Libor Arrests (Finally) Coming … traders, not CEOs, not COOs


“Note the word “traders” – not CEOs, not COOs, not General Counsels, not Managers, not Supervisors… Traders.”

Just Another Paper Bullion Scam – This Time From The Royal Canadian Mint READ MORE

“This one is absurd.  I just read through the prospectus for the new Royal Canadian Mint ETR, priced on Monday at $20 per unit.  Each unit initially entitles the holder to a .619525 share of 1 oz. of silver bullion, to be safekept by the RCM.  Notwithstanding the complicated formula required to calculate the share of bullion ratio on an ongoing basis for several reasons – the new RCM paper form of silver has several embedded issues which can create the inability of the holder to actually receive the physical gold which they think they are investing in.”

“The RCM does not directly link the prospectus on its website.  In fact, it made it a pain the ass to track down and get a copy of it.  My bet is that I’m one of the few people out there who has actually undertaken this task and read the prospectus.”

“To begin with, like all the other paper metal trusts (except the Sprott trusts – this write up does not apply to the Sprott trusts, let me make that clear), the RCM is the custodian of the bullion and states up front that the silver which is supposed to be for the trust will be held in an unallocated account.  This may seem trivial right now, but if and when silver bullion becomes scarce and more people demand physical delivery of bullion that is being safekept by the RCM, the RCM ETR has NO LEGAL STANDING FOR A SUPERIOR CLAIM on the bullion.”

If you hold a unit of RCM ETR you don’t own s**t.

Criminals: CME Group sues to freeze CFTC swap reporting rules

Report the DAMN swaps, why don’t you, you criminals.

Ron Paul: “Pure Democracy Is Dangerous”… When It’s Purchased

“From an outright libertarian, the headline seems contrary; but Ron Paul’s affirmation that “pure democracy is dangerous” critically confirms what Romney accidentally admitted: that enabling the majority to dictate the minority is a problem when the majority are receiving a [government] check. Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu looks a little shocked when the thoughtful Paul confirms bluntly that the reelection of Obama is driven simply by ‘the people’ being on the ‘receiving end’ of government benefits and that the US is “so far gone; we’re over the cliff already.” From the lack of credibility in Washington to GOP’s ‘acceptance’ of higher taxes and why he quit Congress, Ron Paul succinctly reminds many of the true state of the union in which we live… “As long as you think we have to please the world and run this welfare state, all we will argue about is who will get the loot.”

SOLA 4.22 The Constitutional Republic

“The Republic- Rule by Law.”

“The 1% Protected from the 99%.”

“Equal Protection for all.”

“Level Playing field for free market capitalism.”

“Division of power.”

4m45s “The fallacy that it is feasible and possible to do good with other people’s money. Now you see that the view has two flaws. If I’m going to do good with other people’s money I’ve first got to take it away from them. That means that the welfare state philosophy of doing good with other people’s money at it’s very bottom is a philosophy of violence and coercion, it’s against freedom because I have to use force to get the money. In the second place, very few people spend other people’s money as carefully as they spend their own.”

5m35s “Big brother is in Washington and he has to look after people. Now I think it’s big brother that needs to looked after and not the people.”

6m25s “Communism, or more accurately Socialism, is not a movement of the down-trodden masses but of the economic elite.”

UN Arms Trade Treaty Gaining Ground As Globalists Scheme to Disarm the World READ MORE

Once all the people around the world do not have access to firearms then the one world government of the banksters, by the banksters and for the banksters can begin.

Sorry We’re Closed: FEMA Shuts Down Warming Centers and Food Distribution Pipeline “Due To Weather”

“When disaster strikes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is there to help, weather permitting of course.”

“Earlier this week Mayor Bloomberg and the federal government touted their new warming centers as a shelter for those in need of food, water, supplies and a little heat. But, as is generally the case with government, when help is needed they’re nowhere to be found.”

The Death of a Slave-Catcher

“In early 1854, a young man named Anthony Burns escaped the custody of a Virginia man named Charles Settle, who claimed to “own” him. After Burns had settled down and found gainful work, an informant recognized him as an escaped slave and contacted the authorities. Batchelder was sent to Boston for the purpose of returning Burns to his previous condition of servitude.(Interestingly, this process was called “rendition.”) The marshal quickly located Burns and – after using the pretext of a bogus robbery investigation to place him under arrest – locked him in the federal courthouse.”

“News of this abduction provoked an immediate response from local abolitionists, who organized an armed posse to liberate Burns from his captors. In the ensuing skirmish, Batchelder was fatally shot, but the police retained custody of Burns. ”

“Wanting to avoid further bloodshed, Burns – a devout Christian – asked his supporters not to attempt another rescue. A few days later, Burns was escorted to a ship bound for Virginia. The rendition took place under the watchful eyes of 1,600-man military contingent sent by President Franklin Pierce to deter any further efforts to liberate Burns. ”

Now EU Seeks to Ban the Family

Brussels takes aim at the Famous Five! Books portraying ‘traditional’ families could be barred … Books that reinforce traditional roles can contribute to gender stereotyping, report says Traditional stories can damage women’s career opportunities, report’s authors says Books which portray ‘traditional’ images of mothers caring for their children or fathers going out to work could be barred from schools under proposals from Brussels. An EU report claims that ‘gender stereotyping’ in schools influences the perception of the way boys and girls should behave and damages women’s career opportunities in the future. Critics said the proposals for ‘study materials’ to be amended so that men and women are no longer depicted in their traditional roles would mean the withdrawal of children’s classics, such as Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five series, Paddington Bear or Peter Pan. – UK Daily Mail

Dominant Social Theme: People need to let other people alone, even if Leviathan itself must be employed to make it happen.”

Free-Market Analysis: Whenever we look, we are assaulted by unbelievable legislative actions. This has got to be the most incredible idea yet: To legislate portrayals of the family out of existence.”

When will all this positive discrimination come to an end ?

Voters make North Dakota first state in nation to protect right to farm in constitution

Voter turnout in 2012 US presidential elections 9% lower than 2008

Scientists Sound Off: Ban GMO Testing In India

Republicans Rage as the Great Burning Arrives

Dominant Social Theme: Republicans are out of touch. Democrats are not. The Tea Party is dead.”

Free-Market Analysis: Post-election, the US Republican Party will go about the business of tearing itself to pieces, as well it should. As observers of directed history here at the Daily Bell, watching the past ten years of politics presented via the prism of what we call the Internet Reformation has been instructive indeed.”

“There IS no real (legitimate) Republican Party left, from what we can tell. Before the violent and thuggish deconstruction of the libertarian Ron Paul Revolution, Ron Paul was on his way to taking over the Party. We watched it happen.”

“He intended to educate and succeeded beyond anything he’d ever imagined. He succeeded because in the US – in the West in general – there’s a great craving for freedom and economic literacy. This craving, nurtured by Paul’s financial literacy, has been inordinately strengthened by his four-year historical and economic lecture tour.”

How the US & British Banking Cartels Funded Hitler *video(s)*

REPORT: Five Senior Goldman Sachs Execs Gave $130K To ‘Obama Victory Fund’ WHILE Eric Holder Was Deciding Whether To File Criminal Charges

Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly

Just like Crassus wouldn’t let Sparticus leave Roman territory as Sparticus and those with him wanted to so that Crassus could frighten the Romans into giving him power, the same is happening today.

Australia Scales Back Internet Blacklist, Nixes Full-Scale Censorship

“”The Australian Government has officially abandoned plans to legislate a mandatory internet filter. The news ends a four-year campaign by the ruling party to implement legislation that would have compelled ISPs to block a list of URLs dictated by Australia’s telecommunications regulator, the ACMA. ISPs have instead been told to block a list of known child pornography sites maintained by INTERPOL.””

I wonder if will get falsely labelled a child pornography site.

PROJECT CAMELOT: Shadow Operations: The Mars Project


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