE to INFINITY to $67T QE NUCLEAR ?

The Silver Saga: the international banksters wrecking economies – myself and China want to pay them back

Fattest Finger Ever Slams Stockholm Stock Exchange With $70 Trillion Buy Order

6th December 2012

There Isn’t a Greenhouse Effect – atmospheric pressure explains Venus’ high temperature

Must Watch: MAX DOES WESTMINSTER – Any MPs present ? No.

The Keynesian Revolution Has Failed: (as the economy re-crashes) Now What?

Is everyone distracted by bread and circuses ? … Afghanistan: “children with potential hostile intent”

NATO failed to ‘Gleiwitz’ their way into Syria, try the ‘Saddam’ method ie. non-existent WMDs


13th December 2012

PEARL HARBOR – MOTHER OF ALL CONSPIRACIES – June 1941 oil embargo began

The Age of Ron Paul? The political/economic educator of our generation, worldwide
32m5s “There was a shortage of gasoline, still is a shortage of gasoline in New Jersey. So you have these huge lines because all of a sudden gasoline was far more valuable, you have to allow the price to rise. What happens then, I don’t know what gasoline would sold for right after the hurricane hit, would it have been $15 a gallon ? Would it have been $20 a gallon ? Whatever it would have been you would have had every guy in the whole country with a tanker truck or people with fleets of tanker trucks sending all the gasoline to New Jersey and the price would have come way back down and everybody would have had the gasoline that they needed, they would not have to wait on a line but people are so stupid that you can have the government set the price.”
37m35s “Our way is the way of peace and of tolerance and of volunteerism, but if we intellectually organise against them, if more and more people as Ron Paul again has affected millions of lives, if we can build on what Ron did, I see amazing changes among young people that give me a lot of hope for the future.”

Because ZIRP, QE1, QE2 and twist have not worked, doubling of QE3 to $85B/m or $1T/year is expected

Hello QE4: $45B TSY/m with jobless > 6.5% / BDI Minus 8% Overnight, Most Since 2008

IMF doc not for public use: “Holy Grail” Gold Evidence Panics Western Central Banks


20th December 2012

Banking on Criminality: Drug Money and the Above-the-Law Global Banking Cartel

UFO’s Around The Sun – Will the Giant Object Return on December 17th? Stay Tuned.

Connecticut shooting: only hand guns on supposed shooter’s person but victim’s wounds from a long weapon

The Antipsychotic Prescribed To Adam Lanza Has A Troubled History All Its Own

Keynesian Endpoint / Sandy Hook shooting – how can a parent of a dead child be smiling ?




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