P-word: Mrs T’s parliamentary private secretary Sir Peter Morrison MP


Conservative M.P. Sir Peter Morrison -Paedophile Named in the Downing Street Paedophile Sex Ring


“The sexual tastes of the prime minister’s trusted adviser were an open secret in some quarters but were concealed by a police cover-up and threats of libel by Morrison himself, according to a former editor of the Sunday Mirror, Peter Connew.”

“Simon Heffer wrote in the Daily Telegraph in 2009: “At least one member of Mrs Thatcher’s first cabinet was homosexual. Her last parliamentary private secretary, Sir Peter Morrison, was a constant trial to the whips, who were afraid that his late-night cruises around and skirmishes in Sussex Gardens would come to the attention of the press.””


The DTCC’s $36.5 TRILLION Flood Fraud – Bix Weir & Andy Hoffman


“The DTCC’s claim that a large amount of their $36.5 Trillion in securities holdings at 55 Water Street in NYC have been “damaged” by flooding from Hurricane Sandy. How convenient.”

2m50s “The DTCC is a fraud, it’s a front for the massive failure to delivers, the naked shorting of massive amounts of contracts made up out of the blue sold stocks and bonds and on the COMEX.”

3m25s “They have hundreds of millions of trades that are never settled, they call them failure to delivers.”

5m20s “They’re knee deep in fraud, they’re not knee deep in water at the DTCC.”

6m40s “There’s an archive of fails to deliver equity data whose original source is the DTCC and if you read down it’s hundreds of millions of ounces of paper gold and paper silver that are listed here.”


Katrina2. No Food. No Water. FEMA Efficiently Going Door-to-Door Condemning Homes


3m35s “They’re not helping people, they’re doing nothing.”

I have little doubt that perfectly good homes are being condemned.


Ron Paul: The Trouble with FEMA



The Imperial Presidency


In general, the Constitution grants the Executive Branch few outright powers. The president is given extraordinary powers in wartime as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and he is given broad leeway to pursue foreign policy.”


Obama Ends Campaign in Half-Empty Arena

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/90488 READ MORE


The Startling Reality of Money Power


Dominant Social Theme: Albion is a peaceful isle.”

Free-Market Analysis: It is not actually Britain that has been doing the invading but, apparently, the City of London. What this book doesn’t tell you, or at least not the review, is the timeline of invasion.”

“Here’s a speculation: The number of invasions and their seriousness picked up a good deal in the past 500 years after the invention of monopoly central banking.”


Hell in New York – Media & Politicians IGNORE Chaos, Looting & Deaths

http://sgtreport.com/2012/11/hell-in-new-york-media-politicians-ignore-chaos-looting-deaths/ Read More


Cash Economy in Wake of Sandy



Overreach: America’s Imperial Waterloo?


“America is plagued by the same dynamic that doomed other empires unwilling to change. Elements include “isolation, overstretch, the uniting of local and global forces opposed to imperialism, and in the end bankruptcy.””

“Tyranny and loss of personal freedom follow. It arrived unannounced. It’s wrapped in an American flag. It’ll harden. It’s heading the nation for ruin.”

“Washington is permanently at war against enemies it creates. Doing so is secretive, unaccountable, intrusive, repressive, and self-destructive.”


The Audacity Of States: Nine States Voting on Nullification Measures!

http://sgtreport.com/2012/11/the-audacity-of-states-nine-states-voting-on-nullification-measures/ Read More

“Just hours before election day, the TV airways are abuzz with presidential and Congressional campaign messages. But around the country, some of the most important votes won’t be cast for president, senate, or house. They won’t be cast for a governor, or even a state representative.”

“In nine states – Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts and Alabama – voters will get a chance to resist DC and approve ballot initiatives which would nullify unconstitutional federal acts.”

This is not audacity, this is the rightful remedy..


Major Dutch Paper Discovers: Romney avoided $100m taxes through the Netherlands



Constitution Replaced By Fiat Edicts


“The rule of law is an empty memory of the past. The powers that rule are globalists that control governments and use their media outlets to write the first version of history. They pull the strings of the intelligence agencies that function as overthrowers of non-compliant regimes. Constitutional restrictions that limit impulsive or capricious dictates formerly protected citizens. With the utter eradication of separations of power and the “Federalist”, form of distinct roles and authority of independent States, the core legitimacy of the United States vanished…”


Sarkozy faces court over allegations he accepted illegal cash from wealthy L’Oreal heiress



Authorities stop Free Gas from getting to the public in NJ



FEMA Fuel AWOL For Sandy Survivors


“At FEMA headquarters in Washington, spokeswoman Elaine Kelley said the agency could not say where the fuel has gone, and directed inquiries to the Defense Logistics Agency, headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Va.”

FEMA is not fit for purpose.


Tampa Bay Time (Timebank) – Complementary Currency


“Tampa Bay Time is a community skills exchange, also known as a “time bank.” Time banking is a way to exchange services as an alternative to the cash economy. In Tampa Bay Time we trade skills gained from work, education, life experience, hobbies, and volunteering, while making friends and building community…”





Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys develop autism symptoms after obtaining doses of popular vaccines



Katerina Jeleva’s Five-Year Battle to Reclaim Her Son From Rogue Family Court System Continues


“As far back as May, I wrote an article entitled, “Utah Woman Has Son Stolen By DCFS Agent Despite Declaration of Innocence by Court and Social Services,” where I discussed the case of Katerina Jeleva, a Utah mother who has been victimized by an out-of-control Child Protective Services system.”

“In short, when Katerina was conveniently served with a Protective Order by her ex-husband shortly after his own bankruptcy proceeding, Katerina’s son was immediately taken from her by DCFS agents and armed police. Yet, after repeated interviews and investigations by psychologists, sex abuse investigators, and other DCFS agents, it was determined that there was absolutely no evidence that Katerina had abused her son…”


Study: Voters in three states could approve billion-dollar ‘shock’ to Mexican cartels



I Have A Dream: Green Nuclear Energy


“The White Swan: Molten-salt cooled carbon-negative thorium nuclear power.”


HoloCost Revisionism


“So, how can the average person begin to check these claims, to see where the truth lies? Start with the “6 million” figure. How plausible, in general, is this number? The war in Europe ran for roughly 2,000 days (or 5½ years: Sept 1939 to April 1945). If the Germans killed 6 million Jews, then they must have averaged 3,000 per day—every day, 365 days a year, for five and a half straight years. And of coursethey also must have burned, buried, or otherwise disposed of those same 3,000 bodies per day. This fact, in itself, seems highly implausible, especially given all the other urgencies of war.”


Silent No More … The Military Meme Expands


Dominant Social Theme: Thank goodness the SEALS are speaking out.”

Free-Market Analysis: All over the US news are reports about what really happened in Benghazi and how the treacherous Obama administration declined to act.”


Girl, 8, revealed as Jimmy Savile’s youngest victim launches claim to sue his £4.3million estate as builder, 52, claims he is BBC star’s lovechild



Bil’in father prevented from visiting 5-year-old son in Israeli hospital because of activism against settlements



Russian minister: No need for U.N. resolution to end violence in Syria



Turkey indicts IDF commanders over Gaza flotilla deaths


“Turkey is putting four former Israeli military commanders, including the head of the army, on trial in absentia this week for the 2010 killing of nine Turks on a Gaza-bound aid ship.”


Think you are innocent until proven guilty? Wake up, before you wake up like this.


“Bear and Marcela have opened their hearts and home to all of us, to help people understand how serious the assault upon our rights has become. We have lots of footage from our gathering last night much of it simply to log the conversation for future reference, but I want to share this short clip as it puts a fine point on the need to have our “law enforcement officers” brought back to serving The People.”


“He’s a Constitutionalist” (update from Bear and Marcela)



The Original Sin: Khamenei on America’s Crime Against Iran In 1953



Teen Arrested for Innocently Photographing Security Guard Mall Arrest


“16-year-old Jakub Markiewicz of Vancouver, B.C., in Canada is an aspiring journalist with a knack for old-fashioned film photography and live, on-scene reporting. But his recent capture of an arrest that took place at the local Metrotown shopping mall in Burnaby, a town just east of Vancouver, led to his own unprovoked take-down and arrest by shopping mall security guards and local police, who tried to demand that Jakub delete the photos from his film camera, which anyone familiar with photography knows is impossible.”

There is not a crime here.


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