Infinity is a Pretty Big Number / FRS President: “We’re Flying Blind”

Infinity is a Pretty Big Number Read more

“They absolutely MUST increase their creation of money (currency) and credit at an increasing rate and this “rate of increase” must increase or the Ponzi system will begin to collapse.”

“We’re Flying Blind,” Admits Federal Reserve President READ MORE

Richard Russell – I See Catastrophic Insane Bubbles Everywhere

Tyler Gallagher – The Gold Business Is Booming As The Economy Goes Bust

“Tyler Gallagher, CEO of our sponsor Regal Assets explains that business keeps getting better. While the economy continues to suffer, more people are awakening to the fact there’s nothing that can save fiat currency. The collapse will be global in nature and will require an economic reboot. Those who purchase precious metals now, in addition to preserving wealth, will get a headstart on the new economic paradigm. The need to act has never been greater than now!”

GATA’s clamor reaches an ever-wider circle of the gold universe

“Looks like GATA’s clamor is reaching an ever-wider circle of the gold universe.”

“In his weekly commentary for the Rand Refinery in South Africa, David Levenstein expresses detailed skepticism about central bank gold reserves and cites all the recent developments publicized by GATA. Levenstein writes that “there seems to be growing evidence that the gold reserves of central banks have been pledged repeatedly through negotiable title deeds. If this is indeed the case, then as the current fiat monetary system falters and as more and more banks scramble to get their hands on their gold, when they discover that they no longer have any gold they will be forced to purchase gold, sending prices much higher.” Levenstein’s commentary is posted at the Rand Refinery’s Internet site here:”

Widespread bankruptcy of Obama-backed green energy companies continues as state of economy worsens

“The infamous $825 billion “stimulus” package hatched by the federal government back in 2009 as a way to supposedly kick start the economy included an $80 billion allotment for green energy subsidies, a substantial portion of which went towards the now-failed Solyndra corporation, not to mention nearly a dozen other teetering or flopped companies as of January of this year. But now that number has more than quadrupled, with literally dozens of companies under investigation for abuse, waste, and blatant fraud.”

Lunacy of FEMA Hurricane Insurance Subsidy READ MORE

GOP in Deep Trouble, Ron Paul Looking Good


“What is one to deduce from the 2012 Presidential elections? In my opinion, it is that obeying the Constitution is no sure path to freedom, and that voting is a real waste of time. The campaign of Ron Paul was by far one of the most popular campaigns in recent memory. It made the third party runs of Ross Perot (18% of the vote in 1992; 8.4% of vote in 1996) and Ralph Nader (.38% of the vote in 2004) appear tiny. Nobody in recent memory has captured the heart of a lost-but-looking-USA quite as much as has Paul.”

Colorado (and Washington) Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Read More

[Ed. Note: This makes three states (with several more in the wings) that are exercising their rights over the Federal government by over-turning anti-Hemp laws written by the criminal cabal in DC. – Only 47 to go.]

Not medical but recreational.

Proposition 37 appears to have failed in California, but GMO labeling awareness achieves victory

Bahrain revokes citizenship of opposition members

“The government of Bahrain revoked the citizenship of 31 activists for threats to state security, the interior ministry said.”

A government does not have such a power but an evil government does.

Berkeley student assembly condemns state legislature’s conflation of Palestine activism with bigotry

When will the Killing War in Iran Begin? It Already Has

“In Iran today there is an acute shortage of pharmaceuticals for kidney dialysis and transplants and for treating cancer, hemophilia, thalessemia, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders. Hospital equipment is breaking down for want of spare parts.”

Torturer Lawsuits: Some Good News

“They were held at Iraq’s notorious Abu Ghraib prison. America mistreats everyone held there. It’s official policy in all US torture prisons.”

“A confidential settlement resolved Al-Quraishi v. L-3 Services, Inc. CCR sued L-3 Services, Inc. (formerly Titan Corp.) and Adel Nakhla, it former employee.”

Videotaping Random People In The Streets & Filming Their Reaction

[Ed. Note: Americans are among the most heavily surveilled people on the planet. And collectively the sheeple class seem to take very little issue with Big Brother watching their every move, no matter how unconstitutional or Draconian Big Brother gets. But stick a random camera in their face that they actually notice, and they freak. Funny.]

The state pointing millions of cameras but we should worry about one guy with a camera ? Yeah, right.

Land of the (Less) Free READ MORE

“The godfather of the Economic Freedom of the World report was the late, great Milton Friedman who suggested its need as a measure of liberty.”


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