Syria plane carried radar parts, not weapons

“Viktor Murakhovsky, a defence expert, told the BBC Russian Service that the equipment was “definitely for anti-aircraft systems”.”

“”These are usually magnetrons and travelling-wave tubes, which need replacing fairly frequently,” he said.”

You will notice that none of the alleged bad behaviour of the Turkish authorities reported by RT was reported by the BBC.

Moscow Furious After Turkish Fighter Jets Force Syrian Air Passenger Plane To Land In Ankara

45s “Turkey’s foreign minister said the aircraft was carrying illegal cargo.”

Have some of the infamous Iraqi WMDs been found at last ?

50s ”He said objectionable materials had been confiscated.”

What the hell does ‘objectionable’ mean in this context ?

1m5s “Some materials that needed to be declared but weren’t.”

Did someone forgot to declare their toothbrush ?

Looks like Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and his neocons pals are finding it difficult to initiate a crisis with Syria and with Iran.

My message to Turkey’s PM and FM is ‘shut the hell up, please, you are embarrassing yourselves’.

Paperwork routine: Turks force Syrian crew to sign ’emergency landing, no F-16s’ statement – witnesses

We are scared for the fate of the captain. He was taken away and threatened with arrest if he does not sign an emergency landing paper.”

“the captain was being forced to sign a release stating that military planes were not involved and the plane just made an emergency landing.”

The captain has now returned and said that ‘either I sign the document that I made an emergency landing or they are taking me hostage.’”

Let them take you hostage.

They opened the crates, checked the shipping records, and despite the fact that there was nothing suspicious, told us to get out. Then we were ordered to unload the boxes, so I asked for a receipt. They told us to unload the crates, and then they would give us a receipt later. We spend around half an hour doing it. Then they pointed their guns at us, slapped on the handcuffs

“Al-Latif said that the Turkish jets intercepted the passenger plane in the air without any prior warning and flew so close by that a real “disaster could have happened.”

‘We were handcuffed at gunpoint’ – flight engineer of Syria-bound plane

“Turkey says the Syria-bound passenger plane, that was forced to land in Turkey, was carrying Russian-made munitions. The Moscow airport that dispatched the flight insists there was no illegal cargo onboard. F-16 fighter jets intercepted the flight on its way from Moscow to Damascus, which was carrying 37 people. RT’s Tom Barton reports.”

1m5s “because of an intelligence tip off”

Just like the ‘intelligence’ tip off of Iraqi WMDs, eh ?

3m20s “We just needed to see a warrant, they said ‘no’ … they pointed their guns at us.”


Without a warrant what these Turkish public servants did what was a load of crap.

4m55s “It surprises me that the Syria government doesn’t have enough radios or equipment.”

I fully expect that it will be later discovered that the material seized is in fact not firearms, bullets, shells or bombs.

This is hopeless, hopeless, hopeless. Have I said this is hopeless ?

No weapons on Syrian plane grounded by Turkey – Lavrov

“was carrying radar parts, not munitions”

“the incident “air piracy,””

“Moscow criticized Turkey for endangering the lives of the flight’s 35 passengers by dispatching F-16s fighter jets to force the plane to land, and demanded to know why Russian diplomats and doctors were not allowed to meet the 17 Russian nationals on board the plane.”

I suppose radar parts are heavy and robust so I suppose they can be used to smack somebody over the head with and possibly lead to fatalities but are they weapons ? No.

‘Turkey violated Convention on International Civil Aviation’ – airline chief

Turkey deploys 250 tanks near Syrian border amid escalating tensions

What escalating tensions ? All I see are lies coming from Ankara.

Australian foreign minister suggests “assassination” of Syrian leaders

I am about to DAMN WELL lose control of my temper.

I want to go back to being a mild mannered guy but I cannot stand all this excrement being emptied over our heads.

So Much For Today’s Surprising “Drop” In Weekly Jobless Claims; California Forgot to Report 30,000 Claims READ MORE

So the state with the largest economy among the 50 states ‘forgot’ to report 30,000 jobless claims. Will the person really responsible be losing their job ?

Issa Wants Congressional Hearing On BLS ‘Data’

California Demands Business Insider Retract False Story On Jobless Claims Misreporting; Business Insider Refuses

I am laughing my head off right now.

From Presidential Election To Popular Insurrection In One Easy Step: Art Cashin Explains

“Could we be seeing the end of the American tradition of the orderly transfer of power? Could we be slipping into banana republic mode?

Authorities Building CRIMINAL CASES Over JPMorgan CIO Loss

JPMorgan submitted inaccurate financial statements to regulators

The scope of the inquiry suggests that the problems were isolated to a handful of executives and traders in an overseas division, and did not reflect a fundamental weakness with the bank’s culture and leadership.

We are meant to believe that the CEO was incompetent for not knowing about this activity rather than authorising this activity.

European Union Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Pass me the sick bag, please.

Jim Rogers: Nobel Farce Prize won’t save EU from pain, cuts & riots

Riot police stomping the people of Greece and the people of Spain in the face is peace, is it ?

‘Monsanto & Frankenstein next!’ Max Keiser destroys 2012 Nobel Peace

“The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the European Union for its role in securing peace to the continent.The Nobel committee says the accolade is meant to be an encouragement to the union in difficult times. Norway – the home of the prize – is itself divided over EU membership and has twice refused it in a nationwide referendums. For more on this decision RT talks to host of the Keiser Report – Max Keiser.”

25s “This is a machine selection that chose a machine.”

45s “It’s farcical. I mean they could have given Nobel Prize to Bill Clinton’s left testicle and it would have been more legitimate than giving it to a technocratic monstrosity.”

“Who are they going to give it to next ? Are they going to give it to a genetically modified seed in India where farmers are killing themselves by the thousands because of companies like Monsanto ? Give it to Monsanto next year, Nobel Committee.”

2ms “Christine Lagarde, I’m sure she’ll get the Nobel Prize next year for having caused another 100 million people to go into poverty and another few hundred people committing suicide.”

3m “You commit suicide for a change instead of encouraging people in Greece to commit suicide.”

Whatever happened to choosing a real and humble human being for the Nobel Peace Prize ?

The people of Europe were fooled into joining something that is now called the European Union

Farage Slams Nobel Peace Prize Farce As “Insurgency And Violence” Reign

How to Save the World from Governments and Banks READ MORE

“We’ve grown used to inflation. Our central bank explicitly wants prices to rise by 2% a year. Deflation – when prices fall – is deemed a threat to economic growth.”

“Yet when gold and silver were officially used as money, prices were constant. In fact, according to the wholesale price index, prices actually drifted lower through the 19th century at a time when the western world was enjoying great economic growth and prosperity.”

“How have prices changed since then? In 1971, I could have taken my son to the FA Cup Final for £2 (now over £100). The Mars Bar I bought him at half-time would be 2p (now 60p). The beer I bought myself would be 11p (now £5 a pint at Wembley). The gallon of petrol I needed to get me there and back would be 33p (now £7). And the house we went home to would be something like 40 times cheaper. One forgets the scale of the robbery.”

“Average earnings have increased too, but not by the same multiples. They have risen from around £2,000 to about £25,000 today. The differential has been covered up by more debt, longer working hours, more women in the workplace and so on.”

“Let me give you an example. In 1914, when gold was official money, neither Britain nor Germany had enough to pay for the world war. Once they’d spent their gold, the war should have ended.”

“But both governments took their countries off the gold standard, ran up huge deficits and printed the money they needed. They passed the bill onto their people. This was an essentially fraudulent action made to suit a political agenda.”

When will the people tire of getting the bill all of the time ?

How do you like the prospect of prices charged by British Gas going up by 8% that has just been announced ?

Up by 8% when measured in the fictitious British pound.

There is economic warfare taking place and the everyday guy is the main target and the differential pointed out by this post looks to be a multiple of 3 meaning we are 3 times worse off in the last 4 decades and this differential has travelled up the pyramid except that those who exchanged their savings of British pounds for gold or silver are not so worse off.

Asia – The Coming New Financial Capital of the World READ MORE

“That idea first emerged with Karl Marx who advocated the denial of personal property from the individual to eliminate greed and exploitation of the worker. Marx attributed all value to labor and ignored ingenuity, creation, and the free spirit of man. While his idea may have been noble from a humanitarian perspective, they have nonetheless proved absurd and unworkable. Marx took the power from the people and handed it in a form of a golden scepter of authority to government. Unfortunately, Marx did not fully comprehend human nature. John Maynard Keynes was not much better. He still adopted the Marxist philosophy at its core that government was capable to unbiased management of the affairs of men.  In the aftermath, this idea that government is capable of altering the direction of society by regulation has still proved totally worthless.”

“The greatest hidden secret from traditional economic theory is that a cycle exists. Asia rose to the Financial Capital of the World after the fall of Rome and Constantinople. Asia became rich on the exportation of spices and silk. From the earliest times, we know that there was even diplomatic relations between Rome and China around 180AD. After the fall of Rome and then Constantinople, the Financial Capital of the World moved to India.”

Will the current Keynesian economy of the USA and Europe fall ?

“However, it was the political instability within Europe that caused World War I and that marked the peak in the British Empire – 1914. From that point onward, international capital flowed to the United States and that created the Roaring ‘20s. There were massive capital inflows as the United States became the next boom as an emerging market.”

“Once Spain goes, there goes the EU. The Spanish banking system is on the verge of systemic complete failure. So much capital has been fleeing Spain the ECB is now pouring in on average, more than €300 billion on a monthly basis to meet liquidity needs.”

The time is fast approaching when the holders of Credit Default Swaps for Greece and for Spain will expect payment and because there is insufficient capital to pay them there will be a crash but should they be declared null and void then holders of Credit Default Swaps for all the other forms of debt will dump them which will also cause a crash.

Taking a step in either direction will doom the current financial system.

The $2 Trillion European Bailout Package Is Coming$2_Trillion_European_Bailout_Package_Is_Coming.html

Fleckenstein – Gold & Insane Central Banks Printing Trillions

“central banks are buying the very debt that needs to eventually discipline them”

A pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme but don’t expect anyone to go to jail like Madoff did.

Embry – This War In Gold & Shorts Getting Overrun

“When you look at what the IMF just stated about European banks having to deleverage $4.5 trillion of assets, who is going to buy that?  It will be the ECB, and they will have to print money to accomplish that.  The IMF has already raised this $4.5 trillion once already, and you can be sure the final figure will be even higher than what they are stating now.”

“This means there will be enormous money printing going forward.  People in Europe can’t even begin to imagine the scale we are talking about.  The ECB will do this printing in stages, in order to decrease the shock on the populace.  There are too many people in the North, particularly in Germany, that are worried about a currency collapse.  So this situation, like so many others, has to be managed very carefully.”

Stephen Leeb on the Missing Presidential Debate on Trickle Up Economics & the Energy War

“Welcome to Capital Account. The global rate cutting contest continues with two central banks reducing interest rates in the past 24 hours. The Central Bank of Brazil and the Central Bank of South Korea lowered rates by a quarter point, while China continued its easing policy to offset tight liquidity conditions. We talk to Dr. Stephen Leeb, chairman of Leeb Capital Management, about the impact of global loose monetary policy on commodity prices.”

“Plus, tonight is the only Vice Presidential debate of the 2012 Presidential elections featuring Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. As pundits talk about “what’s at stake” tonight, we ask if there is a dirty little secret no one mentions? Our guest, Stephen Leeb, weighs in on the bigger picture; resource and energy issues you aren’t likely to hear in the US Vice Presidential debates.”

“For years we have been told that wars in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and other oil rich areas, are for security. We have been told that bailing out the biggest banks is about protecting Main Street from a financial fallout on Wall Street. We have been told that the Fed’s purchases of mortgage backed securities will help homeowners and the economy, creating jobs and spurring employment.”

“Is any of this true? If US wars were driven, in part, by a need to secure a depleting resource, oil, why wouldn’t the government be spending that money on alternative energy at home? If bailouts were about stemming the economic crisis, why not bail out the holders of fraudulent mortgages? If the Fed wanted to help homeowners, why wouldn’t they set up lending facilities as they did with the banks, lending directly to indebted households and mortgage holders? We talk to Stephen Leeb, author of the book “Red Alert”, about the narrative given to the America public, and large industry, including big banks, oil companies, and military contractors, who want to preserve the status quo.”

“Also, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, said Greece should be given an extra two years to meet its budget targets. What is driving high-level leaders to make sure Greece stays in the Eurozone? We ask Stephen Leeb if Greece is better off in the Eurozone, and continuing to service its debt, or is it better off out?”

“And will we see criminal charges for actions surrounding JP Morgan’s multi-billion dollar trading losses? Federal authorities are using taped phone calls to build criminal cases, according to Dealbook. Yesterday, Jamie Dimon, speaking about the London Whale losses, said “Punish us for our mistake, which was a shareholder mistake, it didn’t cost anyone else any money.” Really? It doesn’t cost us to subsidize a TBTF bank, running enormous risks and realizing huge losses whenever you feel like it? In today’s “Loose Change,” we have a mash up of Jamie Dimon’s best moments from yesterday’s CFR press event.”

4m10s “This country does best in the wake of massive spending on infrastructure.”

10m15s “We don’t have enough water to grow our crops and to frack at the same time especially in the midst of a drought.”

18m55s “It seems to me that there is trickle down economics in this country in a sense that when the money trickles down to Main Street there is none left.”

19m20s “But I would go one step further I think it’s trickle up, I think the money that the poor have, the less fortunate have is actually trickling up to the wealthy.”

20m15s “This is not good for anybody. It’s terrible for everybody.”

21m30s “The Germans are the ones who are getting a free ride here, Lauren, because the currency is artificially low.”

Crash the New World Order! Buy Silver!

“There are myriad reasons to buy physical silver. Sure, we’ve all heard how great of an investment it is, but, truth be told, there is also a moral and political argument to be made for the metal.”

“Historically, in this country, silver was considered money by the banking establishment and government until 1873 – that is when the Crime of 1873 was executed by the bankers and their cronies in the U.S. Government.”

“Many argue that the crime of 1873, the demonetization of silver, was a plot conceived by the Rothschild clan or those close, and indeed represents a policy that literally bankrupted thousands, if not millions, of Americans overnight.”

4 Facts Every GLD Investor Must Know READ MORE

“Here’s a hint: Unless you own more than $16 million worth of GLD shares, don’t expect to be redeeming them in physical gold anytime soon.”

The Bears Explain How The Rich Get Richer

Freudian Glitch? COMEX Futures Lists Silver at $34,000/oz, Gold at $17,700/oz

More People Ask ‘How Do You Buy Silver?’ Read More

“Broad participation by U.S. investors has been a key missing ingredient in this bull market and, though India and China have both done a pretty good job at sustaining physical demand even as prices have soared in recent years, we are not likely to enter the really “bubbly” phase of the bull market until U.S. investors begin to make a major commitment to precious metals.”

“Back in the late-1970s and into the early-1980s, gold and silver were a core holding of investors around the world, the former accounting for upwards of 10 percent of all investment assets at one time. However, in the decades that followed, a long-running bull market in stocks made precious metals almost obsolete.”

‘Exchange’ is the correct word not ‘buy’.

The unique spiral in space spotted by the world’s most expensive ground telescope (which has astonished scientists with one of its first images)

On a lighter note.

PayPal Messes With The Wrong Guys

“Why PayPal blows.”

6m55s “They wanted ‘proof of security’ on coins minted.”

Do they mean they should prove that it’s silver ?

10m45s “It’s not a negotiation, we’re not negotiating. So you take the power away from them, you know, and you refund those customers and the conversation we had with them yesterday was very different to the conversation we had on Friday.”

Dimon: Absolute Guarantee Bond Vigilantes Will Attack U.S.

On The Private Equity “Don’t Bid On My Deals; I Won’t Bid On Yours” Collusion

End of the road for Spanish motorway

“The AP-41 motorway linking Madrid and Toledo has gone bankrupt as Spanish motorists steer clear of toll-roads to save money.”

“Central government has already propped up struggling concessions with more than half a billion euros.”

So the Spanish people have not saved any money because the government will be taxing the Spanish people the interest on this half billion euros and at some point pay back the half a billion euros itself and all for the toll-roads they are not using although when do you suppose this billion euro debt will ever be paid back ?

Is it any wonder that so many people are plunging into poverty and borrowing costs for government are going up and the economy is going into freefall ?

Flu shots triple hospitalization rates in children – but don’t expect any straight answers from the government

Jill Stein: We Are the Change We’ve Been Waiting For

3m5s “Our sick food system which provide nutrient poor and calorie dense foods

Caught On Tape: Obama Campaign Staffers Say It’s “Okay” to Vote Twice

“In a country where advanced technology is being used to track the most minute activities of its citizens, it is shocking to see just how easily the process of electing the leader of the free world can be compromised.”

New False Flag as French Youth Supposedly Create ‘Identity Generation’

“professional presentation” ? Yep, false flag.

Conclusion: This youth-meme nonsense was emphasized back in the 1960s and now it’s back again. The power elite never really invents anything new. It just recycles. Power elite fingerprints seem all over this “movement.””

Don’t look down or to the side for humanity’s problems, look up at the global elite.

3 Portland activists indefinitely detained for refusing to speak at grand jury hearing

Take a look at the attached ‘DOMESTIC TERRORIST leah lynn plante.jpg’ and tell me that she must be indefinitely detained.


“It all started on the morning of July 25th when their house was raided on the apparent grounds of their connection to a May Day protest, where unidentified members of a crowd carried out random acts of vandalism. These acts of vandalism were isolated and there has been no proof that these three activists are involved in any way.”

“In fact, they all have alibis, all three of them weren’t physically at the protests, nor were they even in town at the time.”

And yet 3 months later they are still detained and still have not been charged.

Think the USA does not have political prisoners ? Think again.

“Her fourth and final court date in front of the grand jury was this week, October 10th, where again, she refused to speak, only this time she was jailed as a result.”

If she was to respond by saying she did not take part in the acts of vandalism will her detention end ?

I have seen too many agent provocateuring to think that the acts of vandalism was not agent provocateuring.

Just because a guy standing next to someone during an assembly engages in acts of vandalism does not mean that you support that act.

“Sadly, Mayday has a long history of false flag vandal attacks and activist witchhunts. Matthew Kyle Duran referenced one of the most popular of these instances, the Haymarket protests of 1886, in his last statement before being incarcerated.”

“As in their case, every single person who was taken in an executed after the Haymarket protests were in fact innocent, many of them also not even being in town at the time.”

911 Call Turns Bad with SWAT Raid

“A farming family in Letha, Idaho recently had their house raided and were assaulted after a neighbor called the police when overhearing a verbal argument between the husband and wife who owned the house.”

1m10s “We may run across a citizen who knows their rights better than we know how to protect them. I suppose if you read the Constitution, you’re a bad, wicked, evil person who deserves the SWAT team to come to their house … they put guns to their head.”

Ron Paul – Attorney Richard Gilbert – Legal Case Update

“Some states allow write-in votes – you write in the candidates name whether it’s printed on a ballot or not. Some states ALLOW this. Other states don’t.”

The people will have democracy on the people’s terms.

Ron Paul on the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ & He Refuses To Endorse Mitt Romney

“I have never met a FORMER Ron Paul supporter.”

7m50s “There are people who are very, very powerful that are able to make sure their interests get protected, whether it’s the people who run the federal reserve and bail out banks, European banks and international situations, right now they have their two guys there, believe me. Why does Obama not attack Romney for being the Goldman Sachs candidate ? It’s because they’re both, they’re both within the establishment where they need the federal reserve and the lender of last resort.”

8m50s “They represent a one party system. Somebody said ‘why don’t we get a third party?’ And another said and I think correctly so ‘why don’t we get a second party?’”

Kaminsky On “Hypocrite” Biden: “I’d Have Punched Him In The Face”

“Kaminsky exposes the underbelly; as like many of Wall Street who are ‘compelled’ to give politicians money (Biden has raised the great majority of his funds from financial services firms)

SOLA 3.3 King of the Mountain

The Declaration of Natural Rights Get involved.

“Any right that is a true human right is inherent. Such rights are not granted by government, they are not privileges bestowed by society, or created by documents, therefore such rights cannot be regulated, limited or revoked by any such power. Any supposed authority which seeks to strip a Natural Right from the People is illegitimate, and should be dealt with accordingly.”

Ayn Rand – Statism And Our Mixed Economy

Seriously? Paramedic Punished For Covering Old Crippled House-Fire Victim With Donated Blanket

“Superintendent Jerald James is the one punishing paramedic Jeff Gaglio, citing the joke excuse of handing out “state property” without permission”

Traffic Cop Gives Woman Ticket For Not Telling Him She’s HIV Positive

How has a brake light being out on this vehicle led to a search of this woman’s purse ?

So many people are so damn ignorant and the scary thing is that so many of them are public servants.

Disabled Vet Labeled “Terrorist” For Investigating Cost Of Surveillance Cameras

“Elbert County resident Don Pippin took pictures of the security cameras back in April as part of an open-records request that sought to discover the cost of the surveillance system.”

““After the commissioners met on the issue, “(Commissioner Kurt) Schlegel asked for and received a temporary court order barring Pippin from the building, saying the back of his hair stood up when he saw what he says was footage of Pippin “casing” the building for a possible attack,” reports the Denver Post.

Manchester man jailed over anti-police T-shirt worn after police killings

‘One less pig, perfect justice’ and ‘Kill a cop 4 Ha, haaa?’ is definitely deserving of the conviction under section 4a public order offence.

‘End police brutality, give public servants a good name’ is the message to adopt in the face of the thug police state that is heading towards us.

Man held in mental health detention to finally get a trial — or will he?

“Charlie Castle, who has been battling to get his day in court since he was grabbed off the street by two workers from the San Bernardino mental health court over a year ago, may finally get to see a judge today.”

“Charlie’s right to receive phone calls became a pivotal issue after he filed his writ of habeas corpus over a month ago. Almost immediately, conservator Scott moved Charlie into Braswell’s Desert Manor and began to restrict his ability to interact with the outside world. At least two disability rights legal agencies tried to contact Charlie pursuant to representing him and were denied access to him by staff at Desert Manor.”

The ACT of 1871 formed the corporation called THE UNITED STATES

“Keep in mind that, according to the original Constitution, only We the People are sovereign. Government is not sovereign.”

“With the surrender of the people’s gold in 1933, the ‘common herd’ was handed over to illegitimate law.”

We are here again with the matter of the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
I am reading the 1801 Act
And I am reading the 1871 Act
And sure enough the 1871 Act in chapter LXII to provide a Government for the District of Columbia constituted a body corporate and not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and the 1801 Act in chapter XV concerning the District of Columbia does NOT use the words corporate and Constitution.
And the 1871 Act in chapter LXII has 41 sections whereas the 1801 Act in chapter XV has only 16 sections.

The Post-9/11 Homeland

Post-9/11, America declared war on Islam. Injustice triumphed. So did hate and fear. Innocent Muslims became fair game. Guilt by accusation became policy. 

“At the time, HLF asked, “Is it a crime to feed” hungry children? HLF did far more glorious work. In its own words, it said, “We gave:”

“books, not bombs;”

“bread, not bullets;”

“smiles, not scars;”

“toys, not tanks;”

“peace, not terror;”

“liberty, not poverty;”

“hope, not despair;”

“love, not hate; (and)”

“life, not death.”

“After 15 years and two trials, five HLF principles were wrongfully convicted of all charges on November 24, 2008. It became one of many US days of infamy. Sentences ranged from 15 – 65 years.”

“Prosecutors used hundreds of documents; bank and wiretap records; suspect, bogus and secret evidence; hidden witnesses; juror intimidation; and other ruthless tactics to convict. Justice never had a chance.”

“Prosecutors called November 24 “a great day” in America. Attorney Greg Westfall compared it to denying Dred Scott his day in court, rounding up Japanese civilians during WW II, Red Scare witch hunt trials, murdering the Rosenbergs, and other egregious instances of US injustice.”

“He added that HLF was a faith-based organization of the “wrong faith.””

This giant miscarriage of justice hurts all of us.

Libya security cut while Vienna embassy gained Chevy Volts Read More

Dan Rather: Bahrain Hospitals, the new Bahraini battleground (GRAPHIC)

See attached ‘Bahrain Hospitals, battleground – 11-year-old boy.JPG’

“The Shia majority have been pushing for more rights, and the Sunni-backed rulers have been resisting with brutal efficiency.
We walked down streets littered with empty tear gas canisters and past buildings covered with anti-government graffiti. We talked to protestors who had had their homes raided, their children teargassed, their loved ones detained or killed. We observed a peaceful funeral procession descend into chaos as police tried to break down the barricades that marchers had set up.
But it has gotten much, much worse over there. The fighting is now an almost nightly occurrence, and we are told “there are entire villages that are turning radical.” A Bahraini source smuggled out this video to us, telling us that “people have to see what is going on.” As the video shows, the Bahraini government has expanded the battlefield, cracking down not just on protestors in the streets, but also on Bahraini doctors and nurses who dare treat the injured. Earlier this week, six Bahraini doctors were jailed, after a court upheld their convictions for ‘working against the state’ when they aided wounded protestors in 2011.”

And yet out abomination of a foreign policy focuses on the foreign subversion in Syria.

US and Israel Prepare to Declare WWIII Against Iran, China and Russia Read More


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